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Best Trampoline Fitness Classes in New York

Best Trampoline Fitness Classes in New York

Are you looking to get fit in a fun way? Do you need something different to get your body moving? Have you always enjoyed jumping on a trampoline as a kid? Well, then, you’ve stumbled upon the right article! We explore the best trampoline fitness classes in New York and the studios that provide them.

Most of these studios do not only offer trampoline fitness classes in New York however, some also provide HITT, Dance Cardio, Yoga, and more! Essentially, the studios offer everything you might be slightly interested in under one roof, that is if you want to try everything, which, of course, I highly recommend. So, without further delay, let’s jump into the studios that offer trampoline fitness classes in New York, shall we?

The Best Trampoline Fitness Classes in New York

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The Ness

Best Trampoline Fitness Classes in New York
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The Ness, a pioneer in the fitness industry, is not just another trampoline fitness studio. It’s a futuristic fitness hub that offers some of the most unique trampoline fitness classes in New York. And the best part? You can join these classes online, in studio, or even privately. Opt for the live stream option for online courses, a brilliant solution to avoid the notorious New York traffic. These live streams keep you in the loop and connected to fellow workout junkies. Perfect!  And if you’re a germaphobe, these online classes and livestream options are a perfect fit for you!

At Ness Digital, you’ll find a treasure trove of approximately 700 on-demand videos, studio live streams, challenges, and seasonal programming. With ten distinct modalities to choose from and fresh content released every week, you’ll never run out of exciting workout options. This versatility is a testament to why The Ness is one of the best trampoline fitness classes in New York.

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However, if you yearn for human interaction and a one-of-a-kind fitness experience, their studio trampoline fitness classes are the perfect choice! The Ness is a movement-focused, dance-based fitness hub that offers workouts on and off the trampoline. It is nestled downtown on the edge of Tribeca and Chinatown, eagerly awaiting your embarkation on a unique fitness journey.

Furthermore, their classes span 10 to 50 minutes and are meticulously designed and continuously improved to suit you best. Each class will introduce you to a unique combination of movements, stimulate your lymphatic system, and inspire you to return to your next event. The Ness is a beat-based, low-impact exercise studio incorporating skimmers, free weights, resistance bands, and body weight.

The perfect strength supplement to their cardio-oriented bounce courses is designed to leave you toned, balanced, and focused. The Ness is located at 406 Broadway Level Three in New York and has a stellar 5-star review out of 90 Google reviews. They are open from 7 am to 8 pm Monday to Thursday and 7 am to 2 pm from Friday to Sunday.

The Limit

Best Trampoline Fitness Classes in New York
Image: Stamina Products, 2024

Like The Ness, The Limit also has its eyes set on the future of fitness. It offers in-person trampoline fitness classes in New York. However, The Limit does not just provide trampoline fitness classes but also an array of other fitness sessions, such as low-impact cardio training sessions, boxing classes, strength training workshops, dance cardio, and in-person yoga. These training sessions usually last about 55 minutes.

The Limit also offers you the chance to become more involved with like minded people eager about fitness and wellness through their Community Talk sessions. These sessions are in-person and completely free to join. We all know fitness is a challenging journey. To start a health journey and maintain one’s hard enough, but with some support, it does not always need to be. Also, you can look forward to some celebrity fitness classes. When I say celebrity, I’m talking about well-known people across the board. Actors, dancers, and more.

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If you’re not interested in participating in in-person classes, download their app, The Limit Classes App. This app is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Equally downloadable on both platforms is their The Limit On Demand App, which offers a 7-day free trial.

So, if you’re looking for trampoline fitness classes in NYC, then The Limit will give you more than you bargained for. The Limit is located at 606 W 26th Street in New York. They have a 5-star rating out of 23 Google reviews. Pretty impressive, alright.

Jane Do

Best Trampoline Fitness Classes in New York
Image: Bfplny, 2024

Jane Do is a fitness centre that offers women a range of classes to get in shape, boost self-esteem, and enjoy the physical act of getting healthier, too! All programmed mix aerobic, strength, and flexibility training. These sessions all last about 50 minutes and do not require you to have any prior experience on the trampoline.

Like all the other studios offering trampoline fitness classes, Jane Do also offers many fitness training classes. These include HIIT, Dance, Step, and Sculpt. Jane Do’s goal as a business is to unite and connect women of all ages, stages, and fitness levels and to empower those who struggle with weight, strength and overall confidence. Sound like an admirable goal to me.

You can opt for one class, you know, to see how things are and if you want to continue. Or, you could jump right into five exclusive courses. Every class is a 50-minute, mixed-level, total-body workout that is beat-driven and appropriate for all body types and fitness levels. Like every woman, they guarantee that every class is distinct and varied thanks to the format in which classes are built.

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With the help of their low-impact mini trampoline class, you can get in shape in a way that’s not hard on the joints or the motivation you’ve spent hours working up, maybe even years. Hey, no judgment here! Their lower, upper, and abdominal strength training intervals combine easily digested cardio routines to tone your complete body while boosting energy, circulation, and vitality. So, if you’re seeking trampoline fitness classes in New York, Jane Do is the place to go!

Jane Do is located at 24 W 23rd Street in New York. Some reviewers say that the workouts at Jane Do have been some of the best they have ever had. Is it farfetched for me to believe them?

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Trampoline Fitness Classes in New York are All the Rave

Best Trampoline Fitness Classes in New York
Image: The Ness NYC, 2024

Jump to new heights with these high-energy workouts in New York. Yes, some studios offer trampoline fitness classes in New York, and it’s all the rave. In this city that never sleeps, fitness junkies are finding more creative ways to stay active, or dare I say, more fun ways?

I don’t think it’s possible not to have fun on a trampoline, no matter how gruelling the workout. So, if you seek some fun, some healthy habits, and more connection to those with the same goals, then these trampoline fitness classes in New York might be an excellent fit for you. Bounce into it, won’t you?

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