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Healthy Restaurants in Cape Town

Healthy Restaurants in Cape Town

Fine dining and eating out is not often associated with healthy meals. Going out to eat usually means tons of calories and unhealthy meals are your only option when deciding what to eat. It is also extremely common to try out the new and trending establishments that have come up on the food scene.

Cape Town is known for having some of the best restaurants in all of South Africa, with many famous celebs choosing to visit them. You may be thinking that these places just offer fattening and unhealthy meals. However, this is not the case. There are a variety of wonderful and healthy restaurants to choose from in Cape Town. So, let’s learn more about them.

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1. Whole Earth Cafe

Whole Earth Cafe is one of the best healthy restaurants in Cape Town because they serve delicious signature bowls.

First on the list, we have Whole Earth Cafe. This healthy eatery is located in the heart of Scarborough near the tip of Africa. This cafe considers itself more than just a healthy restaurant in Cape Town. They further consider themselves a community on their own. Their aim is to create a personal and unique dining experience for clients.

Like-minded people visit Whole Earth and enjoy the delicious and healthy food, serene environment and wonderful entertainment. The warm and modern design will leave you feeling at home. The food at this restaurant is simply out of this world, as said in recent reviews. Each meal is flawlessly executed with elegance and thought. They offer wholesome cuisine which includes healthy and delicious bowls filled with greenery and fibre-filled foods.

From wraps to salads, Whole Earth Cafe has it all, and a variety of these healthy foods too. They further offer numerous drinks that are sugar-free alternatives, keeping you within that calorie budget without forsaking taste or enjoyment. This is why it is a renowned healthy restaurant in Cape Town.

2. Willoughby & Co.

Willoughby & Co. uses the finest ingredients and you can taste the difference immediately. This is why it is one of the best healthy restaurants in Cape Town.

Next, we have Willoughby & Co. This Japanese fine-dining restaurant found at The Waterfront offers you a full Japanese experience of excellence. The head chef at Willoughby continues to create new and innovative healthy dishes with his team. Thus they have introduced fusion-style Japanese cooking to the Cape.

Health is not just about how much calories something contains. Health is about using fresh and organic ingredients in your cooking. Willoughby & Co. only uses the finest ingredients available in the Cape. By sticking to their standards, they have become world-renowned for their carefully crafted dishes. With special grills, coals and fresh fish, you won’t miss any of the deep-fried and greasy alternatives we’ve all become accustomed to.

The finest ingredients are used here and you can taste the difference immediately. So, if you’re looking for a healthy and delicious alternative when going out, look no further. Willoughby & Co. is one of the best healthy restaurants in Cape Town.

3. Lekker, Kalk Bay

Lekker is one of the best healthy restaurants in Cape Town because they serve delicious and colourful oats bowls

Next up is Lekker Kalk Bay. It says it all in the name, ‘lekker’ which means delicious in Afrikaans. This restaurant offers delicious and healthy food to its patrons. It is found in the beautiful setting of the coastal town of Kalk Bay. Therefore, giving you access to the best and freshest seafood the Mother City has to offer.

Lekker makes use of the finest and freshest organic fruits and vegetables from local and home-grown produce. The delicious and healthy cuisine is further inspired by local flavours and dishes from around South Africa. One of the dishes they’re best known for is the hot cranberry oat bowl. And no, this is not your average grey oats. It is tasty oats jam-packed with antioxidants, fruit and almond milk. Making this both satiating and healthy.

This exciting take on healthy food changes the narrative about healthy restaurants being boring. This is why Lekker Kalk Bay is one of the best healthy restaurants in Cape Town.

4. Babylonstoren Wine Estate

The holistic way of cooking and serving food makes at Babylonstoren Wine Estate home to some of the best healthy restaurants in Cape Town.

Next is the stunning Babylonstoren Wine Estate. This is one of the most magnificent restaurants in all of Cape Town located in fantastic Franschhoek. The Babel Restaurant is a wonderful mixture of Cape Dutch architecture. This restaurant offers health-conscious food in a simple yet edgy environment.

There are 2 sections to this restaurant, Babel Restaurant and The Greenhouse. Babel Restaurant makes use of a farm-to-fork approach, meaning they only serve food that is fresh and seasonal. This reflects their “pick, clean and serve” approach. Fresh produce is picked from the estate and is used in all the dishes at Babel.

At The Greenhouse, all the meals are inspired by the seasonal fruit and vegetables in the estate’s garden. All the food here is served picnic-style to further add to the experience. The holistic way of cooking and serving food makes this one of the best healthy restaurants in Cape Town.

5. Nü Health Food, Green Point

Nü is one of the best healthy restaurants in Cape Town, because of their famously beautiful and delicious salads

Finally, on this list of healthy eateries, we have Nü Health Food, found in Green Point Cape Town. Nü believes in good nutrition in order to become the best version of yourself. The aim of this healthy restaurant is to promote longevity and overall well-being. Their promise is that everything served to you has the best nutritional value.

Nü further focuses on serving meals that are rich in vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, fibres and antioxidants, aiming to keep you fit and healthy after every meal. They do not serve food with empty calories, meaning every bite you eat is nutritious, filling and worth it. Nü also uses natural sweeteners, has a low carbon footprint by sourcing from local farms and makes use of seasonal innovation where food is used based on the current season.

Nü has a variety of healthy dishes on its menu. These further include green juices and power juices which are packed with all the good stuff. You also have the option of vegan and gluten-free variants of dishes. There are many wellness shots containing ginger and orange that further boost the immune system and improve gut health. Besides the healthy salads, bowls and wraps, Nü also has delicious and nutritious waffle and pancake options for those of you with a sweet tooth. Therefore, there are many reasons why Nü is one of the best healthy restaurants in Cape Town.

Let’s Dig in at One of the Best Restaurants in Cape Town

Healthy restaurants are not only about the impact on the body, but also the impact the establishment has on the environment. These restaurants aim to source ingredients locally and ethically. The benefit is for both us and the rest of the world. These are some of the best dining establishments in the Cape and they prioritise healthy eating. Quality is not sacrificed for health reasons, and you will enjoy your meal thoroughly. Furthermore, an added bonus is that there’s no food guilt when eating this delicious food. Once you’re done, try visiting one of the top 7 restaurants in Swakopmund for more culinary exploration.

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