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Discover the Best Resorts in Ghana

Discover the Best Resorts in Ghana

Visiting the best resorts always brings excitement and has a major impact on your stay at a particular location. This is why Ghana has built some of the best resorts you will ever find in Africa! Anyone who visits a destination always wants to have a comfortable place and decent location where they can rest and enjoy their stay, and Ghana has made sure to provide individuals who visit their resorts with the best experience so they can always create memories and have a pleasant experience during their stay. Here is a list of the best resorts in the nation of Ghana.

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1. Charlestina Beach Resort in Cape Coast

Charlestina Beach Resort is one of the best resorts in Ghana
Image: Charlestina Resort, 2023

Charlestina Beach Resort is an amazing resort that offers visitors a magnificent experience with nature. The resort is famous for its fishing activities and provides a romantic setup for couples who want to enjoy their honeymoon together in this beautiful resort. One of the reasons why a lot of tourists enjoy visiting this resort is because there aren’t many in Africa that give you a comfortable stay in nature with top-class services to your satisfaction.

In terms of food, visitors are served healthy African, British and French cuisine. What’s amazing about this resort is that everyone has a choice to pick which type of healthy meals they would like to have, most of which are vegetarian and dairy-free. On top of that, all visitors get to experience water sports activities!

This amazing resort also has a children’s playground and those interested in playing darts can help themselves with the dart playing area. This resort has been rated 5 stars which makes it suitable for both tourists and travelers. It provides visitors with various activities to ensure comfort and satisfaction, such as an outdoor swimming pool and fishing. You can also get an entire unit located on the ground floor.

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2. Afrikiko River Front Resort in Akosombo

Afrikiko River Front Resort is one of the best resorts in Ghana
Image: Afrikoki River Front Resort, 2023

Afrikoko River Front Resort is in Akosombo, which takes only a couple of hours to drive from Accra. It was perfectly built by the banks of the river Volta, making it the perfect place for capturing beautiful pictures of Lake Volta. This is an amazing opportunity for visitors to grab so they can explore Akosombo and Lake Volta.

Afrikiko River Front Resort is an awesome magnificent resort to explore and escape away from the frustrations of life and the work environment. The resort has the perfect setting up for weddings and for that romantic getaway. Moreover, the resort provides a comfortable set for business meetings and family gatherings.

Visitors can also enjoy the beautiful swimming pools that are provided for an extra pleasurable treat for relaxation. Spa treatments are also provided for those individuals who are more concerned about their physical health and want to release stress and tension.

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3. The Royal Senchi Resort in Akosombo

The Royal Senchi Resort is one of the best resorts in Ghana
Image: The Royal Senchi Resort, 2023

The Royal Senchi Resort is a well-known luxury resort located in Akosombo. Situated on the banks of the Volta River, it provides guests with an amazing environment with beautiful views and a range of amenities such as a wellness centre, and fitness centre and an outdoor swimming pool.

The resort is known for its elegant accommodations, excellent dining options, and various recreational activities. Moreover, this is a place to capture unforgettable memories. That’s why it’s mostly recommended as a wedding venue by the locals because of its beauty. The visitors are allowed to experience nature on boat rides to relax their thoughts with some fresh air in the water boat rides.

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4. Aqua Safari Resort in Ada

Aqua Safari Resort is one of the best resorts in Ghana
Image: Times Out Editor, 2015

Aqua Safari Resort is a popular resort located in Ada, the biggest Accra Region. This resort provides visitors with private hotel-style rooms and private chalets, and visitors are permitted to enjoy themselves with water sports activities. The resort also has swimming pools and spa treatment facilities for those looking for a more relaxed experience.

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5. Coconut Grove Beach Resort in Elmina

Coconut Grove Beach Resort is one of the best resorts in Ghana
Image: Coconut Grove Beach Resort, 2023

Coconut Grove Beach Resort is a well-known beachfront resort located in Elmina, Ghana. It’s recognised for its amazing tropical gardens and direct access to the beach. The resort provides beautiful accommodations to all visitors and ensures that your stay is pleasant and memorable. Visitors are treated to amazing activities such as horseback riding, walking tours, and water sports activities.

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6. Elmina Beach Resort

Elmina Beach Resort is one of the best resorts in Ghana
Image: Elmina Beach Resort, 2023

Elmina Beach Resort is an amazing resort accommodating both local and foreign visitors. Situated in the heart of the historic central region of Ghana, the Elmina Beach Resort is visited mostly by people who love having business meetings in private relaxed places, tourists, and eco-adventurers. This amazing resort is only a few kilometres away from Cape Coast and the fishing city of Elmina, where the Portuguese were introduced to West Africa and built Fort Sao Jorge.

Elmina Beach Resort is about 150 km west of Accra and is located close to the famous Elmina Castle Heritage Site as well as only a 30-minute drive from the unique Kakum National Park. The resort provides all your desires for a comfortable stay and adventurous experience. Most visitors love to immerse themselves in the swimming pools to relax their muscles after a long flight and fatigue from jetlag. And later on, they take part in water sports activities. Elmina Beach Resort also offers outstanding amenities such as a tennis court, fitness centre, conference centre, and private beach.

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7. Bridgeview Resort in Akosombo

Bridge View Resort is one of the best resorts in Ghana
Bridge View Resort, 2023

Bridgeview Resort is a beautiful place in Akosombo. It is great for people who want to see the wonderful side of Ghana. You can see the big Aksombo Dam and the pretty Lake Volta. There is a beach where you can swim, go fishing, and ride boats. Best of all, the water is clear and blue. There are also forests and hills around the lake. Visitors can go on walking tours around the resort for extra body relaxation.

The resort has many fun things to do. There’s a pool, a place to play tennis, and a gym for those who love staying in shape. You can also eat at different restaurants that serve food from different places. There are also different types of drinks to enjoy. One of the amazing things to do is to visit the big dam near the resort. It makes electricity for Ghana and other countries nearby.

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8.  Lake Bosomtwe Paradise Resort in Kumasi

Lake Bosomtwe Paradise Resort is one of the best resorts in Ghana
Image: Lake Bosomtwe Paradise Resort, 2023

Lake Bosomtwe Paradise Resort is a nice place by a big lake in Ghana. It’s about 35 kilometres from Kumasi. The resort has 20 rooms and was built in 2000. It sits near tall mountains and has a great view of the lake. The resort is good for people who want a quiet place to work or for those who want to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and the local culture of Ghana.

The resort offers a wide number of outdoor adventures which include boat activities, and horse riding. Moreover, Lake Bosomtwe Paradise Resort is popular as a favourite spot for honeymoon romance by many locals because it also offers honeymoon suites to couples who seek a romantic experience.

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Relax in the Beauty of Ghana

Ghana is a nation of natural beauty and magnificently rich in natural resources. It has amazing beautiful resorts for a pleasurable stay with beautiful facilities to try and explore. Tourists to these resorts are in for some of the best natural experiences in Africa! So If you want to spend time in nature, don’t hesitate to take a flight and visit these beautiful resorts. For more beautiful holiday destinations in Africa, check out these magical 5-star hotels in Zanzibar!

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