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Best Hostels near the Tatra Mountain National Park

Sometimes all we need is a little break from day-to-day life. We need to go somewhere to find inspiration and reclaim our purpose. After all, wellness is more than just the physical, it also encompasses the mental.

Hostels could foster new friendships and better relationships with pocket money. Sometimes they are in places that huge hotels could only dream of. So, let’s go to Poland and experience some hostels near the Tatra Mountain National Park!

About the Tatra Mountain National Park

Tatra Mountain Hostels near the Tatra Mountain National Park

Tatra National Park is a place where you could enjoy stunning views worthy of a panoramic photo. Furthermore, this park boasts some amazing hiking trails. There are also caves hidden within snow-capped peaks. However, the main attraction of the Tatra Mountain National Park is the Morskie Oko Lake.

You could also visit the Wodogrzmoty Mickiewicza waterfalls about an hour from the lake. Evidently, Tatra National Park is the ideal place for hikers. With all of that said, most hikers are prone to stay at hostels. Without further ado, here are 4 of the best hostels near the Tatra Mountain National Park to kick up your feet after a long day’s hike!

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Hostels near the Tatra Mountain National Park

1. Penzión Snežienka

Tatra Mountain Hostels near the Tatra Mountain National Park
Image: Z. Borowski, 2023

This hostel/hotel lies in the centre of Tatranská Lomnica at the foot of the tower-high Tatra Mountains. Penzion Snežienka is only 400 metres from the cableways to Skalnaté pleso. This charming, wooden cabin hosts some amazing amenities.

In addition to free Wifi and private bathrooms, the hostel offers you a chance to play indoor or outdoor tennis! They have a restaurant as well if you do not enjoy the self-catering experience. Moreover, the hostel is close to a ski school that boasts some amazing reviews!

2. MTB Hostel

Tatra Mountain Hostels near the Tatra Mountain National Park

MTB Hostel, or Mountain Bike Hostel, is about 21 minute drive from the national park. This hostel provides everything that you need for an adventurous stay. Not only is it cosy and clean, but it is also warm and inviting.

On top of that, it’s fittingly situated in the Kiry part of Zakopane and even has a sauna. All rooms have complementary wifi! But that’s not even the best part; MTB Hostel is pet friendly, too! They also provide ski lessons and tours for those who wish to make the most out of their trip!

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3. Good Bye Lenin

Tatra Mountain Hostels near the Tatra Mountain National Park

Make sure to book the hostel and not a viewing of the 2003 German tragicomedy film. They both have the same name!  Good Bye Lenin Hostel in Zakopane is a few metres from the Tatra Mountain National Park. This hostel is perfect for those who love winter and the activities that come along with it. Their location also propels them to popularity with those that choose to stay with them. Moreover, they have a bus station across from them that travels to well-known ski slopes.

Good Bye Lin also offers snowboarding lessons at affordable prices. So apart from being clean, comfy and affordable, they are also a ton of fun to stay at! If you enjoy this article about the Polish Tatra Mountains, be sure to take a look at the salt mines in Poland that salt not be skipped!

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4. Schronisko PTTK Murowaniec

Tatra Mountain Hostels near the Tatra Mountain National Park

This stunning mountain hostel is located 1505 meters above sea level. It is a historic accommodation facility on Hala Gąsienicowa in the Tatra Mountains. Furthermore, it’s only a 7-minute drive from the Tatra Mountains National Park. Staying here feels like you never left the park. It’s stunning with its rock façade facing over the mountain ranges.

Impressively, Schronisko has 110 beds in various rooms that could accommodate between 2-10 people each. Nevertheless, the coolest amenity that this hostel offers are the guitars that you could rent! Just imagine playing some tunes around a bonfire with a guitar that you didn’t need to pack for the trip. Now that’s a memorable experience.

Hostel-ity Isn’t welcome.

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One thing is for sure, a trip to Poland will never be boring. This Baltic Sea country is the perfect destination for tourists who love history and wellness. Its medieval castles, monuments, Jewish culture influence and World War ll remains make this place the ultimate destination for your next holiday. Places surrounding Zakopane and Tatra Mountains are exceptionally varied and the sole purpose of these areas is to share in traditions, culture and history.

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