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Heavenly Hotels in Italy

Heavenly Hotels in Italy

Italy is a marvellous country which is both rich in culture and heritage. It is one of the best places to visit in the European summer months, which starts in June and ends in mid-September. Visiting any part of Italy in the summer is definitely a bucket-list item and you must consider it!

Italy has some of the best and most heavenly hotels in all of Europe, making your stay even more memorable. After all, there’s nothing better than having a cosy and comfortable bed to rest in after a long day of exploring. So, let’s find out more about some of the most heavenly hotels in Italy.

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1. Santa Sofia Milan

Santa Sofia Milan is a heavenly hotel in Italy because it is close to the Duomo

First up, we have the Santa Sofia Milan. This is a wonderful hotel that forms part of the world-renowned Radisson Group. This 5-star hotel pampers you in true Italian style. Santa Sofia prioritises comfort, style and absolute elegance. The hotel has 159 rooms and suites so you have a plethora of options to choose from. However, you need to book in advance because the standard of Sofia Milan almost always has them fully booked.

The amazing cuisine at this hotel uses the best fusion of Asian and Peruvian cuisine, thus giving you a world-class experience. Not to mention the stunning birds-eye views you enjoy while you are wined and dined. Santa Sofia is located in the ideal area. You are close to entertainment areas, the square and literally minutes away from the city’s main attractions. Therefore, you don’t have to go far to have a good time.

Nearby attractions include the Duomo di Italiano, a must-see when in Italy. Santa Sofia offers a buffet breakfast, a concierge service, an outdoor pool and so much more! There is no question as to why this is one of the most heavenly hotels in Italy.

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2. Muraless Art Hotel

Muraless Art Hotel is a heavenly hotel in Italy because there is authentic street art painted in every room

Next up, we have the Muraless Art Hotel in Castel d’Azzano. This is a unique and exciting hotel where art and magic come together. Muraless Art Hotel is the first hotel that is proudly and completely dedicated to street art. This 4-star hotel aims to redefine the concept of travel, all by expressing itself using spectacular illustrations in each of its 94 rooms.

You are basically staying in a museum of classic and vibrant Italian culture. You will not get this amazing experience anywhere else. Street art was specifically chosen for its flexibility in being able to adapt to any concept, telling a story in every hallway and every room. The services offered at Muraless Art include extra beds for kids under 3 years old, a smart TV, room service and e-charging services for your Tesla!

The restaurant is dedicated to creating refined local and gastronomical dishes using the finest Italian ingredients. And we all know Italy has the best food in the world. The Graffiti Art restaurant is open to hotel guests. These are just a few of the reasons why I would call this a heavenly hotel in Italy.

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3. H10 Palazzo Galla

H10 Palazzo Galla is a heavenly hotel in Italy because it offers an amazing buffet breakfast

Finally, we have the H10 Palazzo Galla. This hotel is located in the historic centre of Rome. It is only a few metres away from the Piazza Venezia and the Roman Forum. H1P Palazzo is a 4-star hotel that fuses traditional Roman design with modern elements. The wonderful rooms and rooftop offer panoramic views of the beautiful and historically significant city.

Each room at Palazzo Galla prioritises maximum comfort and is equipped with the best amenities that are suitable for you. A delicious full breakfast is included in your stay as you enjoy the best drinks in the premium lounge while you wait. Furthermore, there are several places for relaxation here. These include the Lucio Breakfast restaurant, the Massimo Lobby Bar and the Traiano Rooftop Bar.

The versatility and ambience of H10 Palazzo Galla are a testament to their 4-star rating. I mean, the hotel even offers a free gym to all its patrons, making sure you work off those pasta and gelato calories too. This is why H10 Palazzo is one of the most heavenly hotels in Italy.

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Let’s Stay at a Heavenly Hotel in Italy

Italy has some of the best food, architecture and people in the world. So it is absolutely no surprise that it has some of the best and most unique hotels in the world. When you’re here, make sure you spend some time in one of the most heavenly hotels in Italy. And if you’re ready to explore, try out the tantalising food tours in Florence while you’re there.

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