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Best Places for Northern Lights Adventures in Norway

Best Cities for Northern Lights Adventures in Norway

Something spectacular happens in Northern Norway every year from September to March. First, darkness covers the region from early afternoon to late morning. Then, it happens. Purple, green and red lights swirl in waves creating the sky show known as the northern lights.

Despite Norway’s multiple islands, steep mountains and deep fjords, this is by far its most magical moment. The lights, also known as aurora borealis, appear at night whenever the sky is completely dark. It’s like a cosmic ballet across the night sky. Undoubtedly, this is a wellness event to put on your bucket list.

With that said, here are the best cities to visit in Norway for northern lights adventures.

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Tromsø is the best city to experience Norway's magical northern lights and more.

Tromsø is situated in the centre of the Arctic Circle. People from all over the world travel to Tromsø each year to experience the Arctic adventure of their dreams. Furthermore, it is one of the best cities in the world to see the northern nights and the Midnight Sun.

Known as the Arctic Capital, Tromsø provides a wide range of activities to suit all interests. Whether you want to go on a snowmobile safari, try dog sledging, go whale watching, or take part in several northern lights trips. In this city, you may enjoy the best of both worlds: a thriving urban environment and nearby Arctic wilderness.

Also known as the “Paris of the North”, Tromsø is a Norwegian national gem. It offers both modern and traditional pleasures, fine dining, vibrant nightlife, and a wide range of cultural activities. Nearby, the stunning Tromsø Ice Domes hotel invites you to experience a mystical winter adventure.

The hotel is renovated for the winter season each year, with a different concept each time to guarantee a unique experience. With gorgeous coloured lighting and amazing ice sculptures, the bar, cinema, bedrooms, and restaurant all have different themes that range from the northern lights to the native Sami culture.

Besides their northern lights chase event, you can also book experiences like dog sledging, reindeer visits, and guided Ice Domes tours. Certainly, Tromsø is the best city to experience Norway’s magical northern lights and more.

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Lofoten Islands

Lofoten is a good place to watch the northern lights until the midnight sun rises in Norway.

Lofoten is renowned for its breathtaking beauty. This includes fjords, coves, beaches, small towns, and vast expanses of pristine wilderness. On top of that, the archipelago has awesome northern lights views. Make the most of your visit by sightseeing in the magnificent Lofoten fjords.

While there, you get up close to the region’s wildlife, fishing and aquaculture industries. You also get to interact with Lofoten’s local communities and its stunning islands.

From the end of August to the beginning of April, Lofoten is a good place to watch the northern lights until the midnight sun rises. The northern lights are visible in all directions from here because of the geographic position and sight lines of the region.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to watch the northern lights every day during the peak season. However, are still visible in dark, clear skies. What’s even better is that Lofoten’s mountains sometimes make it possible to see the light show on cloudy days.

The highest mountain in Lofoten, Higravstinden, rises 1.1 kilometres above sea level. You can explore many nearby lower mountain hikes if this climb seems a little too challenging for you.

Å Rorbuer is the best place to stay while visiting Lofoten. It’s a type of temporary fishing hut that has historically provided lodging for Norwegian fishermen during the fishing season. The lodge has 20 seaside cabins where you may spend the night and take in vibrant views of the mountains and the surrounding water.


The odds of viewing the northern lights in Svalbard are substantially higher because the sun doesn't rise and the islands remain in total darkness for 84 days during winter in Norway.

The Svalbard archipelago is located high in the Arctic. it is a collection of untamed islands rising out of the sea with snow-capped peaks, commanding cliffs, and captivating glaciers. Some of the Arctic’s most priceless assets, like the elusive polar bear or the enigmatic northern lights, are found on the rugged islands.

Only the moon and the dazzling lights of the aurora borealis provide any relief from the gloom during the deepest parts of winter. A time when the sun doesn’t rise and the islands remain in total darkness for 84 days. Surprisingly, the odds of viewing the northern lights in Svalbard are substantially improved by this obscurity. In fact, the light show can occur at any time of the day here.

Although it is possible to observe the aurora throughout the day, it’s still more typical to do so in the late evening, between 10 and 11 p.m. This depends on your location, though.

The main influence in whether or not you can see the lights depends on how bright the sky is. No matter how powerful and flawless the displays are, any prospect of viewing the lights will be eliminated by cloud cover. Fortunately, Svalbard and its surrounding islands have a dry winter environment. So more often than not, the skies will be clear and ideal for seeing the lights dancing above.

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Explore the Magic of Norway

There you have it, the 3 best places to have northern lights adventures in Norway. Before you go, make sure you check the northern lights forecast to avoid being disappointed. How about a hike before or after your aurora borealis trip? Here are 5 breathtaking hiking trails to explore in Magic Norway. Have a wonderful time!

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