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Easter Camping in Kaikoura, New Zealand

If you’re wondering what to do this upcoming Easter weekend, ponder no more—it’s time to go camping with the whole family! Of course, camping and family time may not be everyone’s cup of tea, so if it’s not your thing, feel free to explore other options! But if you’re interested in a more natural Easter experience, this article is just for you! What could be better than an Easter egg hunt in the great outdoors? Nothing, I’m sure!

Kaikoura Peketa Beach Holiday Park for Camping in Kaikoura

Image: TripAdvisor, 2024

The team at Kaikoura Peketa Beach extends a warm welcome to you. They aim to make your Kiwi camping experience truly memorable. Kaikoura Peketa Beach Holiday Park is the place to be if you crave breathtaking mountains and ocean views right on your doorstep! It’s peacefully located yet conveniently close to all the fantastic attractions. Wake up to a spectacular sunrise stretching across Kaikoura’s only beachside amusement park, ready for an exciting day of exploration or relaxation.

The park offers spacious powered sites, including the best oceanfront spots in Kaikoura. Set up your tent next to the shore or amidst the local woods. Cabins are available for larger families and couples. Your furry friend can join the camping adventure if they stay leashed throughout the park.

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The Point Campsite for Camping in Kaikoura

Image: PitchUp, 2024

The Point Campsite, situated on a fifth-generation family farm on the Kaikoura Peninsula, welcomes caravans, RVs, and self-contained campers. Nestled amidst serene surroundings directly opposite the beach, it offers a back-to-basics camping experience. After exploring Kaikoura’s many attractions, guests can enjoy stunning coastline views and mountains.

With views of the Seaward Kaikoura Mountain Range and the Pacific Ocean, The Point Campsite is the perfect spot to unwind and reconnect with nature—and an even better place to hide some colourful Easter eggs! The Campsite is all about embracing the simplicity of camping. It provides a peaceful and roomy area for parking self-contained vehicles. And yes, it happily welcomes pets.

There are no power sites, toilet facilities, or noisy traffic. Instead, you’ll find plenty of lush green grass for children or furry friends to frolic on, a beach just across the road for swimming, sandcastle building, or exploring rock pools, hills to climb offering breathtaking views, and an opportunity for stargazing with minimal light pollution. The possibilities are endless when camping in Kaikoura.

The Point Self-Contained Campsite is just a 5-minute drive from Kaikōura’s town centre. Furthermore, it’s conveniently positioned within a 5-minute walking distance of the Seal Colony and directly opposite the renowned Seafood BBQ on Jimmy Armers Beach. Camping in Kaikoura has never been more accessible at The Point Campsite, even with their yearly sheep-shearing show and a chance for you to hold baby lambs, too!

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Easter Egg Hunting when Camping in Kaikoura

Image: Holiday Parks, 2024

Organising the perfect Easter egg-hunting day while camping in Kaikoura, New Zealand is a delightful family activity. Decorate the area with Easter-themed decorations and gather supplies like eggs, chocolates, and treats. Create a map or clues for the hunt, set clear rules, and let the fun begin! After the hunt, enjoy additional Easter activities like egg decorating or a picnic lunch. You can also award prizes for participation and capture memories with photos or videos.

Encourage exploration of the natural surroundings and end the day with a celebratory gathering around the campfire, sharing stories and laughter. However, if you want to go more straightforward, you can. You’ve already made a success of your Easter weekend by reserving your spot for camping in Kaikoura. If you have not yet done so, be sure to book a spot, as this Easter season is sure to be the best one yet!

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Camping in Kaikoura for Easter?

Image: Kaikoura Top 10

One thing that I especially remember from my childhood is Easter. I remember how my grandmother decorated the garden’s walls to look like bunnies had hopped over them. I remember how we kids scrambled to find those pesky hidden eggs, sometimes fighting over who saw the egg first and who got to eat it. We then celebrated afterwards with our discovered treats and a BBQ.

It felt like such a magical holiday, especially with my parent’s and grandparents’ efforts to arouse our imaginations and wonderment. I hope this Easter season is one of joyous memory-making bliss and that the memories are sunshine, adventure, connection, and love, just like mine.

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