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From Screens to Serenity: Digital Detox Retreats In The UK

From Screens to Serenity: Digital Detox Retreats In The UK

Let’s face it, in our fast-paced and connected world, screens dominate our daily lives. So, finding moments of reflection is crucial. Join me as we enter the world of digital detox retreats. Solely designed to help you disconnect from your devices and reconnect with yourself and the natural world. In this article, I delve into the growing phenomenon of digital detox retreats, exploring their purpose, benefits, and the best retreats in the UK. Let’s take a much-needed break from the digital realm. (Ironic because you’re reading this on a digital platform, let’s just ignore that).

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1. 3-Day Digital Detox, Mindfulness & Yoga Retreat in Devon

Go on a digital detox in Devon UK.
Image: The Mirror, 2021

Located in Tiverton, Devon in England, this 3-day digital detox, mindfulness and yoga retreat falls over a weekend. Here, be ready to focus on how to detox yourself from the Digital world and connect the mind, body, and soul. I know the idea of being without a phone, Internet, or digital devices for a whole weekend is daunting. However, you’re going to be so busy focusing on your well-being and learning about yourself that you won’t even notice.

Activities include Hatha Yoga, learning some Ayurvedic rituals, and learning to detox from the digital world. On arrival, surrender your phone and enjoy some relaxing yoga and dinner. Wake up Saturday feeling refreshed and, of course, tech-free. Start the day off with some yoga followed by a yummy breakfast. For some more fun, swim and use the sauna to relax before lunch. Afterward, go for a walk before the couple’s yoga session begins.

Lastly, end the retreat with some yoga and an ayurvedic ritual. Thereafter, relax and prepare to leave the retreat after lunch. If you want to book this retreat, make sure to secure your spot. The next dates are from 8 until 10 September. Expect to pay roughly £500 for the entire retreat. Equally important, you qualify for a full refund if you cancel before 9 August. So, make sure to book your spot soon!

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2. Unplugged: Digital Detox Retreat Near London

Explore a digital detox retreat an hour from London
Image: Luxsphere, 2023

Are you ready to go off-grid in a unique Unplugged cabin for a 3-night digital detox retreat? This retreat is only 1-2 hours from London and is quite easy to access. So, you have no excuse. It’s time to unplug in nature for a social media detox. Unplugged motivates you to lock your phone away for better sleep quality, a mood boost, and a clearer mind.

To make your stay even better, choose between six different Unplugged pods. All are equipped with stunning views of nature. Moreover, the cabins are off-grid and offline; allowing you to fully switch off in nature. Unlike the first retreat, this retreat has no set guide to follow, it’s up to you to decide what you want to do on your retreat.  However, one rule that you must follow is that all phones must be locked away in the padlocks provided in each cabin. No phone, no Wi-Fi, no internet! I think you get the picture.

Furthermore, enjoy your included map, compass, and Instax to take some snaps. You also get a cassette player with tapes and a great collection of books. Lastly, there are board games as well so you’re all set. Once again, the retreat costs about £500. Do you want to enjoy this cabin nestled away from the bustling city and everything digital? If so, book your retreat today!

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3. Health Fitness Travel: Glass House Detox & Wellness Retreat, Near Central London

Join a wellness digital detox retreat at Glass House, near central London
Image: Book Retreats, 2023

This 4-day programme is ready to welcome you into the world of digital detox. Unwanted toxins and pollutants make their way into our bodies and cause lethargy, weight gain and skin reactions. Not only that, but our mental health also suffers immensely from outside impacts. Be it technology, addiction, or unhealthy relationships. Glass House Detox wants to help you heal and detox from everything negative.

At the beginning of the retreat, practitioners check in with state-of-body analyses and goal discussions. Based on your evaluation, specific retreat activities will be suggested to you. In this regard, complimentary use of luxury state-of-art facilities, including a swimming pool, Himalayan salt block sauna and exercise studio are encouraged. However, one rule remains the same, mobile phone safes are provided for a complete digital detox.

Along with great services, you have a choice of three fully custom dietary plans. Also, daily exercise classes, including yoga, Pilates, circuits, and aqua aerobics are provided. Plus, outdoor fitness classes and high-intensity tactical training are also available! All these benefits are included for about £1010 per person. Surely, this is the perfect place to disconnect to reconnect.

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Resetting Your Relationship with Technology

As we conclude the world of digital detox retreats, it’s clear that these retreats hold great potential for restoring our balance in our digitised lives. By consciously stepping away from screens and immersing ourselves in nature, self-reflection, and human connection, we gain a sense of inner peace. For more about digital detox, have a look at 7 ways to have a digital detox at home. Finally, and as always, thank you so much for being here!

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