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Fantastic Desert Safaris in Egypt

Pyramids in Egypt.

You know the saying, when in Rome. No, wait wrong country. Well, the expression applies in Egypt too. This country is famously known for its deserts, of course. The desert holds great historical significance. It once separated the country from neighbouring countries and prevented them from being invaded. It also provided ancient Egypt with precious metals and stones. It’s clear to see the importance of the desert in this nation. So why not explore this beautiful desert when in Egypt? There are fantastic desert safaris to experience in Egypt. Let’s take a look at some fantastic ones.

1. Private Tour to Giza Pyramid Sphinx

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Visit one of Cairo’s most popular attractions on a half-day tour leading to the Giza Pyramids. Experience 1 of the 7 wonders of the world. Visiting the pyramids will allow you to step back in time, into ancient Egypt. On the tour, you will get to see the Valley Temple. This is where the body of King Cephren was mummified. However, the highlight of this tour is the famous Great Sphinx of Giza statue. This private tour takes place in an air-conditioned vehicle ensuring comfort throughout.

The Sphinx in Egypt, in the desert

2. Baharia White Desert Tour

Also close to Giza, what better way to experience the desert other than in a 4-wheel drive vehicle reserved just for you and your group? This tour includes air-conditioned hotel transfers over the 2 days. You get the opportunity to swim in cold and hot springs. Remember to capture photos of the stunning wind-carved formations in the white desert. Finally, to top it all off, enjoy a BBQ dinner and a night under the stars. Experience all this bliss while touring the white sandy deserts of Egypt. A picturesque view that you will enjoy for 2 days.

Desert safari in Egypt, in a 4WD

3. Private Tour from the Pyramids of Giza to Memphis

This 9-hour private tour is something to tick off your bucket list when in Egypt. Certainly, this day tour to the Pyramids is a gift from the heavens. You will get to witness celestial pieces of art and glory that have achieved immortality. This tour includes lunch, a private tour guide and an air-conditioned car. Clearly, air-conditioning is a must, after all, it is a desert. There is a qualified Egyptologist guide that will tell you all you need to know about ancient Egyptian history.

Fantastic Desert Safaris in Egypt

You will visit the prominent Great Pyramid that was built by King Cheops, and the second pyramid of the 4th Pharoah. Finally, you will visit the last pyramid to be built in Giza Necropolis for King Mycerinus. You will then proceed to the Great Sphinx. Next is the pyramid of King Zoser in Sakkara which is the most extensive archaeological site in Egypt. Finally, you will go to the old city of Memphis to visit the open-air museum.

Mummy in a tomb, in Egypt.

4. Cairo City Tour from Egyptian Museum to Khan Al Khalili

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On this tour in Cairo, you will walk where the Pharaohs once walked. Through the temples and monuments that Egypt is so famously known for. You will discover archaeological sites such as the only remaining wonder of the ancient world. Learn interesting facts about the city’s history as you stroll through the streets while visiting some of the best shops that Egypt has to offer. Don’t miss out on exploring this land’s mysteries which include hidden tombs and temples.

Pyramids in the desert in Egypt.

Final Goodbyes

So, if you’re ever in this beautiful country, book a safari. It’s the best way to see the beautiful architecture and learn more about the history behind Egyptian culture. Be sure to go on one of these desert safaris, and experience the magnificence Egypt has to offer. Also, keep an eye out for the beneficial sand baths when you are there.

Psychology tip: the desert is a dry climate, with ample amounts of Vitamin D, which improves mood and decreases the rate of depression.

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