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Discover Hamaima Wellness Retreats in Europe

Discover Hamaima Wellness Retreats in Europe

The desire for alternative ways of living, learning to be connected with nature and enjoying community becomes more and more desirable in an era marked by rapid technological advancements, disconnection and pressures that we might be facing through it. I had the honour of speaking to Hamaima herself, the owner and founder of Hamaima Retreats. Hamaima has offered spiritual retreats worldwide for over 10 years and we are excited to share with you these four life-changing Hamaima wellness retreats in Europe in 2023.

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1. Soul Medicine Retreat in Austria

Soul Medicine Retreat in Austria with Loulia, Kato and Hamaima 

If you’re ready to explore your true self and live your life in more peace and harmony, then Soul Medicine Retreat is just for you. This retreat incorporates strong ancestral ceremonies to show appreciation and recognition for the energies our ancestors have passed on to us and also make peace with some of them. Consequently, it’s time to step into your power and become the best version of yourself. What kicks off this spiritual retreat is an Ancestral Prayer Circle with Hamaima. Essentially, everyone is seated around the sacred fire, which represents our connection to spirit.

Hamaima - New Earch Yoga Plant Medicine Retreat

The participants get to speak with the fire, to share with the intention to let go of the old and bring in the new.  It is also a beautiful way to connect with your ancestors in a loving and supportive environment. It is deep inner work, but you’ll leave the circle with renewed and lighter energy. Next, the amazing Sweat Lodge Ritual with Kato is on the itinerary.

With the intention to return to the womb of Mother Earth and to cleanse and purify everyone enters a dome-shaped structure that is covered with blankets to create a completely dark space. Hot stones (out of a fire outside of the lodge) will be placed in the centre of the lodge to create intense heat. A good amount of time is spent in this womb space to sing, pray and share. As you can imagine, this can get uncomfortable, but participants report the feelings of being rebirthed after taking part in this kind of ritual.

The retreat also incorporates Cacao Medicine, song, and dance. Just imagine a wholesome circle of friends with cups of nourishing cacao around the sacred fire, to open your voices, to share prayers, stories and to dance. On the final day, take a tranquil morning forest walk remembering that each step is a prayer. Finally, enjoy daily Yoga Classes in the mornings. It truly doesn’t get better for the soul than this when it comes to wellness retreats in Europe.

2. Plant Medicine & Inner Child Healing Retreat in Sweden

Plant Medicine & Inner Child Healing Retreat in Sweden with Nina Medicina and Hamaima 

It’s time to explore and connect to one of your greatest teachers, your inner child. Our younger selves might carry great wounds but at the same time, they bring us magic, grounding and life force energy. During this 5-day Plant Medicine & Inner Child Healing Retreat learn about which heavy energies you might carry and how you can transform them into loving power. The retreat includes two medicine ceremonies and a sound healing ritual. Along with these rituals, expect to be enlightened by an herbal medicine workshop.

A retreat won’t be complete without focusing on breathwork and completing yoga as well as stress and trauma release. Also, take part in singing circles and voice activation. During group circles, everyone is invited to share their own beautiful wisdom and unique energy.

Hamaima - New Earch Yoga Plant Medicine Retreat

Finally, spending time in nature and playing is also important and helpful in your journey to healing your inner child. Activities outside include outdoor walks and wild swimming. And where better to experience this wellness retreat in Europe than the Wild Meadow in Sweden? Wild Meadow is a sacred space in the southern Swedish forest for you to rest, recharge, relearn and rewild yourself. This retreat is now fully booked, but please join us in 2024.

3. Sacred Maya 3-Day Retreat in Berlin

Sacred Maya 3-Day Retreat in Berlin with Izaias Mendoza and Hamaima 

From the 4th to the 6th of August Hamaima will offer a retreat together with her friend Mayan Shaman Izaias Mendoza from Guatemala. Sacred Maya retreat invites you to a celebration of Mayan cosmovision, cacao plant medicine, and community. Join the Cacao community in the stunning countryside of Berlin-Brandenburg. Furthermore, take in the ancient knowledge of the Maya amplified by their magical plant medicine cacao. This retreat is a deeply healing and uplifting journey. Where you discover more about your unique frequency, connect with your ancestors, share your gifts and talents, and fully step into your power.

Hamaima - New Earch Yoga Plant Medicine Retreat

After holding ceremonies together for over 6 years at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, this is the first time Mayan Shaman Izaias Mendoza and Hamaima offer a wellness retreat in Europe. Take part in Mayan Cacao and Fire Ceremonies. In addition to ceremonies, enjoy a lecture about Mayan cosmovision held by Izaias Mendoza: founder of Lava Love Cacao. Izaias Mendoza, born and raised at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, is a fire shaman.

Following the lecture is an ancestral prayer circle. The circle merges the ancient ways of the Mayan people and the more current way of medicine work with Izaias and Hamaima. Finally, enjoy a grounding nature walk and water connection ritual, Nalini Yoga, breathwork, and sound healing. This is not a retreat you want to miss. More details are available here 

4. The New Earth Retreat in Ireland

The New Earth Retreat in Ireland with Hamaima and team

The New Earth describes a vibrational frequency that becomes more and more available to us. Gradually humans who are choosing to be part of the shift as well as planet Earth herself increase their vibration. Changing the frequency puts a lot of pressure on old patterns and structures in and around us. The higher energies that are flooding the planet right now are squeezing denser matter, liberating and transforming the old so that lighter energies can emerge.

Hamaima - New Earch Yoga Plant Medicine Retreat

At this 5-day retreat from 13 to 17 September 2023 learn about and immerse yourself into the energies of the New Earth and learn how to fully embody your unique frequency. Take part in two medicine ceremonies and essential breathwork exercises. Additionally, practice yoga, shamanic journeys, and storytelling. Of course, you also receive new earth guidance and how to navigate this concept when you leave this wellness retreat in Europe. Also on offer are voice activation, Kambo, and a visit to a sacred site. The time for transformation is now and we are in this together.

Embrace the Guidance of Hamaima and Her Team

You need to know that even if it’s your first time attending a wellness retreat in Europe, you are still so welcome. Don’t worry about past experience, you will receive guidance, love, and support from everyone around you. What you take from these retreats will always stay with you. The connections you form will never go away, instead, it prepares you for the rest of your life. So, you can always re-enter the space of peace created during the retreats. It’s time for you to start looking inward and reflect on your life. And as always, thank you so much for being here.

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