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Captivating Camping Grounds in New Zealand

There is something special about spending a couple of nights in the woods. Camping is a surefire way to connect with nature, reduce stress and increase your physical abilities. It’s also perfect for building relationships, learning new skills and unplugging from the screens;

There are thousands of camping grounds out there, but not many compare to the captivating ones found in New Zealand. The country has loads of excellent sites perfect for immersing yourself in some of the world’s best night skies. What’s even better is the fact that there are no dangerous animals that will disturb your peace. Are you ready to spend the night in the woods? Here are 4 handpicked camping grounds to check out the next time you visit New Zealand.

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Coromandel in Waikato

Coromandel is one of the best camping sites to visit in New Zealand. It is located in the North Island town of Waikato.

In the north island of New Zealand lies Coromandel – a picturesque coastal town surrounded by lush bushes and secluded bays. Coromandel is like a treasure box for campers looking for adventure-filled camping experiences. There are so many fun wellness activities that await you here. Explore the Hot Water Beach, kayak, or read a book while listening to the sweet sounds of nature. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

This town is an excellent choice for urban campers. Those who wish to be in nature while still having access to modern facilities. There are many holiday parks available that make Coromandel camping an urban camping experience. Some of the best ones include Hahei Holiday Resort, Hot Water Beach Holiday Park and Shelly Beach Holiday Park. When you book these holiday parks, you get access to a kitchen, flush toilet, shower, Wi-Fi, TV room and more. These facilities make Coromandel camping grounds great for companies and professionals planning to have work retreats.

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Motuora Island in Auckland

Motuora Island is one of the best camping sites in New Zealand. It is located in the city of Auckland.

If hiking trails, picnic spots, and sun-kissed beaches tickle your fancy then Motuora Island is the place for you. Over the years, the island has become a popular favourite for locals and tourists because of its beautiful landscapes. This is an elegant spot to indulge yourself in overnight camping as you relish the beauty of the blue ocean that surrounds you. If you are lucky, you might even spot some seals and kiwis roaming nearby.

Are you still hesitant about sleeping in the open? No worries! Book the Motuora Island Bach – a small holiday house surrounded by lush green trees. The house accommodates up to 4 people and includes a fully equipped kitchen, hot shower, toilet, and electricity. Make sure you book early though because there is only one holiday house available at Motuora Island.

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Urupukapuka Island in the Bay of Islands

Urupukapuka Island is one of the best camping sites in New Zealand. It is located in the Bay of Islands.

Introducing Urupukapuka! The largest island in the Bay of Islands. This camping ground is recommended for you if you want to have fun with family or a group of friends. Surrounded by stunning coastal views, Urupukapuka is a great site to swim, fish, or just relax with your loved ones. The island is also famous for hosting water sports and attracts many people to its walking trails.

A walk around Urupukapuka is easy in terms of difficulty and typically takes 5 hours to complete. Urupukapuka walking trails are suitable for teenagers but no dogs are allowed. Please also note that no fires are allowed to be lit at any time during your visit. Lastly, bring a blanket if you plan on camping overnight.

There are many activities to do when camping at Urupukapuka. Go snorkelling, diving, and birding watching. On top of that, explore the island’s rich wildlife. It is important to plan before you go camping here because access is by boat and booking is required.

Robin Hood Bay in Blenheim

Robin Hood Bay is one of the best camping grounds in New Zealand. It is located in the South Island town of Blenheim.

If you are travelling to South Island in New Zealand then you have to visit Robin Hood Bay. The Bay is a popular destination for fishing and you might see a couple of dolphins while doing so. It is also pet-friendly! To bring your dog along, all you need is a permit from the New Zealand Department of Conservation (DoC).

Get to Robin Hood Bay using your car and you will have free access to a toilet and water from the stream. If you forget your tent or mistakenly break it, purchase another one at the in-house tent facility. Booking is not required so it’s first come first serve as there are only 10 tent sites available.

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Pre-camping Checklist

So, there you have it. 4 of the best camping grounds in New Zealand. Before grabbing your backpack and taking off to one of these camping grounds, make sure you have everything you need. Be sure to buy a big enough tent and familiarise yourself with all your camping gear. Pack comfortable clothes and include some warm ones in case the weather suddenly changes. Have a meal plan and reach the campsite early so that you make the most of your time there. Also, remember to apply for a license with the DoC if you want to bring your dog along.

Are you looking for more adventures in Oceania? Why not visit Australia next to discover wellness in Byron Bay? Have a wonderful time!

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