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Escape The Digital: Digital Detox Retreats in South Africa

Escape The Digital: Digital Detox Retreats in South Africa

Digital detox retreats offer a much-needed sanctuary for those wanting a break from the constant stimulation and demands of modern technology. And where is a better place to do so than South Africa? In fact, the country’s striking landscapes are sure to knock your socks off and help you forget about all your digital devices. Disconnecting from digital devices is just the beginning. Come along to a few digital detox retreats in South Africa where you can disconnect to reconnect.

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1. 6-Day Digital Detox and Holistic Adventure Retreat in Cederberg, Western Cape

Go on a digital detox in the Western Cape, South Africa
Image: Drive South Africa, 2022

Imagine spending six days moving through the stunning Cederberg mountains. You’re probably wondering what you’re going to do in the mountains for six whole days. Well, besides digitally detoxing, this retreat also lets you enjoy mountain pools, hiking trails, and rock formations. On top of that, the Maltese Cross, Wolfberg Arch, Truitjieskraal, and Stadsaal caves are all yours to explore!

The first day starts with orientation and an opening ceremony and ends with a fireside intention circle followed by dinner. Day two begins with a breathtaking (not literally) sunrise yoga session and breakfast. Then you hike to the iconic sacred site of the Maltese Cross for about 13 kilometres before lunch. After lunch and another 13 kilometres of hiking, it’s time for a Wim Hof cold water therapy session! Day 2 also includes a Disa rock pool hike, swimming and a 20-kilometre cycle. There are also indigenous rock art and caves to experience.

On the fourth day, expect a 9-kilometre hike through Wolfberg Cracks. Plus, an overnight adventure camp under the iconic sacred site of Wolfberg Arch. The day ends with a stargazing session under the African sky. Included in your fifth and final full day is a 9-kilometre hike from the iconic Wolfberg Arch. Before you go to bed in your luxurious glamping accommodation for your last night, there’s a closing ceremony. This tech-free digital detox retreat in South Africa costs about R25 000 (£1020). It might be a little pricey but trust me, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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2. 6-Day Wellness Safari Retreat at Welgevonden Game Reserve in Vaalwater

Enjoy a digital detox in the bush in South Africa
Image: Wildside Magazine, 2019

This digital detox retreat takes place at Mhodoro: a luxurious five-star private safari lodge and villa situated within the malaria-free Welgevonden Game Reserve. Also, the game reserve is located in the Waterberg District of the Limpopo Province in South Africa. Essentially, you enjoy five nights at this lush lodge surrounded by nature. This one is a bit more pricey, costing R90 000 (£37 000). Nevertheless, keep reading to find out why it’s so worth it!

This exclusive safari retreat is made for you if you need some digital detox. With daily yoga, meditation, and game drives in beautiful South Africa, how could you go wrong? Upon arrival, freshen up for a delicious lunch made with your self-picked fruits and veggies from the garden. I mean come on! It doesn’t get any more holistic than that. After lunch, get ready for your first game drive. Following the game drive, dinner is served and a yoga session ensues before bedtime.

On the second day, look forwards to a safari yoga game drive and a detox clay liver treatment. Every day is filled with a mindful bushwalk, safari drive, African-themed dinners, and massages. Yes, you read that correctly! You probably haven’t thought of your phone once while reading about all these magical activities in the bushveld. See how even the idea of a digital detox is already working.

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3. 5-Day Yoga and Detox Retreat at Boulders Beach

A five day detox in Boulders Beach, Cape Town

This digital detox retreat in Boulders Beach spans five days and four nights. Not only is this a digital detox retreat but also a diet detox retreat. Essentially, the retreat offers nourishing vegan meals, fresh juices, and herbal teas to cleanse the digestive system. The reasoning behind detoxification is that when the body is detoxed, the mind can also detox quicker and much more efficiently.

To aid your body and mind in the detox, immerse yourself in daily yoga and meditation. Although yoga in itself is already a calming practice, this retreat lets you do it with a view of the ocean. Now that’s just pure bliss. At the end of each day, there’s a fireside chat for support and to inspire each other. Moreover, for the first two days, all guests are encouraged to partake in gentle walks and massages. During the last two days, hiking, snorkelling and kayaking are available and totally advised.

What makes this retreat so special is the penguins. Boulders Beach in the Western Cape is known for being home to a colony of African penguins which settled there in 1982. So, besides the opportunity to cleanse your body and mind, be immersed in the incredible nature of South Africa. Make sure to book your spot now for about R9 000 (£370) before spaces fill up.

Find Balance in a Hyper-Connected World

Experience the power of unplugging and immerse yourself in outdoor activities and beautiful nature. It’s time to create meaningful connections with fellow retreat-goers and improve your mental and physical health because you know I care about you. I hope you enjoyed these digital detox retreats in South Africa and as always, thank you so much for being here.

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