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Best Trails to Hike Mount Parnassos, Greece

Greece, as we all know by now (especially if you read my articles) is magical. But maybe you didn’t know that Greece is actually a mountainous country. Well, there are over 300 mountains around Greece with Mount Parnassus being the central one. There are many reasons why this mountain is significant to the country. However, the most important in my opinion is that it offers the best views of Greece when you reach the top. Allow me to guide you on your hiking trip up Mount Parnassus.

First, there are many starting points along the trail, mainly making use of the villages along the route for departure points. Thereafter, the natural hiking trails will lead you to peaks with amazing views and interesting landscapes of Greece. So come along and remember, you must keep hiking to get to the top, come hill or high water. Did you catch my pun? Instead of “hell”, I said hill because you’ll be climbing over hills. Anyway, let’s get walking.

1. Baindánis Trail from Arachova to Mana Springs

Hike Mount Parnassos in Greece
Image: Greece Travel Secret, 2023

So, the village where we start off is Arachova. Not only is this village home to stunning ski slopes and myriad mountain activities but also authentic charm and an inviting cuisine scene. All in all, Arachova is an extraordinary bucket list location.

Start at the Arachova-Parnassos route and carry on with the trail for about 3 kilometres. Then turn right towards Livadiá, and follow the asphalt road. In total, hike for about 4.5 kilometres through the fir tree forest. After the forest, you reach Mana Springs. Here you reach the peak and experience the Tsarkórahi slope that flows from the 300-metre-long gorge. I know you thought this is the end, well sike! Keep going for 3,5 more kilometres. At least pretty flowers and the Baindánis peak (1,840m) tower above you.

At this point, the trail splits into many trails. Either climb the Baindánis rock at an altitude of 2220 metres or follow mountain trails leading to the Liákoura peak at 2457 metres. Other trails take you to peaks, such as Tsárkos, Petritis, and Vlahólaka. There are signs to help you to the end of the trail where you can grab a coffee or snack. You deserve it!

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2. Eptalofos in Delphi

Hike in Delphi Greece for beautiful views

Eptalofos is a charming village in Delphi. This is the beginning of the trail. It really takes you to the most scenic and stunning spots on Mount Parnassos. From Eptalofos, follow the asphalt road to Aráhova until you find the sign of the E4 hiking trail. The sign points in the direction of the Ayia Triáda springs. Although it is an easy trail, it does take a while to complete. So, be sure to set aside 7 hours of your day for this trail. Once again, cross the fir tree forest but pass the mountain track leading to Drosohóri village.

Here, take the descending path until you meet the country road. Walk until you meet Forest Road where there’s a sign showing the way to the rest of your route. Don’t panic, but you are going to be walking on the ridge of the mountain. But if it makes you feel better, this path takes you to a downward slope. A road appears in front of you again to lead you to Meyáli Vrisi.

Best Trails to Hike Mount Parnassos, Greece

Furthermore, walk along the water pipe above the spring and keep going for about an hour to the Kalania cavity. I know these directions are a bit much, but it’s only because I care about you and want you to see the best spots on the route. So, follow the dirt road until it splits and then turn right until you get to the next junction where you get off the dirt road. Follow the water pipe of the Kria Vrisi village in Delphi and then choose where to next. The world, well Delphi, is your oyster.

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3. Tithorea–Cave of Odysseus Androutsos

Hike the Mount Parnassos and see the caves
Image: Greek City Times

The last trail I will tell you about on Mount Parnassos starts in Platanákos, the southernmost part of Tithorea. The trail ends in the cave which was used as a military base during the Greek War of Independence. Equally important, this is a mostly uphill narrow path but I promise it’s worth it! Why? Because you see the Cahála gorge on your right-hand side. And on your right, there are several caves in the rocky mountain.

Then the trail passes through the chapel of Saint George. Also, the huge surrounding oak trees and spring create a tranquil environment. Continue uphill in a southwest direction to reach the cave with its nearly square-shaped entrance. It’s the shortest and easiest hiking route on the mountain. In fact, it only takes about an hour and a half to complete. The mountain is so kind and really caters for everyone.

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Happy Trails!

You know what they say, two is a company and tree is a crowd (get it because there are trees on the route). Anyway, there is definitely enough space to share the trails with however many other people you want to. So, get your hiking shoes on and hit the road. But if hiking is not your vibe, feel free to check out lux boat cruises in Greece. And as always, thank you so much for being here.

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