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Exciting Aerial Yoga Spots In Greece

Okay, as you see from the title, I will be writing about Greece today. And I’m really going to try not to be philosophical. Because Greece is famous for its ancient philosophers, like Plato, Pythagoras, Socrates, and Aristotle. Please forgive me for that lame joke. Anyway, besides the great philosophers, Greece is also a good wellness destination. Ranging from retreats to solo classes, this country offers some of the best aerial yoga classes in the world. Come hang with me (because you hang from the roof while doing aerial yoga) while we check out five aerial yoga spots.

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Aerial Yoga and the benefits thereof

You might be thinking, what’s the difference between yoga and aerial yoga? Well, maybe you’re not but I’m going to explain it anyway. The yoga poses remain the same, except you use a silk hammock that hangs from the ceiling. It supports you through various flows. Furthermore, the hammock aids flexibility and overall strength. Aerial yoga relieves pressure and tension on the joints for my lovely readers that struggle with stiff or painful joints. Overall, the intensity of the body and your heart is moderate. Let’s have a look at aerial yoga locations you should visit in Greece.

Best Spots for Aerial Yoga in Greece

1. Ev Zein (Ευ Ζειν)

Our first spot is Ev Zein. You can find Ev Zein in Thessaloniki, Greece. Thessaloniki is a region of Macedonia in northern Greece. Ev Zein is part of the International Yoga Federation. Besides the aerial yoga classes three times a week, join a three-weekend workshop. However, the last weekend of the three is devoted to aerial dance.

In total, you complete 32 hours of aerial yoga training. It’s divided into two modules covering all the important aspects of aerial yoga. Also, you decide if you wish to complete both modules or only one. If both are completed, you qualify for a discount of 40 Euros. Some aspects that are learnt at the workshop include your anatomy regarding gravity and anti-gravity. Additionally, get used to the hammock and how to use it in yoga. So, you better believe you’ll be confident in aerial yoga when you leave the workshop.

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2. Evergreen Yoga Studios

Practice aerial yoga at Evergreen Yoga Studio
Image: Tring Yoga, 2023

Evergreen Yoga Studios in Athens offers a variety of yoga experiences. Classes, private classes, workshops, and retreats are available. Their main goal is to spread the valuable practice of yoga. With that said, aerial yoga can be practised in a class or workshop. Yoga at Evergreen is suitable for everybody. Regardless of your fitness, flexibility, strength, or weight. If you don’t feel comfortable practising in a class, book a private session. Choose between a private class at the Evergreen studio or for an extra fee, a private class at your home. Finally, a monthly, weekly, or daily subscription can be bought. Essentially, it is a personal aerial yoga class.

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3. Spiti Yoga

Spiti Yoga is a Yoga, Pilates, and Barre-a-Terre studio in the heart of Athens. The word Spiti means home in Greek. I promised that I won’t get all philosophical but, Spiti is your spiritual home way from home. Every Wednesday, Spiti holds two aerial yoga classes. First, you can join at 7:15 am and the second class is an hour later at 8:15 am. In fact, you are invited to inquire about private yoga classes.

Moreover, Spiti encourages beginner yogis to start with aerial yoga. This is because aerial yoga allows you to achieve the correct body alignment from the start. Nevertheless, advanced yogis are also welcome as they will allow you to be more flexible and strong. On top of that, Spiti has trained instructors that will take good care of you. Evidently, aerial yoga is the perfect form of yoga for anyone recovering from injuries.

4. Bhāvanā Yoga Centre

Do aerial yoga at Bhāvanā Yoga Centre, Greece
Image: Useless Daily, 2023

Situated in Athens, Greece, Bhāvanā Yoga Centre is a place for mind and body movements. Their goal is to promote wellness via aerial yoga. Similar to the previous studios, Bhāvanā offers classes, yoga workshops and teacher training. If you don’t feel good about your yoga talents, don’t worry you’re not the only one. For this reason, Bhāvanā Yoga Centre provides beginner yoga and aerial yoga classes. Are you returning after ditching yoga for a while?  No problem! At Bhāvanā, you can return with the help of a returning yoga workshop. From beginners to advanced yogis, all are welcome.

5. Swaha Yoga Centre

The Swaha Yoga Centre is one of the first aerial yoga schools in Greece. It’s a comforting centre in the heart of Athens. So, you know they’ve got the whole aerial yoga thing down. With their main focus being yoga and aerial yoga, they offer classes daily. Equally important, the centre does not cater to advanced aerial yogis. But if you’re a beginner or intermediate, it’s the studio for you. Also, it’s a great environment for relaxing, unwinding and being mindful.

Namasté Fellow Aerial Yogis

Aerial yoga and its benefits
Image: Samma Karuna, 2020

This is just a friendly reminder that it’s probably best to practice aerial yoga on an empty stomach. You’ll be upside down, spinning, and twirling so it could get ugly if you know what I mean. But if this doesn’t sound fun, check out yoga studios to visit in London. And as always, thank you so much for being here!

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