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Find Your Zen at these 3 Yoga Retreats in Vietnam

Are you yearning to find your Zen? Well, your quest ends here! In the captivating land of Vietnam, a hidden sanctuary awaits – yoga retreats. Picture yourself escaping the chaos and immersing in ecstasy amidst dazzling natural landscapes. Discover the incredible benefits of yoga – from stress relief and relaxation to enhanced physical health – while embracing Vietnam’s rich cultural tapestry. Embark on a marvellous adventure as we unveil three extraordinary yoga retreats, where peace and inspiration intertwine. Get ready to unlock inner harmony in the cordial embrace of yoga and Vietnam’s captivating spirit! So, without further ado, here are 3 of the best yoga retreats in Vietnam.

1. Three-Day Yoga Retreat on Cham Island

Island Smiles hosts one of the best yoga retreats in Vietnam, offering a peaceful space for all skill levels

Hosted by Island Smiles, this 3-day yoga retreat gives you a peaceful space to re-establish the connection with your inner self. Live in harmony and simplicity with the earth, your body, and the universe. While on this retreat in Vietnam, you’ll get a chance to disconnect from life’s stressors and deeply listen to your heart, mind and body. This retreat will certainly open you up to a whole new view of life.

You might be asking yourself: “What skill level do I need to attend this yoga retreat?” Well, all levels are welcome! So whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced practitioner, this is one of the best yoga retreats in Vietnam for you to check out! This retreat is extremely convenient for wellness travellers because it includes 3 days of yoga with instructions in English. Don’t know how to speak English? No problem! The instructors also speak Vietnamese.

If you want to go on this retreat with your friends or family, note that this retreat only accommodates 4-20 participants. Moreover, Airport transfer is available from Da Nang International Airport at an affordable price of $9 per person. Don’t you just love the prices in Vietnam? Anyway, here is some more information on the retreat.

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The Programme

With a program that offers speed boat rides, jungle visits, yoga classes, vegan meals, snorkelling, and motorbike tours, this is definitely one of the best yoga retreats in Vietnam

On the first day, you meet with fellow participants at Cua Dai Ferry and take a speed boat to the island. Thereafter, you enjoy motorbike rides, visit the jungle, and participate in a rejuvenating yoga class. In the afternoon, you indulge in a vegan home-cooked lunch and embark on a submarine boat trip to Bai Nang for snorkelling and coral reef admiration. After contributing to the protection of the environment, you relish a vegan dinner cooked by Mama Kim and call it a night!

The second day begins with a sunrise boat trip to the jungle, followed by a Hatha yoga session and a nourishing breakfast. After that, you get to relax on the beach, engage in a mindful lunch experience, and do some Yoga Nidra. You then explore the island on a motorbike tour and conclude the day with a vegan dinner at the homestay.

Find Your Zen at these 3 Yoga Retreats in Vietnam

On the final day, you say farewell to the jungle and take a motorbike trip back to the main village before returning to Hoi An. I don’t know about you but this yoga retreat sounds like a wellness getaway of a lifetime to me! If you feel the same way, book now!

Accommodation During the Retreat

At Island Smiles Homestay, you'll enjoy a range of convenient facilities. For instance, the public areas and rooms are air-conditioned, ensuring a comfort stay during your yoga retreat in Vietnam

You will be staying at Island Smiles Homestay during the retreat. Located in Bai Huong village, this homestay offers a serene escape with glorious views of the hills and the nearby sea. The village is known for its fresh and calming air, creating a peaceful atmosphere for your stay. Just a short distance away, you’ll find the Bai Huong sandy beach, where you can explore coral reefs during low tide.

At Island Smiles Homestay, you’ll enjoy a range of convenient facilities. For instance, the public areas and rooms are air-conditioned, ensuring comfort throughout your stay. There is a dining area and a restaurant is serving delicious meals. Alternatively, you can use the fully-equipped kitchen if you prefer to cook. In addition to being environmentally friendly, you’ll have access to free Wi-Fi, laundry services, currency exchange, and medical assistance at Island Smiles. For those driving, a parking lot is available, and the staff can assist you with tour arrangements.

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2. See, Eat, and Yoga Tour in Hanoi

With diverse activities and plenty of food on offer, the 12-Day See, Eat, and Yoga Tour is among the best yoga retreats in Vietnam

Embark on this incredible yoga retreat in Vietnam and ensconce yourself in an alluring experience that will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated. This amazing tour offers a perfect blend of yoga classes and exciting activities, allowing you to truly embrace the essence of Vietnam. During this retreat, you can cruise along the peaceful waters of Ha Long Bay and witness superb limestone karsts. The See, Eat, and Yoga retreat also allows you to explore the vibrant cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, where history and culture come alive.

Find Your Zen at these 3 Yoga Retreats in Vietnam

Perfect for beginners, this 12-day yoga retreat focuses on Hatha yoga, a gentle and accessible style suitable for all skill levels. Experienced instructors will guide you through the practice, creating a nurturing and supportive environment. With its extensive duration, this tour allows ample time to deepen your yoga practice and connect with like-minded people. Moreover, the small group setting, limited to 12 participants, ensures personalised attention and a sense of community.

