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Explore Lisbon’s Vibrant Art Scene Through Tours

Let’s delve into the enchanting world of walking art tours in Lisbon, Portugal. Discover how these guided expeditions invite you to intimately explore the city’s cultural tapestry, unveiling masterpieces tucked away in galleries, street corners, and historic neighbourhoods. Join me as we step beyond the ordinary. Tracing the footsteps of creativity and unravelling the stories that paint Lisbon’s streets with an array of colours, textures, and artistic inspiration. Admiring art while getting your steps in, I mean it doesn’t get better than this! Let’s have a look at some of the best street art walking tours.

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1. Lisbon 3-Hour Street Art Tour

Enjoy a three-hour walking tour in the streets of Lisbon, Portugal
Image: StreetArt, 2023

This is a casual 3-hour guided walking trip to explore the colourful streets of Lisbon. During this walk, you can discover an open-air gallery of today’s most innovative urban street artists from Portugal. Essentially, this is the perfect opportunity to see all the graffiti and large-scale installations, from political to social murals, while you get a feel for the locals.

To ensure you don’t miss out on any cool art, you are actually led by a street artist himself. Now, you can also be sure that you’ll not only see a lot but also learn a lot. I know this sounds amazing, however, be sure that you can walk on unpaved or uneven terrain because you will head on the road less travelled. Of course, don’t forget water and a hat, it can get quite warm!

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2. Lisbon Street Art and Historical Walking Tour

Try an art and history guided walk in Lisbon, Portugal

During this tour, explore Lisbon’s vibrant street art scene on a 3-hour tour led by an expert local guide. Additionally, take in stunning views of Lisbon from the Miradouro da Graça. After the views, get started on a street art walking tour to see works by local and international urban artists, such as Vhils, Nomen, Odeith, and Gonçalo Mar. Then, head to the east side of the city to discover where some of the best lookouts are.

Furthermore, marvel at the impressive São Jorge Castle and learn more about the cultural heritage of the city. Lastly, be treated by an adventure off the beaten tracks. Discover the hidden treasures of several districts such as Alfama and Mouraria along with their history. And as always, remember comfortable shoes and enough water for the walk!

3. Street Art Tuk Tuk Tour

Go on an art tuk tuk tour in Lisbon, Portugal
Image: I tuk you, 2018

On this tour, the fearless drivers will take you along Lisbon’s oldest quarters and iconic views. Perfect for those who wish to discover the city through its historic and cultural heritage. By hopping on a tuk tuk, you reach the hidden gems of the city and explore places that you cannot easily find on tourist maps. During this two-hour tour, immerse yourself in the open-air gallery filled with the work of international graffiti artists celebrating Ibero-American culture.

Moreover, stand in awe of 15 huge pieces of art on buildings situated on the top of a hill that’s only reachable via tuk-tuks. Then, during your trip, get off the tuk-tuk and stroll through a neighbourhood where, at every new corner, you uncover a layer of the history of Lisbon. It’s a fun experience to see the fun side of Lisbon, it doesn’t get better than that.

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4. The Real Lisbon Street Art Tour by Minivan

Go on a minivan art tour in Lisbon, Portugal

The Real Lisbon Street Art Tour takes you through the city’s streets to see striking works that are constantly emerging. Sheltered from the hot Lisbon son, take in all the art in style and comfort. Travel in an air-conditioned comfortable minivan on this 3-hour tour that takes you to see some of the most striking works in the city. Your local street art guide will keep you informed with a historical and chronological explanation of places and artists.

The tour takes you along Lisbon’s streets and avenues, alleys, and stairways, to the works of art all over the city. Also, enjoy the complimentary water and free Wi-Fi on the van. Finally, don’t worry, you’re covered for the ride, ass personal insurance is included.

Let The Street Be Your Canvas

Discover Lisbon’s vibrant art scene with our guided street art tours. Uncover hidden masterpieces, soak in local creativity, and walk away inspired. For more Portugal goodness, check out the best spas in Lisbon. And as always, thank you so much for being here!

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