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Eco-Glamping Cueva de las Aguilas near Los Pozos de Romeo

Glamping Ecolodge Cueva de las Aguilas near Los Pozos de Romeo

Welcome to the second-largest country in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic! Near Cueva de las Aguilas lies Los Pozos de Romeo, a place of magic and history. It also lies close to the Bahia de las Aguilas Island, a place of serenity and pristine beauty. So come immerse yourself in the deep south and discover the flavours of the Dominican Republic at the Ceuva de las Aguilas restaurant and get carried away by the slow rhythm of Cabo Rojo Bay.

Relax at Ceuva de las Aguilas Eagle Spa where you can get a pedigree, a facial and more! For tourists looking for a comfortable and authentic holiday, the Dominican Republic is increasingly positioned for its amazing wealth of biodiversity and ecosystem. And when it comes to Los Pozos de Romeo, these wells are shrouded in the love story of Romeo and Juliet. Moreover, the enduring symbolism of these enchanting wells takes you on an unforgettable journey, leaving you inspired and in awe of the rich heritage Los Pozos de Romeo embodies.

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Cueva de las Aguilas, The Glamping Eco Lodge

Glamping Ecolodge Cueva de las Aguilas near Los Pozos de Romeo

Glamping allows visitors to get into the spirit and natural beauty, it’s a trend that has captivated travellers by fusing “glamour” and “camping”. Moreover, this activity consists of staying within nature without sacrificing comfort and exclusivity. Surrounded by the crystal-clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean to the north and the Caribbean Sea to the south, Cueva de las Aguilas focuses on providing guests with the ultimate beachside experience.

Located in Pedernales, Glamping Ecolodge Cueva de las Aguilas is in a prestigious national park and nestled onto a private beach. This beachfront campground boasts 35 accommodation options with patios, private yards, and beachfront views. Guests have access to neat bathrooms, which are shared and include showers. Housekeeping is offered daily, and if you feel like setting out as they tidy up your tent, be sure to visit the spa!

Your stay is complemented by a unique culinary experience. As the sun rises over the waters of the Coba Rojo beach, guests can enjoy a delicious breakfast with tropical fruits and ingredients from the region, giving you the necessary energy to carry out the programmed activities. Guests are also offered an unprecedented opportunity to explore unspoilt landscapes such as Bahia de las Aguilas, which can be reached by a small boat while enjoying a beautiful panoramic view of the journey. Also, you can go hiking through various landscapes with a defined path, snorkel, or paddle surf during your visit!

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Los Pozos de Romeo (Romeo’s Wells)

Romeo's Wells are pure magic with its emerald green waters and stricking rock formations

These wells are situated near the town of Rio San Juan, a town known for its picturesque beaches and lush landscapes. Romeo’s Wells is a popular tourist attraction due to its crystal-clear waters and serene surroundings. These wells are formed by underground rivers that emerge from the ground, creating small pools filled with fresh, cool water.

It’s an inviting spot for tourists as wells are filled with clear blue water and surrounded by lush vegetation. Los Pozos de Romeo offers visitors the opportunity to relax, swim, and enjoy the natural beauty of the Dominican Republic. These wells, steeped in mystery and romance, have captivated the hearts and minds of people around the world for centuries. With their origins dating back to the days of the Roman Empire, Los Pozos de Romeo has witnessed countless tales of love, tragedy, and passion.

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Excursion to Bahia de las Aguilas

Eco-Glamping Cueva de las Aguilas near Los Pozos de Romeo

Cueva de las Aguilas also provides guests with the option to go to the world’s most beautiful beach, Bahia de las Aguilas. Their excursions include a 20-minute boat ride to the island, a hike that lasts between 4-5 hours, and lastly, a dinner which includes the local dishes at the Rancho Típico Cueva de las Águilas. The price for this excursion is approximately DOP675.00. Then there’s also an Eagle VIP excursion, which costs around DOP930.00. This VIP excursion includes various water activities that are at your disposal. However, the rest of the day is the same as the basic package.

Lastly, the final excursion is called the Eagle Premium excursion. Much like all other excursions mentioned already, the boat also departs at 8:30 am to Bahia de las Aguilas. However, this excursion includes a lunch on the beach. This decadent lunch includes lobster, spider crab, seafood paella and Bahiafongo! Furthermore, if you choose to return by plane from Bahia de las Aguilas, you can stay on the island until 5:30 pm! You are going to be tired as you return to Cueva de las Aguilas due to the exciting day spent on the world’s most pristine beach. So, be sure to have a hearty breakfast and perhaps a coffee to get the most from your time on Bahia de las Aguilas.

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Eco-Glamping Cueva de las Aguilas near Los Pozos de Romeo

Cueva de las Aguilas is the starting point to discovering the southwest coast of the country and the emblematic sites of the Jaragua National Park, the first UNESCO biosphere reserve in the Dominican Republic. The uniqueness of Ceuva de las Aguilas shines through in the style of accommodation, and glamping! Glamping is designed to offer a complete immersion in Cabo Rojo, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Dominican Caribbean.

Its gradient of blue hues is home to an extensive coral reef system as well as the West Indian manatee and hawksbill turtle! You are sure to enjoy your time at Cueva de las Aguilas as Los Pozos de Romeo is only 23 minutes away! And if you really want to, you could even take an excursion to Bahia de las Aguilas. Immerse yourself in a world of wonder when visiting the incredible Dominican Republic!

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