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Finest Markets in Texas Y’all Should Visit Soon

Travelling to Texas any time soon? Then there’s nothing better than supporting local farmers and buying fresh produce! In fact, community-grown fruits and veggies are more enjoyable than those from grocery stores. Sometimes it’s worth it to see the people behind the plate of meat, fish, veggies, and fruits. Additionally, it’s simply more fun to buy a week’s worth of groceries directly from the farm. What’s even better is that you can get special items too.

From jams and fresh bread to craft beer, anything could be found at flea – or farmer’s markets. Texas may not be known for these community events, but it should. Here are some of the finest markets in Texas y’all should visit soon!

Most enjoyable flea markets in Texas

First Monday Trade Days in Canton

First Monday Canton is known as the world’s largest flea market. And no, it’s not actually on a Monday. Rather, it’s four days before the first Monday of each month. Located in Canton, First Monday Trade Days offer its visitors a larger-than-life experience. The refinement of this market comes from interacting with its ‘makers’, other visitors, the ‘creatives’ and the ‘thrifters’.

Once a month, the small town of Canton expands into the seventh-largest city in Texas!  At 500 acres, it’s the oldest and largest flea market in continuous operation in the United States.

From bedpan guitars to one-dollar signs, there’s no other way to get to the heart of Texas. Where else could you eat, shop, bring your dog, bring your kids, interact with the locals, and have a good time? Not at the grocery store that’s for sure! But it’s easily done at First Monday Trade Day!

For the foodie traveller, there are a variety of stalls to peruse. There are freshly baked pies and bread stalls, fresh lemonade, and roasted corn. In addition to funnel cakes, there are also smoothie bars and breakfast bars. In fact, the list is endless. For the thrifting traveller, there are all kinds of stalls with hidden antique gems!

For the traveller that’s looking to buy handmade, unique items that could never be mass-produced, First Monday Trade Market has it all. The market even provides lodging options, from RV Parks to hotels. Nothing seems to come close to beating the sheer immensity of the First Day Trade Market.

Image: farmers markets at peak time enjoyed by many

Dallas Farmers Market

In operation since 1941, the Dallas Farmers Market is known for cultivating life! Located in the North of the lone star state, this farmers market provides its visitors with all the basics of a healthy life. With Dallas Framers Market’s homemade kombucha, fermented kimchi, fresh milk, and crisp bread, it’s a pure foodie paradise. The main goal is to cultivate a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle for all. Indeed, it’s a complete wellness experience for any traveller.

Bragging with its seasonal produce, free-range eggs, pasture-raised meats, artisan pantry staples and much more, it’s a must-see for any wellness traveller. Dallas Farmers Market is certified by The Texas Department of Agriculture. It takes pride in supporting local farmers and giving visitors the healthiest experience possible. There are two sections to this market, The Shed and The Market.

The latter is open 7 days a week, featuring a 2400-square-metre food hall. Moreover, The Market contains four anchor restaurants, a variety of local speciality foods, artisanal food vendors, and indoor as well as outdoor seating areas. On the other hand, The Shed is an open-aired pavilion where you can buy locally grown, seasonal fruits and fresh vegetables. Along with pasture-raised meats and farm-fresh eggs.

Whilst shopping, you can enjoy an array of cultural flavours, live music, social interactions, and so much more. Be sure to visit this market as it is one of the finest in Texas!

Open-air markets in Texas

Pearl Farmers Market in San Antonio

Located in Pearl, San Antonio, this open-air grocery store features all the foodie-friendly must-haves. Recently named one of the Top 10 farmers markets by USA Today, Pearl Farmers Market is a feast for the senses. This pet-friendly market is open every Saturday and Sunday, no matter the weather.

Grab a taco at Organic Masa Tahales & Tacos stall. Better yet, grab a pound of fresh goat’s cheese at the Farmstead Goat Cheese stall. There are also herbal oils, lotions, and soap for the organic traveller at the Organic Chix stall. Some stalls even sell raw and organic local honey. One stall also sells natural beeswax candles!

With more than 160 vendors, the market is endless in what it can provide. With street musicians around every corner, delicious-smelling food, and fresh San Antonio air, the Pearl Family Market is one to visit!

Thrifting at one of Texas's finest flea markets.

The Woodlands Farmer’s Market

The Woodlands Farmer’s Market at Grogan’s Mill was established in 2008 as ‘’The Grogan’s Mill Farmer’s Market’’. Essentially, It’s a luxury open-air market. Local produce, healthy meals, and artisan goods could be found at this weekly event. The market is open every Saturday at Grogan’s Mill Centre. Moreover, pets are welcome to tag along. From health and beauty vendors to food trucks, the Woodlands Farmer’s Market has everything and anything for a great shopping experience.

Some food trucks include Blended Coffee, Cousins Maine Lobster, and Hafa Adai Express. Certain vendors sell unique items, like natural Wagyu beef at the Gold Ring Wagyu stall. Who knows, maybe your marriage could benefit from a few soy-wax candles. Simply head to the Honey & B Luxury Candle stall to get that sorted out. There are countless vendors at the Woodlands Farmer’s Market to enjoy.

What’s even better is that this shopping experience is accompanied by live music from local bands such as Marmon & Boedecker, School, The Sarah Kelly Music, Arthur Yoria, and many more. Stalls like The Woodlands GREEN, Bayou Land Conservatory, Tamina Cemetery Project and the Citizens Climate Lobby highlight this market’s core purpose beautifully. They also strictly require all vendors to grow or produce the goods that they sell. In short, only wellness and goodness could be found at The Woodlands Farmer’s Market

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Image: Live music at one of Texas' finest markets that y'all should visit

Don’t Mess With Texas!

Y’all, nothing is better than a little bit of fresh air, fresh produce, handmade items, and live music. This Texan experience is something that’s truly not to be messed with! The finest markets in Texas y’all should visit soon await you. They are, in a sense, little wellness trips. They are easy to access, easy to participate in, and they’re good for the soul. You might be surprised at just how good it feels! Go fetch the fur baby, grab the kids, make a grocery list, and go have a good time with the local farmers, makers, creatives, and thrifters!

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