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Eco-Friendly Pollinator Picnic Spots in the UK

Eco-Friendly, Pollinator Picnic Spots in the UK

The United Kingdom is known for its lush gardens and the country’s desire to be involved in the great outdoors. The Chelsey Flower Show can attribute to the UK’s immense passion for flowers, gardens, and natural spaces. Needless to say, gardening and nature are a large part of the UK’s culture. Therefore, having an eco-friendly pollinator picnic should only become an extension of the already sturdy cultural practice of gardening.

Gardening has many health benefits. If done correctly, it can also lead to a lot of ecological benefits. However, for gardens and the world to thrive, pollinators are essential! In fact, with one picnic at a time, we can pollinate globally! So grab a blanket and snatch a basket, ‘cause we are having a pollinator picnic today!

Why a Pollinator Picnic?

Eco-Friendly Pollinator Picnic Spots in the UK

Pollinator Picnic is a nationwide campaign run by Naturehood. The campaign aims to get people outside to enjoy their local green spaces and support British wildlife. So, you might be wondering what a pollinator is. Well, in short, a pollinator is any animal that helps plants reproduce by moving pollen between plants. They are important because around 75% of crop plants require some degree of animal pollination. This includes many of our everyday fruits and vegetables!

Without pollination, we would not be able to grow enough food to eat! Earthwatch Europe is the umbrella company for Naturehood, and they are extremely dedicated to making the world more eco-friendly. They even share one thing to do for wildlife every week of the year on their Facebook page. It is one of the many small things that they do to make our lives more eco-friendly. So, go to the linked webpage and signup for your free pollinator kit to start making a difference!

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Pollinator Picnic at Corfe Castle in Dorset

Eco-Friendly, Pollinator Picnic Spots in the UK

This beautiful castle ruin complex in Dorset has its very own riverside picnic area with tables and natural scenery for the ultimate outdoor experience! It’s called the Old Mill Picnic Area and is located on the riverbanks of the Corfe River. Expect stunning scenery and good company; humans and pollinators alike! Otherwise, if you would like to have a more robust picnic experience, visit Corfe Castle. It has a warm 18th-century tea room and garden with unique close-up views of the castle.

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Pollinator Picnic at Devil’s Dyke in West Sussex

Eco-Friendly Pollinator Picnic Spots in the UK


Devil’s Dyke lies on the South Downs Way, a popular 160-kilometre-long national trail running from Winchester to Eastbourne in West Sussex. The unique part of this picnic spot is that you can bring your dog too! Devil’s Dyke was a major local tourist attraction in the late 19th and 20th centuries. Today, it’s a popular viewpoint and an eco-friendly pollinator picnic spot perfect for a picturesque walking tour.

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Port Meadow for a Pollinator Picnic in Oxford

Eco-Friendly, Pollinator Picnic Spots in the UK

Port Meadow is a large meadow of open common land beside the river Thames in Oxford, England. There are picnic benches and BBQ stands near the Godstow Road entrance that you and your guests can fully enjoy. Dogs are welcome to tag along but be sure that they do not disturb the abundant wildlife.

Picnics are welcome elsewhere, but please be careful of the cattle and horses. At Port Meadow, you can even do some wild swimming in the waterways. However, do exercise this very exciting activity with caution!

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Ashton Court Estate for an Eco-Friendly Pollinator Picnic

Eco-Friendly, Pollinator Picnic Spots in the UK

The gorgeous Ashton Court Estate has many park facilities to get excited about. They have two cafes, a Coach House, a woodland garden, a picnic area, deer parks and lastly, a golf course.

Moreover, the Aston Court Estate hosts the annual Bristol Balloon Fiesta, which is nothing short of amazing! They also have mountain biking, a free 5 km park run every Saturday, and a mansion. If you love walking then you will love this estate! In fact, there are deer walks, garden walks and woodland walks available for you to enjoy.

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Eco-Friendly Pollinator Picnic at Bodnant Garden in Conwy

Eco-Friendly, Pollinator Picnic Spots in the UK

Bodnant Garden is a special historic garden with stunning architecture, meadows, an arboretum, and a play area. Due to its exceptional national, architectural, and historical importance; Bodnant was listed as a grade 1 garden!

The feature that stands out the most in the Bodnant Garden is The Laburnum Arch. Its beautiful golden wisteria arch transports you into a world of fairy tales and magic. It’s truly unlike anything you have ever seen! Located in Conwy, Bodnant Garden is the most magical spot for an eco-friendly pollinator picnic in Wales.

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Erddig, for the Perfect Pollinator Picnic in Wrexham

Eco-Friendly, Pollinator Picnic Spots in the UK

Explore a much-loved home, garden and estate filled with the stories of a family and their servants in Wrexham. Erddig has many features for you to wonder at. Among the best is the restored formal 18th-century grade 1 listed walled garden with Dutch influence.

If you visit Erddig with your kids, they will surely love the wooded play area. Nestled in Big Wood, the play area has a rope swing, stepping logs and a den-building area called Wolf’s Den. Certainly, Erddig is one of the best places for a pollinator picnic! This is due to the abundance of meadows, lakes, woodland, and lush vegetation. You can’t get any eco-friendlier than this, busy bee!

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Otters Pool at Galloway Forest Park in Scotland

Eco-Friendly, Pollinator Picnic Spots in the UK

In the heart of Galloway Forest, Scotland, lies a beautiful pool which is overlooked by a bronze otter. Otters Pool is easily found on Raiders Road, part of a 16 km walking trail within the forest. This stunning picnic spot overlooks the Black Water of Dee, which is popular with paddlers during the summer months.

This is the perfect place to have an eco-friendly pollinator picnic in Scotland! Don’t miss the Otter Pool and the sculpture of the Otters. Furthermore, there are bathroom facilities and picnic benches available. This allows you to have a great and comfortable day all around!

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This article is nothing compared to the one about Wake The Tiger amazement park in Bristol!

Pollinator Picnic is the Bee’s Knees!

Eco-Friendly, Pollinator Picnic Spots in the UK

Nearly 50% of wild bees and hoverflies have declined in recent years, and 80% of butterflies have declined across the UK since the 1970s. When it comes to being eco-friendly, we need to look at how we can help these little guys spread pollen more effectively! Nature provides incredible benefits to people, from pollinating food crops and reducing flood risk to improving health and well-being.

So, it goes without saying that if you would like to have a wellness experience that is equally as good as it is eco-friendly, why not have a pollinator picnic? It’s sure to go a long way for both your wellness and the busy bees that are responsible for our earth’s health!

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