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Cycling Routes in London that Are Next-Level!

Cycling Routes in London that Are Next-Level!

Cycling around London is such a special experience since you get to glance at various landmarks all in one go. Walk Run Cycle’s cycling routes in London are superior to any other platform’s curated cycling routes. Why do I say this? Not only because I am biased, but also because Walk Run Cycle’s routes have more than just a ‘turn right here, then swerve left there’ outline, they tell a story.

These curated routes tell the story of the city, the history of the city’s landmarks, and the significance of these sights. All of Walk Run Cycle’s London cycling routes have been designed for you to make use of the Santander Bike Hire scheme if you choose. In any case, the following cycling routes in London are sure to conjure up the time of your life!

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1. London Cycle Royal Parks & Chelsea Route

Cycling Routes in London that Are Next-Level!

This is a 15 km circular cycle route that will take you through leafy royal parks past Buckingham Palace, the Royal Albert Hall, the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum as well as the Victoria & Albert Museum in Kensington. Furthermore, the route goes through the historical Brompton Cemetery, the Chelsea – a physic garden dating back to 1673, and finally, through Tate Britain.  This route departs from the bike dock station on the corner of Lewisham Street and Storey’s Gate. Near this spot, you can find the Palace of Westminster.

Along the way, you find Westminster Abbey, an architectural masterpiece of the 13th to 16th centuries. Eventually, you pass St James’ Park, a park surrounded by Buckingham Palace, Clarence House, and Whitehall. When in St James’ Park, be sure to stop for a refreshment at St James’ Café while overlooking the lake and fountain. More excitingly, watch the resident pelicans at feeding time. These creatures have been living in the park for nearly 400 years and are truly a spectacular sight to behold. For more information, click here for the full cycling route around Royal Parks & Chelsea. The London Cycle Royal Parks & Chelsea Route is one of the most amazing cycling routes in London.

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2. London Cycle Thames Circular Route

Cycling Routes in London that Are Next-Level!

This cycling route departs from the bike dock station just South of the Palace of Westminster, at the corner of Great College Street and Millbank. On this route, you’re bound to encounter the Palace of Westminster, Westminster Abbey, Lambeth Palace – the official residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury, County Hall, the London Eye and many more landmarks. As you continue along Belvedere Road, you’re sure to pass the Southbank Centre on your left. This centre is comprised of three main performance venues, the Royal Festival Hall, the Queen Elizabeth Hall, and the Purcell Room.

As you continue along National Cycle Route 4, you pass the National Theatre on your left. Most excitingly, as you cycle along Summer St and into Park Street, you are close to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre on your left, just along New Globe Walk. This route is an 11-km circular cycle route that, as stated before, from Westminster passes many London landmarks as well as places to stop, rest, reset, eat, and drink, just before heading back again to Westminster. For the full route, click here. This route is one of the most historical routes in London and thus, the most exciting!

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3. London Cycle Hoxton & Regents Park Route

Cycling Routes in London that Are Next-Level!

This 19 km circular cycle route takes you from St Paul’s Cathedral through Hoxton, along the peaceful Regents Canal past Camden and Primrose Hill, through the beautiful Regent’s Park, past Covent Garden and along the Thames. This route is relatively peaceful as you also pass Covent Garden and along the Thames. This adventure departs from the bike dock station at the corner of Knightrider Street and Godliman Street just South of St Paul’s Cathedral. As you continue up King Street, the view of the Guildhall building comes to fruition.

The Guildhall building is a Grade 1 listed ceremonial centre for the City of London. As you head down the cobbled Coronet Street, you head towards Hoxton Square, a vibrant arts and entertainment district boasting many bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and art galleries. On market days, you may find it easier to get off your bike and walk through the market. Alternatively, you can dock your bike at the nearby bike dock station to walk around the market. Further along in your adventure, you are bound to come across the area of King’s Cross as well as Camden Lock & Markets. For more information about this route. click here. Arguably one of the most peaceful cycling routes in London!

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Grind those Wellness Gears

Cycling Routes in London that Are Next-Level!

Find yourself wanting to drive in the fast lane? In London, that’s not always the case. The fast lane may be congested, full of red tourist busses with people talking about English breakfast tea and ‘God save the King’. Ditch the fast lane for the cycling lane, explore the city at your own pace and get up close and personal with history. Delve into spaces that no red bus could ever delve into.

Walk Run Cyle’s cycling routes in London are some of the UK’s most prestigious curated routes, and you should try them for yourself! So, get those gears grinding for the ultimate wellness escape in the city of London!

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