Please note that airport transfers from Noi Bai International Airport are not included. However, the organising team is available to assist you in arranging transportation for a seamless start to your yoga tour.

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Highlights of What to Expect at the Retreat

The 12-Day See, Eat, and Yoga Tour not only offers you daily yoga classes, but you also get to go on a thrilling motorbike tour, guides tours and boat cruises

During this unforgettable 12-day yoga retreat in Vietnam, you get to immerse yourself in a diverse range of activities and experiences that showcase the best of the country. Best of all, you get access to private and group yoga classes in Hanoi and Hoi An, where you can find inner balance and rejuvenation.

During the retreat, you explore the stunning Mekong Delta on a full-day tour, cruising along the river on motorised and rowing boats. You also get to discover the charm of Hoi An on a guided walking tour, marvelling at its well-preserved buildings and cultural heritage. I can just picture all the sightseeing love smiling right now!  With 11 breakfasts, 3 lunches, and 1 dinner daily, food lovers are also guaranteed to enjoy this retreat! This is definitely one of the best yoga retreats in Vietnam!

Not only do you get daily yoga classes, but you also get to go on a thrilling motorbike tour, experiencing the local way of life. Last but not least, you get to spend 11 nights in some of the best accommodations in Vietnam. Speaking of which, here are your options.

Accommodation Options

This yoga retreat is a tour of 3 cities in Vietnam. As a result, you will be staying at 3 different resorts during the course of your retreat
Image: MakeMyTrip, 2023

This yoga retreat is a tour of 3 cities in Vietnam. As a result, you will be staying at 3 different resorts during the course of your retreat. Fancy, right? You will spend your first 2 nights in Hanoi at the Acoustic Boutique Hotel: a four-star hotel with senior deluxe rooms! Thereafter, you will make your way to Ha Long Bay and spend a night in a deluxe cabin at Calypso Cruise.

You then head back to Hoi An where you will spend 5 nights in a superior room at the 4-star Phu Thinh Resort & Spa. Lastly, the final 3 nights of your retreat will be spent in a premium deluxe room at the 3-star Huong Sen Annex Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City. Now that’s a jet-setting wellness experience if you ask me! Does this sound like your type of yoga retreat? Visit the BookYogaRetreats website for more information about prices and bookings.

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3. Insight Yoga and Meditation Holiday in Hoi An

Spoil yourself with various yoga styles at at this 4-day Insight Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Hoi An, Vietnam

Escape to the serene Hanoi countryside and find your inner peace at the 4-day Insight Yoga and Meditation Retreat. This retreat offers a unique blend of tranquillity, vegan cuisine, and holistic wellness practices for a complete mind-body balance. Regardless of your experience level – beginner, intermediate, or advanced – the retreat welcomes you.

Spoil yourself with various yoga styles, including the gentle Hatha, and unlock a deeper connection with yourself. With three days of instruction available in English and Vietnamese, you’ll embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-care. The intimate group size, limited to 20 participants, ensures personalised attention and a warm, supportive environment.

This 4-day yoga retreat in Vietnam is also hosted by Island Smiles. As a result, airport transfers from Da Nang International Airport are available at a nominal fee of £10 per person. Don’t miss this transformative opportunity to re-energise and reconnect with yourself. Secure your spot today and experience the bliss of physical and mental harmony by visiting the BookYogaRetreats website.

The Programme

Besides yoga, meditation is another key component of the programme at this yoga retreat in Vietnam

On day 1, the host warmly welcomes you, and you have the freedom to explore the charming old town, serene countryside, and inviting beaches by borrowing bicycles. Day 2 begins with a serene meditation session, followed by invigorating yoga classes and nourishing vegan meals for breakfast and lunch. Thereafter, use your free time to explore Hoi An or participate in local activities.

Day 3 offers more yoga and meditation, followed by the option to join activities like lantern-making or painting. Alternatively, you could simply explore the beach and the countryside. On the last day, you wake up for meditation and, if the weather permits, participate in a beach cleanup before bidding farewell with a final vegan breakfast, cherishing the memories created during your stay. Doesn’t that just sound lovely? And you wonder why this is one of the best yoga retreats in Vietnam. For more information and booking details, visit the BookYogaRetreats website.

Find Your Zen at these 3 Yoga Retreats in Vietnam

Find Your Zen at one of these Yoga Retreats in Vietnam

Now that you’re familiar with these 3 yoga retreats, it’s time for you to experience the healing power of yoga amidst the captivating landscapes of Vietnam. Escape the chaos and find your inner peace at one of these hidden sanctuaries. Benefit from stress relief, enhanced physical health, and relaxation. All this while embracing Vietnam’s rich cultural tapestry. If you want to explore Vietnam further, consider going on one of the country’s best wellness retreats. Have a wonderful time!

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