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Big Sur and the Best Wellness Spots along the Coastline

The Big Sur is a historic site that has some Spanish roots to it, which explains its rich history and spectacular. The Big Sur is a 145-kilometre stretch of the coastal California Highway 1 between Carmel by the Sea, from the North, and San Simeon, which is to the South.

A single road trip is estimated to take drivers about four hours to complete, with amazing pitstops along the route that are perfect for a photo album. The route also has hiking trails, breathtaking cliffs, beaches, shops and restaurants.

Big Sur is known for its amazing views and not-so-great cell service. Making it the perfect place to embrace the wonders that nature has to offer. It is also a great place fully immerse yourself in the tranquillity that the United States coastline offers. It truly is the epitome of wellness, a peaceful mindset and holistic well-being.

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To help you get started on your Big Sur journey, I have compiled a list of 4 must-see wellness spots to visit along the way.

1. Ventana Big Sur

The first thing you see when you enter the Ventana Spa Alila is the well-constructed sun-bleached cedar. The building blends uniquely into its natural surroundings, offering you the most serene experience. Ventana’s sensory experience is the most sought package, giving you a perfect guide through an energising and powerful process that encourages inner peace and connection.

The treatment is rooted in ancient Asian methods and products that meld the healing properties of both earth and sea. The spa’s new outdoor cabanas provide couples with a memorable treatment and engage all of their senses. All while the ocean breeze washes over them.

In addition, Ventana Spa Alila offers reflexology and unique body treatments such as traditional massages. According to the website, the spa will leave you feeling a sense of profound well-being, which touches your soul.

Ventana’s aim is for their guests to find inner peace and connection, and also because its a 4.1 star rated accommodation.

Big Sur hiking trail: one of the best wellness itineraries to explore along the coastline.

2. Post Ranch Inn

For people like me whose dream wellness vacation includes sleep, the Post Ranch Inn is the perfect place to visit. They have partnered with renowned sleep expert Dr Michael Breus to create the Post Ranch Sleep Programme. The inn, which is dubbed your ‘home away from home’, aims to make your visit as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. Making it a traveller’s favourite place to re-visit.

Because of its close proximity to the Seal Beach Scenic Overlook, Post Ranch Hotel allows you to enjoy one of Big Sur’s popular landmarks. Another popular attraction to explore is the Hawthorne Gallery, this hotel is also a 5 star accommodation.

Post Ranch Inn is all about local history and community. Their spa offers organic signature treatments, combining them with Mother Nature’s healing elements to help nurture you. They offer soothing body treatments, meditation sessions, energising yoga classes, and invigorating private guided hikes.

If you would like to find your calm and much more, Post Ranch Inn is certainly the place to visit.

3. The Esalen Institute

At the Esalen Institute, they want you to explore your potential, which can be anything your mind desires. The place was established in 1996 as a holistic retreat and educational institute, making it the epicentre of The Human Potential Movement. They are also non-profit offering comfort and space for exploration, transformation, and healing.

The Institute offers workshops and massages, which stem from their curiosity and research around creativity, the brain, bodywork, and spirituality. Esalen’s workshops are also based on leadership and Gestalt plant medicine. The 100-acre stretch of Mother Nature boasts cliff-side natural hot springs, an organic farm and garden, serene rustic guest suites, and this is a 4 star hotel from google reviews.

Their mission is to let people explore transformation and experience the healing that is enjoyed fully. Esalen is a place to enjoy the complex nature of holistic healing and move towards your highest form. Make sure to add this destination to your stop, to enjoy all the wellness that Big Sur has to offer.

The Esalen Institute is another great wellness itinerary to explore along the Big Sur coastline.

4. Namaste Therapeutic Bodyworks

Namaste Therapeutic Bodyworks is the passion created by husband and wife Julian and Lynette Tolentino. Their goal is to provide a lasting and memorable healing experience for their guests. They believe that your body is different from everyone else’s and that the pressure and technique that is good for you, and this is a 5 star rated accommodation.

Julian and Lynette are intuitive therapists and thanks to their training in anatomy, they are able to understand the body’s needs and wants. They apply intuition and knowledge of body mechanics to help facilitate your journey into total relaxation. Indeed, the body is their art and passion.

The fact that they also provide outcalls to where you are lodging, as well as private studio sessions, make them the perfect caregivers. Namaste Therapeutic Bodyworks is body heaven, giving you the ultimate experience for your physical well-being and healing.

The Big Sur embodies tranquillity, serenity and peace. However, these places above truly know how to cater to your wellness needs. Imagine driving down a strip of water, rock and trees, then eventually lodging at one of these spas and letting your well-being transcend.

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