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Best Resorts Near the Hoanib River

There are many wonderful resorts near the majestic Haonib River

The Hoanib River is one of the 12 seasonal rivers found in the west of Namibia. It spans over 270 km long and contains a high level of wildlife population. It is one of the most popular and true wilderness areas in all of Namibia. Moreover, there are numerous resorts near the Hoanib River. Giving you the perfect view of this majestic body of water and all the stunning wildlife that makes its way to the river. These resorts have the essence of the Namibian wilderness engraved into their hospitality, decor and overall experience. Let’s find out more about some of the best resorts near the Hoanib River.

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1. Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp

Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp is one of the best resorts near the Hoanib River because of the stunning tent suites.
Image: Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp, 2021

First on this wonderful list of resorts is Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp. I know the name sounds a bit scary, but trust me, you’re going to love it here. At this resort, you will explore one of the world’s last great wildernesses. Haonib Skeleton is found in Namibia’s Kaokoveld. This is a true desert oasis giving you spectacular views of all that Namibia has to offer.

You get to explore the seemingly uninhabitable, but life-filled landscapes here. There is a plethora of wildlife at Hoanib Skeleton including elephants, giraffes, oryx, lions and even hyenas. There are eight generously appointed, tented suites which are totally solar-powered. Their open design and colour palette reflect the surrounding desert. This is a unique experience for anyone looking for sleep luxury in a rugged landscape.

Indulge in Namibia’s finest cuisine under the stars, picked fresh from the garden and caught from the coast. All this while further overlooking the majestic Hoanib River and the surrounding desert. This is one of the many reasons why it is one of the best resorts near the Hoanib River.

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2. Shipwreck Lodge

Shipwreck Lodge is one of the best resorts near the Hoanib River because of its unique accommodation experience in an actual shipwreck

Next, we have the one-of-a-kind Shipwreck Lodge located on the famous Skeleton Coast. Shipwreck Lodge is found between the Hoarusib and Hoanib rivers. The shipwreck cabins are nestled between the sandy dunes with a view of the Atlantic Ocean. Learn about the flora and fauna that adapted to survive in these harsh desert conditions. All this while comfortably relaxing at the restaurant deck. Therefore making this a fun and educational stay.

There are many activities to do at Shipwreck Lodge. Such as the Hoarusib River excursion, where you spend your morning at the river on a guided tour exploring the area. A sundowner drive is available on the dunes with your favourite drink in hand. You can go sandboarding on the famous Namibian dunes or even quad bike riding.

Thus making this perfect for adventure-seekers and people wanting to relax. There is no doubt why the Shipwreck Lodge is one of the best resorts near the Haonib River.

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3. Hoanib Valley Camp

Hoanib Valley Camp is one of the best resorts near the Hoanib River because you become fully immersed in the desert dunes.

Finally, on this brief yet exciting list is Hoanib Valley Camp: a joint venture between local communities and the Giraffe Conservation Foundation. The camp is elegant and further immerses you in the wilderness of the desert. There are six rooms which blend in seamlessly with the environment and sandy dunes.

There are many guides that will take you all around the area, further explaining the history behind all the natural wonders and landscapes that surround this camp. Have magical encounters with elephants and other animals on the riverbed. The authentic cuisine served at Hoanib Valley is what brings patrons back. Hoanib Valley offers game drives, 5-star suites and pure magic under the desert sky.

With bars and restaurants available on the premises, you will never go hungry. There are many pools overlooking the sandy and dusty dunes, further submerging you in the desert as your marvel at all its wonder. The delicious food, 5-star service and overall magical experience in the desert are why this is regarded as one of the best resorts near the Hoanib River.

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Let’s Stay at One of the Best Resorts Near the Haonib River

There is no shortage of adventure, wildlife and magic when you decide to stay at one of these resorts. The Haonib River offers a magical experience and is a must-see when in Namibia. If you’re up for even more adrenaline, why not try a road trip through the Skeleton Coast while you’re there? At each of these resorts, you will stay in the heart of the desert and get the full and authentic Namibian experience with a touch of luxury. Definitely not something to miss out on.

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