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Castle Hotels in Scotland: Exploring the Mysticism!

Castle Hotels in Scotland: Exploring the Mystesism!

Scotland is home to so many castles that you can spend entire summers indulging in your favourite childhood fantasies in the land of mysticism. It’s no wonder that a handful of these castles have been converted into castle hotels in Scotland, which I think is the best idea humanity has had since sliced bread. Staying in a castle hotel is the ultimate immersive experience, as every stay echoes tunes of the past, drums the beats of the present, and whispers promises of the future all along its corridors.

From the rugged Highlands to the picturesque Lowlands, these historic retreats have captivated travellers for generations. They offer a glimpse into Scotland’s rich past while providing modern comforts and hospitality. So, without further ado, let’s look at these castle hotels in Scotland and whether you should add them to your bucket list!

Top Castle Hotels in Scotland

1. Fonab Castle Hotel

Castle Hotels in Scotland: Exploring the Mysticism!
Image:, 2024

The incredibly distinctive five-star Fonab Castle Hotel & Spa is tucked away in the centre of Highland Perthshire. It has been lovingly refurbished, taking cues from its breathtaking surroundings and historic past while also throwing it a dash of modernity. Sit back and take in the peace and quiet of the breathtaking surroundings or have a drink on the patio prior to a dinner that has earned a 3 AA Rosette distinction. Yes, it is truly beyond the ordinary. Fonab Castle Hotel is one of the few castle hotels in Scotland and is among the very best hotels to stay at in Scotland.

Be sure to visit their spa, The Woodland Spa, just a few steps from the castle. Among the amenities are a spa pool and a 15-metre swimming pool, steam room, sauna, aroma relaxation room, outdoor hot tub, and thermal suite. Their skilled therapists offer calming treatments with a variety of advantages, using the best products with organic revitalising qualities. The Fonab Castle Hotel is an ideal starting point for exploring the Scottish countryside. There’s so much to see and do in the Perthshire Highlands, from experiencing the excitement of white water rafting to taking to the sky with a helicopter trip or renting a great Land Rover 4×4 to feeling like a local.

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2. Bunchrew House Hotel

Castle Hotels in Scotland: Exploring the Mysticism
Image: TripAdvisor, 2024

Known as the romantic hotel on the shore, the Bunchrew House Hotel is among the top castle hotels in Scotland. Whether Bunchrew House Hotel is a castle is up for debate, but if it looks like one, it could pass as one in this article. Each of the opulent four-star hotel rooms at Bunchrew, which is close to Inverness, is uniquely furnished and exudes style. Also, every suite has views of the loch. The rooms are not numbered; instead, they are called after Scottish clans and localities connected to the House, a cute tidbit to make the guests immersed all the more in Scotland’s history.

A live example of 16th-century architecture is the Bunchrew House. Not many 400-year-old structures remain in the Highlands today. Presently providing comparable opulence, Bunchrew House is a location where history envelops you fully. If you’re looking to stay in a four-star hotel while visiting Inverness, there are several options available. They’re all good, as you would expect from a four-star hotel.

However, there are many reasons guests stay at Bunchrew House Hotel and return time and time again! The Bunchrew House Hotel is located on the route to Beauly, not far from Inverness. It is also tucked away on the southern bank of the Beauly Firth amid its own gardens. This is a peaceful location, sufficiently distanced from the hustle and bustle of Inverness city centre without being too remote.

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3. Schloss Roxburghe

Castle Hotels in Scotland: Exploring the Mysticism!
Image: Scotland Starts Here, 2024

Although not a castle, Schloss Roxburghe boasts the size and personality of one. Looking more like the Manderley Estate in Daphne du Maurier’s book, Rebecca, it is the place where the wildest stories can take hold of your imagination. The total number of rooms and suites at Schloss Roxburghe is 78. Twenty of these unique accommodations, each with a unique personality, are situated within the ancient main complex. The recently constructed Estate House, which also has the recently opened spa, has an additional 58 contemporary guestrooms and opulent suites.

In addition to the castle-like accommodations, Schloss Roxburghe offers a unique experience with its twenty opulent Scottish cottages. Scattered around the vast estate, these cottages are arranged alone or in clusters around the golf course or in the little woodland. They offer seclusion and luxury, allowing you to immerse yourself in a genuine Scottish experience. So, although not among the castle hotels in Scotland, this Manderley-like hotel is a must-visit for all who love the allure of history.

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4. The Rutland Hotel & Apartments

Castle Hotels in Scotland: Exploring the Mysticism!
Image: The Independent, 2024

Not exactly situated in a castle, The Rutland Hotel & Apartments boasts some incredible views of one. This boutique hotel is a jewel to stay in and is among the top boutique hotels in Edinburgh, although not among the top castle hotels in Scotland. There are 12 serviced apartments and 11 boutique hotel rooms that exude style and a love of luxury for your unforgettable stay.

The Rutland Hotel & Apartment is a vibrant splash of colour that contrasts beautifully with the grey scenery that the hotel effortlessly frames. Thanks to their breathtaking views and luxurious furnishings, their Castle View rooms are the ideal option for a special occasion when nothing less than “wow” would do.

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5. The Craigie Hotel

Castle Hotels in Scotland: Exploring the Mysticism!
Image: The Craigie, 2024

The Craigie Hotel, though not a castle, is a historic gem that I couldn’t resist including in this list. Located just 20 minutes south of Edinburgh at the foot of the Pentland Hills, this recently refurbished hotel is a sight to behold.

The Craigie Hotel has sixteen well-decorated bedrooms, an excellent restaurant, a chic bar, beautiful grounds, and excellent facilities for events such as weddings. Your stay with them will be unforgettable because of their unwavering dedication to providing excellent customer service. Constructed in 1885, the magnificent Craigie home was created by George Washington Browne specifically for the renowned biologist James Cossar Ewart. Ewart, who was born in Penicuik, later became a professor of natural history at Edinburgh University.

Following Ewart’s death in 1933, the house was converted into a hotel. It remained as such for many decades until the current owners bought it and converted it into the modern hotel it now is. Although The Craigie Hotel is not one of the castle hotels in Scotland, it’s still an immersive accommodation option for your stay in this magical country!

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6. Greshornish House Hotel

Castle Hotels in Scotland: Exploring the Mysticism!
Image: Hidden Scotland, 2024

This Ise of the Skye hotel is another, not entirely in a castle hotel. However, it does have history attached to it and it does feature some unique aspects that you won’t find anywhere else. Kenneth MacLeod originally owned this typical white manor house, which is situated at the end of a single-track road in a solitary magnificent Lochside setting, surrounded by its gardens and a belt of gorgeous trees.

The pristine and secluded Greshornish peninsula, jutting northeast from the foot of Waternish, is an excellent get-away spot away from the bustle of the outside world, perfect for relishing a rejuvenating respite while being conveniently situated to take advantage of everything the Isle of Skye has to offer.

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Castle Hotels in Scotland

Castle Hotels in Scotland: Exploring the Mysticism!
Image: Hyatt, 2024

These castle hotels in Scotland are what dreams are made of. Steeped in history, these magnificent fortresses-turned-lodgings offer travellers a unique blend of luxury, heritage, and charm. Whether you seek adventure, relaxation, or simply a taste of royalty, Scotland’s castle hotels stand ready to welcome you with open gates and a warm embrace.

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