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Healthy Restaurants in Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo has many amazing healthy restaurants

Sao Paulo is the most populated city in Brazil. It is also regarded as one of the world’s most popular cities for tourists. Sao Paulo is Brazil’s vibrant financial centre and offers many cultural experiences and activities. Many travel from near and far to experience the beauty of this wonderful Brazilian City. There are many rich cultural institutions and architectural masterpieces all over to visit.

So, while exploring this beautiful city, you must keep yourself well-fed and energised. That is why we will mention some of the best healthy restaurants in Sao Paulo. These are perfect for your trip around the city. It’s going to be a delicious adventure.

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1. Origem 75

Origem 75 is one of the best healthy restaurants in São Paulo because they use ingredients that have no pesticides

First up, we have Origem 75. This healthy restaurant is a cosy and familiar space that brings you closer to nature. Furthermore, it enhances your relationship with food production. They value quality over quantity, and each recipe is made with carefully selected ingredients, mostly found on their premises.

Furthermore, through this careful selection, the main objective is to nourish you with natural and organic ingredients. And for you to always have the best gastronomic experience. Agroecology is the central pillar here. Thus, each ingredient comes from sustainable cultivation and contains no pesticides. Therefore, it gives you peace of mind as you enjoy your meal.

At Origem 75, you know the origin of your food and are nourished with a healthy diet. Some of the dishes on the menu include spiced rice cakes, fish in banana leaf, roasted organic pumpkin, and so much more. There is no doubt why Origem 75 is one of the best healthy restaurants in Sao Paulo.

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2. Terraco Jardins

Terraço Jardins is one of the best healthy restaurants in São Paulo because it is a great place to meet up with friends

Next up on our list is Terraco Jardins. This fantastic, healthy restaurant offers a unique experience. It is an architectural masterpiece, as it looks like a massive garden. There is a welcoming atmosphere that is perfect for casual meet-ups with friends and family. Chef Raul Vieira designed the menu. Furthermore, it has coastal and inland influences from Sao Paulo.

Terraco values ​​fresh ingredients from local producers, which they feel enhances the culture and authentic flavour of the food. Furthermore, this artisanal cuisine stimulates the emotional memory of good times around a rich table. Thus giving you the best dining experience. Many of the dishes include healthy alternatives such as sourdough, grilled organic vegetables & heart of palm stew.

As you can see, the meals at Terraco Jardins are authentic to their Brazilian roots. And if you’d like to tour around the area, there are many stunning hotels to visit in the area. These include La Residence Paulista & Renaissance Sao Paulo Hotel. These are just a few of the reasons why it is one of the best healthy restaurants in Sao Paulo; it is central and serves the best food.

3. Hub Food Art Lounge

The Hub Food Art Lounge is one of the best healthy restaurants in São Paulo because the do not sacrifice flavour for healthy food

Finally, we have saved the best for last. Hub Food Art Lounge prioritises art and flavour. This healthy restaurant specialises in grilling food in a Josper oven. The dishes here are an amalgamation of cultures and flavours. This space unites different ideas and tastes in a cosmopolitan environment. The Art Lounge is a meeting point inspired by the city of Sao Paulo’s goal of connecting cultures.

Furthermore, all the dishes on the menu are nourishing, healthy and incredibly delicious. There are vegetarian, sugar-free, lactose-free and gluten-free options available. Some of these meals include burrata, sautéed vegetables, and their signature dish, pancetta octopus with pea puree. The Hub does not sacrifice flavour because its food is healthy.

Just around the corner from The Hub Food Art Lounge is the stunning The World Hotel, Quality Suites Long Stay Vila Olímpia & Jardineira Grill. When visiting this healthy restaurant, you can explore the city, find unique accommodations, and experience more of the vibrant Brazilian cultural scene. These are just a tiny fraction of the reasons why The Hub Food Art Lounge is one of the best healthy restaurants in Sao Paulo.

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Eat at a Healy Restaurant in Sao Paulo

There are a variety of excellent restaurants to choose from in Sao Paulo that won’t take you into a massive calorie surplus. Thus, you can enjoy your meal without any of the holiday guilt. Be sure to visit one of these healthy restaurants in Sao Paulo if you’re here. And if you’re staying here too, visit one of the luxury hotels in Brazil.

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