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Fun Wellness Activities to Try in London

Fun Wellness Activities to Try in London

Daily life can become tedious when all you focus on is school, work, or both. The rare and magical moments of life often get buried in the shadows as we spend most of our time in school or work buildings. As a result, we end up starving our wellness brains in the relentless pursuit of our academic career goals.

But the time for change has come! We will no longer deprive ourselves of our wellness needs. Instead, we will take active steps to ensure that we set time aside for wellness activities. Regardless of how busy our schedules are. We will start by exploring 3 fun wellness activities to experience in London.

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Morning Gloryville Rave

A fun wellness rave in session at Morning Gloryville in London
Image: Morning Gloryville, 2022

Imagine putting on a unicorn outfit and going to a non-alcoholic rave early in the morning before work. Impossible, right? Well, it is now possible if you attend a Morning Gloryville Rave in London.

Established in 2013, Morning Gloryville is a rave event that aims to offer you a morning dance party before you start with your day-to-day routines. Morning Gloryville also offers enthralling visual entertainment and energising music geared towards empowering and inspiring you for the rest of the day.

When you are at a Morning Gloryville rave, your choices of social lubricant are organic smoothies and coffee instead of alcoholic beverages and drugs. This is a rave like no other. A healthy one at that. You can also get a free massage, do yoga, or have sound healing treatment at a Morning Gloryville rave. This is a fun wellness activity like no other. On top of that, tickets to these raves are fairly cheap. So, come join in on the fun.

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Floatation Therapy

A sensory deprivation tank used for float therapy in London

If you always feel tired, you should consider getting a floatation treatment in London – one of the top destinations for a wellness activity of this calibre.

When you undergo flotation therapy, you lie down for an hour or more a in float tank/sensory deprivation tank filled with approximately 12 litres of salt water. These tanks are soundproof and lightproof, so you will be in total darkness and silence. Furthermore, the water is heated to your exact body temperature so you will not feel the water.

Floatation therapy is typically used for meditation and pain relief and has many benefits for your well-being like enhanced sleep, increased creativity, reduced stress, as well as accelerated learning capability. Some studies have found that floatation therapy also helps treat post-traumatic stress disorder.

Many highly rated wellness centres in London offer floatation therapy such as Float Hub, Yue Float, and Floatworks Angel. Among the most loved is London Floatation Centre which offers one-hour floatation treatments at affordable prices.

Wellness Festivals

Ladies attending a wellness festival in London

Festivals are a great way to experience wellness activities with other like-minded people. Besides the physical benefits of dancing and singing, festivals hold many other benefits for your well-being such as increased self-esteem and reduced anxiety.

Many wellness festivals take place in London but only a few can match the Mind Body Spirit Festival. Dubbed ‘the original wellness festival’, Mind Body is a live event that focuses on holistic well-being.

The festival often takes place at Olympia in London and is aimed at equipping you with the inspiration, support, and tools needed to help you feel motivated and inspired. At the end of the Mind Body Spirit festival, you will have the chance to interact with some of the world’s best fitness motivators, wellness speakers, gurus, performers, and so much more.

Other wellness festivals to look out for in London include Live Well London Festival, WellFest UK, and Balance Festival. Not only will these festivals give you access to various wellness activities such as yoga, meditation, and fitness, but you will also have a variety of nutritious foods and drinks at your disposal to sate your appetite.

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Indulge in Wellness

So mark your calendars, apply for your work leave, and book your tickets! You’ve been working and studying so hard, it’s time for you to indulge in wellness! If you are a yoga lover, here are the top 3 yoga studios to visit in London for a great yoga session. Have a wonderful time!

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