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Exciting On-Water Activities to Try in Switzerland

Exciting On-Water Activities To Try In Switzerland

Switzerland’s beautiful lakes and rivers offer a playground for every water activity you can think of. It invites all water enthusiasts to come and try something new, whether it’s more relaxing or something that provides an adrenaline rush. Let’s have a look at some fun water activities to engage with in Switzerland.

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1. Kayak Tour on Lake Brienz

Enjoy a Kayak Tour on Lake Brienz, Switzerland

During this two-hour kayaking tour on Lake Brienz, you really get close and personal with nature in Switzerland. I know two hours sounds a bit daunting but don’t worry, it’s for beginners. Your personal kayak guide takes it easy and takes good care of you. In addition to being a more relaxed water activity, the water itself is such a stunning blue, it’s the perfect activity to take in Lake Brienz from an amazing perspective.

The tour begins at the Hightide base in Bönigen. Then, the group paddles towards the northern shore allowing you to have a view of the lake and all its surroundings. For example, the 12th-century Ringgenberg castle is located next to the lake. Besides the kayaking adventure, you have access to all amenities at Strandbad Bönigen. For instance, rooftop bars, private beaches, and an aqua park. Not only is it a two-hour kayak tour, but it’s also an entire day of fun.

This tour is available from May to October. However, there is a Winter Tour between November and April. Just remember to dress extra warm and comfy. Make sure to book your spot on a kayak or a double kayak for you and a partner.

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2. Rafting Tour Vorderrhein Rhine Gorge

Go on a rafting adventure in Switzerland
Image: Swiss Activities, 2023

Now we’re moving on to a more adventurous activity, river rafting. White river rafting is an exciting activity around the world, just look at the wonderful world of white water rafting in Thailand. For anyone looking for a bit of an adrenaline rush, this half-day rafting tour is perfect for you. It takes place in the middle of the Rhine Gorge. Rhine Gorge is part of Geopark Sardona. Essentially, the geopark is a tectonic area that includes the Glarner Overthurst UNESCO World Heritage site. The site is known for its monumental steep limestone walls and rock towers. And during this tour, you get to see all of it, that is on the calm sections of the river.

In total, this is a 20 km ride through the gorge. So, you can imagine, this is quite a workout. It’s important to make sure you’re ready for the physical and mental challenge. Of course, the tour includes calm passages but mostly wild rapids. However, it is a safe whitewater tour guided by professional guides. Lastly, the tour ends with a refreshment and snack in Reichenau. Here, dry clothes are awaiting you. It’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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3. Flyfishing in Switzerland

Go fishing in Lake Constance, Switzerland
Image: FlyFishzermatt, 2023

Did you know the Swiss Alps is known as the water castle of Europe? The variety of mountain streams are perfect spots for fly fishing for trout. Additionally, the water is crystal clear, making it easier to spot trout and catch them. Besides the clear water, the mountains surrounding the streams are breathtaking. This experience allows you to fish with a local who knows the good spots. Due to all the pristine waters being off the beaten path, it’s really helpful to have a local guide.

Unfortunately, fishing tourism in Switzerland is underrated, making it difficult to find accessible fly fishing spots. Most of them are private and secluded while some are easier to reach. However, once you’ve come into contact with a local on Switzerland’s Upstream Flyfishing website, you’re all set for a really fun experience. Remember to pack your most comfortable shoes because you may need to walk to the ideal rivers.

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Switzerland is flooded (literally) with amazing lakes, rivers, and dams. Making it the perfect location for fun and more calm on-water activities. I hope you found what you were looking for and enjoy your activity. As always, thank you so much for being here.

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