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Explore the Beaches in Ghana

Ghana is a lively African country known for its friendly people. This place has a lot of history and really pretty scenery. When you visit, you’ll be able to see and experience a lot of interesting things. It’s often called Africa for beginners because of its welcoming atmosphere. The country’s coastline stretches for 560 kilometres along the Atlantic Ocean, offering many lovely beaches with palm trees and both sandy and pebbly shores. From the city of Aflao in the south to Cape Three Points in the west, you’ll find these charming spots. If you’re planning a visit, and looking into the best beaches that can help you choose a special place to explore, Ghana is a perfect place to visit if you are looking for an amazing time on the African beaches.

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1. Labadie Beach

 Labadi Beach is one of the best beaches in Ghana
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Labadie Beach, also called La Pleasure Beach, is a public beach located 8 kilometres away from Accra. It’s one of Ghana’s most popular beaches. What makes Labadie special is that it offers various options for a beach holiday. You can relax in a sun lounger or enjoy active water sports. The views of the ocean and coast are stunning, making Labadie Beach one of the best beaches in Ghana.

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2. Cocoloko  Beach

Cocoloco Beach is one of the best beaches in Ghana
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Cocoloco Beach is a small comfy resort by the ocean with lots of coconut trees around. It’s about an hour and a half drive from Accra, towards the east, close to a village called Ada Foah in the Volta region, where the Volta River meets the sea. People who like peaceful beach vacations enjoy this place. It’s a great opportunity to experience how people in Ghana live and see the birds and turtles in this part of Africa.

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3. Kokrobite Beach

Kokrobite Beach is one of the best beaches in Ghana
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Kokorobite is a calm beach town just 30 kilometres away from Ghana’s capital, Accra. People love it for its natural beaches, the sea, chill reggae vibes, tropical sights, and lively night scenes. It’s a special spot for Rastafarians who want a break from city life. Kokrobite is often picked for parties and meetings. Locals also enjoy coming here on weekends to dance, hang out, and eat by the beach. Essentially, Kokrobite is one of the best beaches in Ghana for those who are into the unique African atmosphere and Rastafarian culture.

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4. Bojo Beach

Bojo beach is one of the best beaches in Ghana
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Bojo Beach is famous for its beautiful, clean sandy shores. It’s not a fancy, expensive resort, but a cosy and affordable place. Families and groups often come here for a calm Sunday gateway about 30 kilometres from Accra. What sets Bojo Beach apart is where it’s situated. It’s on a little island squeezed between a salty sea and a wide freshwater stream. The only way to reach it is by taking a boat, which makes it quite special.

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5. Ada Foah Beach

Ada Beach is one of the best beaches in Ghana
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Ada Beach is found 100 kilometres to the east of Accra, a coastal town right where the Volta River meets the sea. It’s incredibly beautiful with broad sandy areas that have become homes for sea birds and rare marine turtles. This place is a paradise for activities like skiing, fishing, and more water sports. Plus, there’s a marina nearby, perfect if you’re into yachting.

The beaches on the eastern side of Accra are usually quieter because fewer tourists go there. That means you’re less likely to be asked for tips and more likely to have real conversations with the local people. It’s a wonderful chance for a genuine experience.

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6. Busua Beach

Busua Beach is one of the best beaches in Ghana
Image : TripAdvisor, 2024

Busua Beach is a big sandy area of sandy beach found about 45 kilometres to the west of Takoradi, a port city in Ghana’s Western Region. It takes around 5.5 hours to drive here from Accra. Lots of people like to come visit, and there are different types of resorts to choose from. Surfing is a popular thing to do here, and there are plenty of shops that sell surfing gear.

Busua Beach Is a fantastic place to relax. It has a cool breeze at night and a welcoming atmosphere. The water here is calm and inviting. It’s a fun place and one of the best beaches in Ghana.

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Immerse in the Waters of Ghana!

Visiting Ghana beaches promises a unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. These beaches offer an unforgettable experience with the beach waters of Ghana because you not only enjoy the waters but also learn about the country’s history as you partake in the activities that will connect you to the country’s history. So, are you interested in history and a little fun? If so, Ghana is the place for you!

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