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Etosha Safari Lodge & Other Safari Lodge Spots in Namibia

Welcome to Etosha National Park! This is the reason for staying at Etosha Safari Lodge, right? Also known as Gondwana Etosha Safari Lodge, it’s set in Okaukuejo, just 10 km away from the Anderson Gate that leads into Etosha National Park.

However, this is not the only place to stay at if you want to safari, as in this article I provide choices. If you want to get to know Africa, a safari is the way. Not only do you get to know the continent better with a safari, but you also get the chance to discover it within yourself. Welcome to Etosha Safari Lodge and other safari lodge destinations in Namibia. In the mood for a safari? Well then, all 4×4 engines are a-blaze!

Gondwana Etosha Safari Lodge

This lodge is the perfect place to get to the heart of Africa. Moreover, there are three swimming pools to cool off under the hot Namibian sky. Furthermore, Gondwana Etosha Safari Lodge boasts some of the best viewing decks close to the park. The chalets are air-conditioned and designed for optimal guest comfort.

Extending the theme of being a ‘Place of Legends’, Etosha heightens the typical ‘shebeen’ to Okambashu, meaning ‘Our Home’. They then transform this feeling into a restaurant ambience that’s true to the African spirit. You have a choice between ‘township’ style dining rooms or a fireplace courtyard where the Etosha Boys strum guitars and sing local songs during dinner. Sounds magical, right? Moreover, the lodge has undertaken a UNESCO Sustainable Travel Pledge. This means that you do not need to worry about where the energy and water used at Etosha come from. If you are enjoying this article, be sure to read about the 7 delightful restaurants in Swakopmund, Namibia.

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Toshari Lodge

Etosha Safari Lodge and Other Safari Lodge Destinations in Namibia, Toshari Lodge

Situated 15 minutes from Etosha National Park in Windhoek, the Toshari Lodge lies under a canopy of Mopane and white Seringa Trees. This eco-friendly lodge is acclaimed for its luxury and design. From the location to the food, Toshari is authentically African.

This lodge has custom-built and reliable Toyota 4×4 Land Cruisers for anyone wanting to get down and dirty with a safari. They offer free WiFi and provide laundry services too, along with the usual lodge amenities like a bar. Moreover,Toshari has complete mobile connectivity, making this remote lodge feel not too remote for comfort.

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Eldorado Lodge & Camping

Eldorado Lodge & Camping, Etosha Safari Lodge and Other Safari Lodge Destinations in Namibia
Image: Eldorado Lodge & Camping, 2023

Being South African myself, I know that farm-style accommodation is the best of the best. Nothing is better than sipping a cup of tea on the ‘stoep’ as the sun slides behind the horizon. The Eldorado Lodge is 8 kilometres from Etosha National Park and has been run by the same Pienaar family for 3 generations. They have the farmhouse as well as the shaded campsite for you to choose from.

Eldorado Lodge’s sturdy stone pillars hold up the porch’s tin roof whilst the Bougainvilla creeps along the edges thereof. It is sure to set the mood for any occasion. Eldorado offers half- and full-day game drives to Etosha to see some of, if not all, the Big Five. Moreover, Eldorado Lodge has a Predator Sanctuary as well as a Rhino Sanctuary. This lodge truly embraces the look and feel of Namibian authenticity.

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Bless the Rains Down in Africa

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Africa truly is a magical place. Namibia sparkles under the hot African sun as the wind blows the golden flakes of dust over plains of vacant lands. Safari on these landscapes where waterholes dot the southern sections of the Etosha National Park.  Here, you will see the animals that have not changed for thousands of years, like the rhino and the crocodile.

As you safari, you could hear the roar of the mighty lion, the call of the striped zebra, and the hiss of the black dung beetle. Open your ears to hear the music of the great African plain as you sit peacefully in the back of a safari Cruiser. I guarantee it to be a lasting memory for you to tell your family for years to come whilst sitting quietly around the crackling bonfire.

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