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Chiva-Som International Health Resorts in Thailand

Chiva-Som International Health Resorts in Thailand

Chiva-Som International Health Resort in Thailand is a world-class wellness resort in Hau Hin. The resort is ideal for Chiva-Som’s holistic approach to health and wellness in Thailand. This place’s natural beauty inspires visitors to reimagine their way of life. Chiva-Som Hua Hin, Thailand, is the ideal destination to begin or resume a journey of education, accomplishment, and exploration due to the high calibre of the knowledge, therapies, and facilities offered.

In a nutshell, Chiva-Som is the perfect base for self-exploration, family connection, and self-improvement. Across the board, if you are in the mood for a vacation that transforms, make sure that Chiva-Som is the home base.

Heal at Chiva-Som International Health Resorts in Thailand

Each of their Hua Hin retreats takes care of the body and mind. Choose the one that aligns with your objectives, then embark on your trip. The therapeutic and restorative qualities of our retreats and treatments are complemented by the thoughtful design of all of Hua Hin’s spa and wellness facilities. If you want to know more about Thailand, check out what’s trending on Thailand’s government page!

Genomic Testing at Chiva-Som International Health Resorts

Chiva-Som International Health Resorts in Thailand
Image: Spa Strategy, 2024

Chiva-Som provides genomic testing to assist you in making the best lifestyle and nutritional decisions based on your genetic composition. Testing is quick and easy, using a saliva sample. Everyone benefits from the results, which offer insightful advice on how to raise your standard of living.

There are two genetic tests currently at Chiva-Som International Health Resorts. The Vital Genomic test analyses your DNA to find genetic variations that affect how your body absorbs vitamins and minerals, how you react to certain forms of exercise, and how you react to environmental influences like stress. In addition to the same analyses as the Vital test, the Longevity Genomic test evaluates the risk of chronic illness. So, if you want to find those perky hiccups within your body, be sure to do so when at Chiva-Som International Health Resorts.

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About Chiva-Som International Health Resorts in Thailand

Cuisine at Chiva-Som Hau Hin

Chiva-Som International Health Resorts in Thailand
Image: Chiva Som, 2024

Chiva-Som Hau Hin has two restaurants that strive to seduce the senses and satisfy hunger while contributing to the body’s natural healing process. The first restaurant, Taste of Siam, overlooks the ocean while serving breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Every Saturday, you can also delight in the renowned BBQ prepared by their award-winning chefs! The second restaurant is The Emerald Room, where healthy cuisine is elevated to art. The Emerald Room offers modern haute wellness cuisine that allows you to create your own fish dish by selecting the catch of the day, cooking technique, and side dishes to go with it.

These restaurants make use of produce derived from their organic gardens. The core of the Wellness Cuisine idea is their Organic Gardens. They cultivate various herbs, vegetables, fruits, and other culinary plants in these rich land plots for their cooks to use. Delightful culinary creations are made using freshly harvested organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs acquired from Chiva-Som’s IFOAM-accredited Organic Gardens wherever feasible.

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Retreats at Chiva-Som Hau Hin

Chiva-Som International Health Resorts in Thailand
Image: Chiva Som, 2024

Everyone dreams of a healthy, happy life, but at Chiva-Som, your lifestyle and life story inspire a customised and focused experience. Select the activities you want to do when you visit Chiva-Som International Health Resorts and allow them to lead the way for you. You will experience six steps on your wellness journey during your retreat. The first step is self-reflection about how you generally feel, what you find inspirational, and your goals. The second step is to discuss and evaluate your health goals and desires and how your Chiva-Som experience will play out.

Step three incorporates their six Wellness Modalities—physiotherapy, Holistic Health, Nutrition, Fitness, Spa, and Aesthetic Beauty—to create your personal Chiva-Som retreat. The fourth step entails choosing which all-inclusive daily wellness activities to include in your retreat. Step 5 is reviewing your progress before you leave with your wellness advisor. The sixth step is to tell Chiva-Som International Health Resorts how you feel about your time with them and how your wellness journey is progressing! The retreats on offer are Ageing Well retreats, Art of Detox retreats, Cell Vitality Retreats, Fitness retreats, Cranial relief retreats, Gut Health retreats, Immune resilience retreats, and more! If you cannot find a retreat that suits you, call me Sally because there are many of them!

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Treatments at Chiva-Som Hau Hin

Chiva-Som International Health Resorts in Thailand
Image: Masalathai, 2024

There are two sections for treatments: facial and body therapy. Choose between an array of facial treatments, such as the luxury gold facial, mineral eye treatment, PicoSure laser, high-frequency focused ultrasound, facial acupuncture, and more!

The body treatments include floatation therapy, detoxifying balneotherapy, Chiva-Som signature milk bath, body jet blitz, cool sculpting, Muslim, vacuum cupping and more!

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Lux Accommodation at Chiva-Som International Health Resorts

Chiva-Som International Health Resorts in Thailand
Image: Journey Deluxe, 2024

All 54 of their magnificent rooms have recently had renovations, and they are all intended to improve their guests’ overall well-being. The pleasure of staying in one of their Thai Pavilions amid peaceful gardens soothes some of their clients.

You’ll love the Ocean Side Rooms and Suites due to their cosy, organic décor and outdoor seating area. Each suite has a dining space, a dressing room, a small pantry, and two bathrooms. You may customise pillows, mattresses, oil burner scents, and bathroom amenities! Comfort is a must throughout your visit to Chiva-Som.

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Bucket-List Worthy Chiva-Som International Health Resorts

Chiva-Som International Health Resorts in Thailand
Image: Pinterest, 2024

Embark on a Journey of Wellness—why not? It’s time to explore the Allure of Chiva-Som International Health Resorts, and reconnecting with your soul has become all the more pressing in today’s society. The quest for tranquillity and holistic well-being has become increasingly paramount in a world filled with the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

At Chiva-Som International Health Resorts, ancient healing traditions merge seamlessly with contemporary luxury to create a genuinely bucket-list-worthy experience. So, if you’re feeling the pressure of losing yourself, visit Chiva-Som International Health Resorts for the ultimate reunion with what really matters!

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