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Exploring the Fish Market in Orlando, FL

Exploring the Fish Market in Orlando, FL

We can go on forever about “must-visit” wellness places and “must-do” wellness activities. However, many still get sick despite being aware of them. This is because many wellness travellers and enthusiasts ignore a vital wellness activity: eating. More to the point, healthy eating.

A balanced diet is important for both good nutrition and health. By eating healthy, you shield yourself from various diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Sure, fruits and veggies are a great start but have you tried fish? Not only are fish filled with healthy omega-3 acids, but they are also high in vitamins D and B2. In addition to being a great source of minerals like iron, zinc, and iodine, fish are also rich in calcium.

For this reason, a healthy diet should include fish at least twice a week, according to the American Heart Association. With that said, let’s explore the fish market in Orlando, Florida. Here are the best places to catch big fish in O-Town.

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Bar Harbor Seafood: The Best Fish Market in Orlando, FL

Bar Harbor Seafood: the best fish market in Orlando, FL

Meet one of Florida’s largest full-line seafood distributors. Bar Harbor Seafood supplies up to 18,000 kilograms of live lobsters per week. In addition to offering over 100 fresh fish species, they also offer 700 different kinds of specialised seafood products. Best of all, Bar Harbor is completely registered, insured, and they follow the stringent Safe Quality Foods (SQF) regulation.

Consequently, Bar Harbor offers wholesale seafood to the public at their on-site retail fish market in Orlando. This is the perfect place for you to buy everything at super-low rates and with fresh quality. On top of that, you can grab a delicious New England lunch here 5 days a week. So, place an order for lunch at the take-out counter before unwinding outdoors at a picnic table.

Exploring the Fish Market in Orlando, FL

As you can see, Bar Harbor is not just another fish market in Orlando. It is the best. In fact, it’s a mouth-watering wellness experience altogether. I mean, where else can you go to buy fish, have a nutritious lunch and relax on an outdoor picnic?

Lombardi’s Seafood: 3rd Generation Fish Market in Orlando, FL

Lombardi’s Seafood: 3rd generation fish market in Orlando, FL

Offering you the best assortment of fresh fish has been Lombardi’s Seafood’s simple objective for more than 50 years. As a result, this 3rd generation fish market in Orlando sells to both retail and wholesale customers and specialises in premium seafood.

Lombardi’s provides fresh, high-quality fish items throughout Orlando to hotels, eateries, caterers, and corporate food service businesses. Shrimp, whole lobster, and stone crab are a few of the wholesale seafood products on offer. You can also get oysters, blue crab, soft shell crab, scallops, and lobster tail.

Winter Park Fish Company: Best Seafood Meals in Orlando

Winter Park Fish Company is a fish market that offers some of the best seafood meals in Orlando, FL

The Winter Park Fish Company has over 50 years of experience and is dedicated to giving you freshly prepared seafood. To ensure that all of their ingredients are of the highest quality, they have been working incredibly hard. In fact, Winter Park makes its sauces and recipes from scratch with the freshest seafood that is readily available.

Interestingly, the Winter Park Fish Company values its setting just as much as the food. As soon as you walk in, the environment and employees make you feel comfortable and at home. Moreover, question the staff about the objects you notice around the restaurant because practically everything has a backstory.

Together with excellent meals served on-site, this food market also provides prepared foods and fresh raw fish for go. Along with the fresh fish on sale, this is arguably the best fish market in Orlando for satiating seafood.

Try a New Recipe

You now know where to find the freshest fish and most delicious seafood meals. It’s time to add a new recipe to your regular diet. No only is fish delicious, but it is also very healthy for you. So, next time you are in O-Town, be sure to explore the fish market. If you want a more active wellness activity in the city, consider hiking in Orlando, Florida. Have a wonderful time!

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