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Fun Holiday Activities in South Africa

Fun Holiday Activities in South Africa

Christmas is one of the most special holidays of the year, all across the globe. And South Africa is no exception. This is the most magical season of the year, filled with joy, love and laughter. Oh, and let’s not forget the best part, the presents! As we all know,, when the holiday seasons rolls around, so do the holiday events.

South Africa is known for having some of the coolest and most unique holiday activities to participate in. You don’t wanna miss out on these fun activities. Let’s find out a little more about some fun holiday activities in South Africa, that will make your festive season so much more special.

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1. Galileo Open Air Cinema in Kirstenbosch

Galileo Open Air Cinema is a great holiday activity in South Africa because they play Christmas movies
The Galileo Open Air Cinema, 2022

First up we have the Galileo Open Air Cinema, which is located in Kirstenbosch in the Western Cape. This is a whimsical outdoor movie experience, that you can’t get anywhere else. At one of the most picturesque locations in the Cape. This is the perfect way to enjoy your favourite films, including local hits and classics. Not to mention the unique space you’ll be in.

Some of the movies include classics such as Grease and Mamma Mia. But with it being the holiday season, it’s only fair that holiday classics are screened. As we near the festive season, movies like Last Christmas, Home Alone and The Grinch are played. On Christmas Eve & Christmas day too! And on these special days, you get a Christmas hat & a candy cane too, just for festive vibes!

Enjoy a picnic with your family. Furthermore, enjoy the artisanal food market, live music and unique lawn games as you wait. There’s even movie trivia before it all begins. This interactive experience sounds like buckets of fun to me. This is truly an extremely fun holiday activity in South Africa.

2. Lawley Street Christmas Lights, Pretoria

Lawley Street is a fun holiday activity in South Africa because you get to see different houses Christmas Decorations
Lauern Erasmus, 2022

Next up on our fun festive activity list we have the Lawley Street Christmas Lights in Pretoria. This is an extremely popular activity to do in Pretoria, South Africa. People come from near and far to drive down the iconic Lawley Street. This legendary light show has been happening for the past 27 years.

Residents of Lawley Street put up a spectacle of lights on each of their homes, one trying to out-do the other. They have accomplished bringing the festive spirit to their neighbourhood. It is a spectacular show, as you drive down the street, being even more mesmerised as you pass each house. This will make sure you get the dopamine hits you need.

With twinkling lights found in trees, bushes and Santa coming down the chimney, you are in for a fun time. Many even park their cars and walk down the street, taking pictures at their favourite decorated houses. And every year, the street gets a visit from Santa who hands out presents to the less fortunate. This great initiative is a fun holiday activity in South Africa, for all.

3. Kirstenbosch Carols

Kirstenbosch Carols is a fun holiday activity in South Africa because you get to sing beautiful carols in nature

Next on our list is Christmas Carols in Kirstenbosch. This is a long lasting tradition of 20 years in the Cape. Many say it is not a festive season until the lawns of The Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens are lit up with the candles of carollers. It is a yearly fundraising effort for a good cause.

Sing your favourite Christmas Carols at the foot of Table Mountain Park. The gardens are home to more than 7,000 plant species, which are indigenous Cape Floral Kingdom. There is a natural amphitheatre and lawn, where the carols take place. Furthermore, there is local entertainment before the carols take place. It is the perfect activity for the entire family.

This magical experience under the stars is what makes this one of the best holiday activities in South Africa. Therefore, you get all the joy that Christmas brings, while embracing the beauty of the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens.

4. The Parkview Christmas Market

The Parkview Christmas Market is a fun Holiday activity in South Africa because you can buy hand-crafted gifts

Finally on Santa’s good list of holiday activities, we have The Parkview Christmas Market. It takes place in the George Hay Park, in Parkview, Johannesburg. This event is perfect because you get to bring family, friends, fur babies and real babies to he market.

Enjoy the main event, the oyster & bubbly bar or visit the beer garden. There is a variety of food options, and live music while you indulge in the tasty festive treats. Purchase one-of-a-kind, hand crafted gifts perfect for under your Christmas tree. Win raffles, play games and fill a sleigh with gifts, clothing items or donations you’d like Santa to share with those in need. After all, it is the season of giving.

There is a huge kids zone, full of exciting activities, bouncy houses and sand art to keep them entertained. Your little ones from age 12 & under enter for free. Therefore, this is a fun, family orientated holiday activity in South Africa.

Enjoy a Fun Holiday Activity in South Africa

South Africa is filled with fun activities throughout the year, and they further pull out the stops for the festive season. The options are diverse and unique, therefore, you won’t get bored. And if you really enjoy Christmas markets, visit one of the top Christmas markets in Cape Town while you’re there.

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