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Solo Traveller-Friendly Destinations in Scandinavia

Solo Traveller-Friendly Destinations in Scandinavia

You don’t need a travel companion to embark on an unforgettable journey in Scandinavia. You just need the willpower! Although solo travel might sound like a scary concept, it does not necessarily have to be. Depending on where you choose to solo travel, you can be as safe as a baby in a cradle. That is if you choose the fitting cradle. Luckily, a few countries in Scandinavia are super safe to …

Longyearbyen has some of the best walking tours in Norway

The Best Tours in Longyearbyen

Longyearbyen, yes you read that correctly, is a coal-mining town on Spitsbergen Island in Norway. This is one of the world’s northernmost settlements that offers terrific views of the Northern Lights. It also has the largest population in Svalbard, Norway. With the population reaching just over 1,000 inhabitants. This is a lot, considering Longyearbyen is one of the most remote places in the world. However, if you manage to make your way …

Wellness Retreats in Norway

3 Hiking Retreats to Tackle in Norway

Nature’s beauty has a special way of putting us at rest. For this reason, the tranquillity of Norwegian nature makes it a great destination for a digital detox or vacation. Here, you have the opportunity to reduce your tension and reestablish your internal connection. But when did you last experience that? Well, this is your chance to do something good for your mind, body and soul. Here are 3 hiking retreats to …

Top Ski Resorts in Norway

Top Ski Resorts in Norway

Picture yourself enjoying a cup of hot chocolate while gazing at majestic mountains that are covered with snow. After you’re all heated up, you hit the slopes, zooming past soaring pine trees and other skiers as you do so. Incredible, right? You may as well travel to Norway right now if you can imagine it. With a staggering 125 ski resorts spread out over the nation, choosing the best one is difficult. …

Kayaking Tours to Experience in Norway

Kayaking Tours to Experience in Norway

There is something serene about kayaking. Maybe it’s the soothing sound of water or the peaceful nature that surrounds you. Either way, this water sport bears many mental and physical benefits for you. Some of the best physical benefits of kayaking include improved cardiac health, increased upper body strength, and enhanced endurance. On the other hand, the benefits include improved focus, enhanced memory, and boosted moods. As a matter of fact, Norway …

Best Fjords in Norway for Wellness Activities

Norway, without a doubt, rules the world of fjords. Not only are they home to many remote islands and wilderness areas, but these beautiful waterways are also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For this reason, the fabulous fjords of Norway are a must-visit for a fulfilling wellness journey. But what makes Norway’s fjords so unique, though? For starters, they are the best places to enjoy some of Scandinavia’s most breathtaking landscapes. Secondly, …

Best Cities for Northern Lights Adventures in Norway

Best Places for Northern Lights Adventures in Norway

Something spectacular happens in Northern Norway every year from September to March. First, darkness covers the region from early afternoon to late morning. Then, it happens. Purple, green and red lights swirl in waves creating the sky show known as the northern lights. Despite Norway’s multiple islands, steep mountains and deep fjords, this is by far its most magical moment. The lights, also known as aurora borealis, appear at night whenever the …

Hiking along the Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway

In the magical city of Norway lies a riveting road. A road so beautiful that it was voted Norway’s engineering achievement of the century. “Which road is this?!” you might ask in anticipation. Well, it is none other than the prestigious Atlantic Ocean Road. But you already knew that! The Atlantic Ocean Road stretches a distance of 8.3 kilometres. It is a go-to location for the most beautiful scenic drive in the …


5 Breathtaking Hiking Trails to Explore in Magic Norway

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