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Feel the M-Ocean at 12 of the Best Beaches in Colombia!

Wellness comes in many forms, from massages and meditations to hiking and stargazing. However, wellness is sometimes as simple as visiting a breathtaking beach! Fortunately, Colombia is known for its niche in beach and marine life experiences. It’s no wonder thousands flock here to have a splash in the crystal-clear, highly underrated, pristine waters. With so many options for you to choose from, I’ll just cover the top 13 Colombian beaches to visit.

1. Parque Nacional Tayrona

Feel the M-Ocean at 12 of the Best beaches in Colombia! The Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona!

This slice of tropical heaven allows you to lounge on lengthy golden sands bordered by opulent coconut trees and jungle. Behind this beach sits the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range. It’s the highest coastal mountain range on the planet! While here, follow the well-mapped hiking routes through the forest to get to Natural Tayrona. Located on Colombia’s Caribbean coastline, this is definitely at the top of the itinerary list.

Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona

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2. Playas de Palomino

Playas de Palomino will definitely get you to Feel the M-Ocean at 12 of the Best beaches in Colombia!

This beach is found 82 kilometres east of Santa Marta, Magdalena. It’s a great hub for surfers, kayakers, and windsurfers. However, Playas de Palomino is a bit dangerous to swim because its currents are very strong. Luckily the beach has new lifeguard stations to set your mind at ease.  Near the beach, there’s a fauna and flora sanctuary called Los Flamencos which is a popular tourist attraction too.

3. Beaches of Isla de Providencia

The Beaches of Isla de Providencia to Feel the M-Ocean at 12 of the Best beaches in Colombia!

The beaches on the island of Providencia make you feel like you’re in a tropical paradise. Moreover, the lush jungle that surrounds the beach makes it somewhat of a secret paradise. The two largest and most beautiful beaches of Providencia can be found in the south of the island: Southwest Bay and Manzanillo Beach.

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4. La Boquilla

La Boquilla will have you Feeling the M-Ocean at 12 of the Best beaches in Colombia!

Beach days in front of clean crashing waves, fair prices and a host community working together to serve its guests. This beach is named after its quant fishing town, La Boquilla. Decorated with stunning architecture, this beach and village is the perfect escape for those seeking a relaxing vacation. La Boquilla has clean bathing waters, high-safety equipment and sustainability protocols that care for the ecosystem. Furthermore, the beach cares about the public and values the experience.

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5. The Beaches of Capurgana

The Beaches of Capurgana will have you Feeling the M-Ocean at 12 of the Best beaches in Colombia!

Surrounded by two villages in northwestern Colombia, Capurgana has some of the most beautiful beaches. Between Capurganá and Sapzurro, I don’t know which has more stunning spots. Boasting beautiful diving and snorkelling experiences, Capurganá and Sapzurro are a 15-minute boat ride away. Actually, this is a secret paradise.

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6. Manzanillo del Mar

Feel the M-Ocean at 13 of the Best beaches in Colombia, welcome to Manzanillo del Mar

Manzanillo del Mar is located a few kilometres after La Boquilla. Lounging here will give you access to spectacular emerald water with tranquil jungle mountain ranges as the background. This popular beach amongst locals is everything but crowded.

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7. Guachalito

Feel the M-Ocean at 12 of the Best Beaches in Colombia at Guachalito

Located in Chocó is the popular Guachalito beach in the Gulf of Tribugá. It’s a half-hour boat trip from Nuquí and lays its splendour at the feet of a lush jungle mountain. Encounter waterfalls as you walk through the dark sand. It’s a one-hour boat ride to get to this beach, but oh man is it worth it!

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8. Playa Rodadero

Feel the M-Ocean at 12 of the Best Beaches in Colombia, Playa Rodadero

Welcome to the most popular beach in Santa Marta. Although the beach gets incredibly busy, it is equally as beautiful. In fact, it looks and feels like a mini Miami beach. Attracting international sunbathers and beach bums, this is the place to be if you want to experience the Colombian Caribbean.

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9. Cartagena

Feel the M-Ocean at 12 of the Best Beaches in Colombia; Cartagena beach!

Apart from visiting the beaches here, there’s also mud bathing at Totumo Volcano. Cartagena is in itself a must-visit. However, it’s even better when visiting this region with Contiki tours. Surrounding the old coastal city of Cartagena are some amazing things, one of them being the vivacious beach.

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10. Isla de Baru

Isla de Baru is a beach to Feel the M-Ocean at 12 of the Best Beaches in Colombia!

This beach is something like heaven on earth. From pristine white sand to beach bars serving some adventurous cocktails and abundant seafood dishes! It’s only an hour’s boat ride from Cartagena, making it perfect for a day trip or a weekend getaway. Whatever floats your boat!  If you’re enjoying this, read about the unbelievable experiences to embrace on Easter Island.

11. Rosario Islands

Feel the M-Ocean at 12 of the Best Beaches in Colombia, Rosario Islands

Just a short boat ride from Cartagena, the Rosarios Islands feature 27 small islands. They dot the Caribbean with its white, fluffy beach sand and is a perfect getaway day for the whole family. Nothing comes close to a sunbathing experience here!

12. Palomino Beach

Palomino Beach to Feel the M-Ocean at 12 of the Best Beaches in Colombia!

For good reason, Palomino beach has become a popular tourist attraction. Edging the beach town of Colombia’s northern coast, this pocket of sunshine eases you into the ultimate state of relaxation. Its crystal clear waters and skinny palm trees feel not only like heaven on earth, but rather, just heaven.

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Let’s Be s-Pacific.

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When it comes to the ultimate holiday at the beach, it’s better to be as s-Pacific as possible. Where, when, and how? Those are the questions that you need to ask yourself. I have the answer; it’s to feel the m-ocean at 12 of the best beaches in Colombia! From sprawling white beaches to stunning jungle mountain ranges, Colombia has everything any wellness traveller might need!

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