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Boutique Hotels in St Lucia, Windward Islands

St Lucia is synonymous with all things vacation. Its most well-known features are beautiful beaches, stunning volcanic peaks, lush tropical landscapes, and much more. The most famous of these peaks are the twin Pitons, Gross and Petit Piton, which are recognised as iconic images of the island and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. However, the island also boasts fantastic beaches that make Hawaii look like child’s play! If you want to know why that is, be sure to visit St Lucia’s tourism site.

In St Lucia, you can enjoy various activities on the island, such as hiking, ziplining, diving, snorkelling, and exploring floral gardens. All things considered; St Lucia is a paradise with something to offer everyone. So, if you want adventure, leisure, or a chance to see another culture, book with these fantastic boutique hotels in St Lucia.

Introducing The Great Boutique Hotels in St Lucia

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StolenTime by Rendezvous

This adults-only, all-inclusive health resort, StolenTime by Rendezvous, is on the serene Caribbean Sea Island of Saint Lucia in the West Indies. StolenTime was inspired by the lifestyles of successful people in the modern era, who are figuratively encircled by alligators of bustle, always connected digital devices, and relentless pressure to outdo one another.

At StolenTime, one of the most exclusive boutique hotels in St Lucia, you’ll experience first-rate lodging, warm and professional staff who treat you like family, a range of spa and wellness treatments, exciting and relaxing activities, fine dining and beverages, and a unique setting. As you journey along the inner path and escape the pressures of the outside world, indulge your senses and nourish your soul at StolenTime, a truly exceptional boutique hotel in St Lucia.

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Serenity at Coconut Bay

Experience the epitome of romance at Serenity at Coconut Bay, a luxury, couples-only, all-inclusive resort that exudes boutique vibes. Nestled near Hewanorra International Airport, in a lush enclave of unique Saint Lucia, Serenity offers thirty-six Plunge Pool Suites. Designed exclusively for couples seeking the perfect romantic Caribbean getaway, Serenity pampers with luxuries like mahogany king beds, a personalised top-shelf bar, exquisite cuisine, craft drinks, butler service, and expansive indoor and outdoor living areas.

Situated near Hewanorra International Airport, in a verdant enclave of unique Saint Lucia, Serenity provides thirty-six Plunge Pool Suites. Serenity is specially made for couples searching for the ideal romantic Caribbean vacation. Luxuries include mahogany king beds, a personalised top-shelf bar, excellent cuisine, craft drinks, butler service and expansive indoor and outdoor living areas. Get ready to enjoy the luxury of having a butler committed to giving you outstanding bespoke service.

Inconspicuous and skilled at reading your needs and going above and beyond. When you arrive and have a private in-suite check-in, your plunge pool suite will be ready according to your preferences. Packing unloaded, pressing completed. Spa treatments planned in-suite. Breakfasts on the patio and candlelit dinners. Bar replenished. Bath with bubbles drawn. Beach and pool cabanas are set up. Unwinding is certain. A good time is definitely at Serenity at Coconut Bay!

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Ladera Resort

Nothing, and I repeat: nothing comes close to Ladera Resort. The views are immaculate, showcasing the Pitons’ peaks in all their pointy glory! Ladera is easily the most distinctive and opulent of all the boutique hotels in St Lucia. It’s also the only one located on a UNESCO World Heritage site! Now that’s a perk, isn’t it? Ladera Resort is part of the Rabot Estate, one of the oldest and most well-known cocoa farms in Soufrière. Perched on a volcano ridgeline 305 metres above the deep, blue Caribbean Sea, with amazing views of the Pitons, this location is unlike any other.

With only 37 rooms and suites, the resort’s compact layout provides the ideal environment for fostering a connection to St. Lucia’s allure, romance, and way of life. In keeping with the resort’s eco-friendly values, almost everything is skilfully built using locally sourced tropical hardwoods, stone, and tile. Even the furniture is made by talented St. Lucian artisans.

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Green Fig Resort & Spa

Boutique Hotels in St Lucia, Windward Islands
Image: Caribcation, 2024

This quaint 27-room “Treehouse Feel” resort is perched on a slope overlooking the vibrant town of Soufriere, Saint Lucia. It offers breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea and the Pitons, a UNESCO World Heritage site. It only takes five minutes to walk to the beach—a win-win! A genuinely unique Caribbean experience is created when you’re perched amidst trees and wildlife, combining an adventurous natural presence with the city and beach mood below.

From Sulphur Springs to the Pitons, there is an array of outdoor activities to indulge in, such as nature trails, botanical gardens, waterfalls, snorkelling and diving, sunset cruises, ziplining, ATV rides, chocolate and rum tastings, and much more! Green Fig Resort & Spa invites you to experience the royal treatment, the only treatment they know how to give, making it one of the top boutique hotels in St Lucia.

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Fond Doux Eco Resort

Boutique Hotels in St Lucia, Windward Islands
Image: TripAdvisor, 2024

Nestled on a working cocoa estate dating back to the 19th century and situated within the Soufriere Saint Lucia UNESCO World Heritage site, Fond Doux Eco Resort provides a peaceful and quiet haven away from the busier St. Lucia hotels. They invite you to explore the history, culture, and character of their stunning Caribbean Island, framed by 135 acres of gorgeous rainforest environment, cocoa fields, and tropical gardens, all just minutes from the island’s major attractions.

Being one of the top sustainable resorts in St. Lucia, they take great pride in being entirely owned, operated, and staffed by Saint Lucians. Their endeavours to conserve and safeguard the island’s invaluable natural assets have resulted in them being certified as a Green Globe resort. The Fond Doux Eco Resort is among the best boutique hotels in St Lucia, and you need to book a room with them if you’re yearning for something immaculate!

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Up for Staying at Boutique Hotels in St Lucia?

Boutique Hotels in St Lucia, Windward Islands
Image: SN Travel, 2024

Boutique hotels in St Lucia beckon with their vibrant hospitality, stunning interiors, and unique locations. From framing the pistons with larger-than-life windows to submerging guests within the subtropical jungles, these boutique hotels in St Lucia are one-of-a-kind.

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