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Best Beaches to Visit in Panama

Stunning sunset on a beachfront

Panama is well known for its famous canal, ideal for transit. However, the country has so much more to offer. Its natural attractions include birding and white water rafting. Panama also has a wide range of biodiversity. But more importantly, it has some of the best beaches in the world. These stunning white sandy beaches are perfect for relaxation, meditation and many beach sports.

Embrace the white sand and picturesque scenery while you relax in this whimsical paradise. Panama is special since it has beaches on both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. While some beaches are relaxing and serene, others are the perfect place to dance and listen to great music. Whatever you’re looking for, Panama is sure to have it all.

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1. Red Frog Beach in Bocas del Toro

First up is Red Frog Beach, which gets its name from all the small frogs that inhabit Isla Bastimentos. You get to this beach via boat from the main town of Bocas, then enjoy a 10-minute walk through the jungle. This beach is perfect for a relaxing day by the water. The waves are smaller and therefore instil a serene feel to the surroundings, perfect for easing into the water.

Interestingly, beach chairs and umbrellas are available to rent. However, why not utilise what mother nature has to offer and relax under one of the many palm trees on the beach? There are also restaurants located on the beachfront, for when hunger strikes after a lovely swim.

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Beautiful sandy beaches in Panama

2. Starfish Beach in Bocas del Toro

Next up is Starfish Beach, which is filled with wonderful ocean life. The most popular one is starfish, hence the name. In fact, this beach is dotted with thousands of beautiful starfish. Enjoy the contrasts of the tranquil blue-green hues and white sandy beaches. What a stunning sight to behold. This beach is not flooded with people so it creates the ideal spot for relaxation and meditation. Furthermore, you can be in the moment and take in the salty air and blue skies. Lastly, rent a kayak, or floating chair or simply go wave-boarding if you’re feeling adventurous. This post-card-worthy beach is suitable for all members of the family!

3. Bluff Beach in Bocas del Toro

Next, we have Bluff Beach. Known for its large waves and high tide, this beach is perfect for the avid adventurer. It is a popular destination for surfers and boogie boarders who want to conquer these massive waves. The soft golden sand run for 8 kilometres. Therefore, finding the perfect spot where the sand meets the sea is no issue.

Bluff Beach is the ideal place to have a picnic since you get to have dinner and a show. Watch all the water adventurists live out their adrenaline-filled dreams while enjoying your goodies. However, if you’re not in the mood to pack a picnic basket, there are a variety of lovely restaurants found on the beachfront doe you to indulge at.

Surreal sunset on a beachfront

4. Punta Chame Beach in Panama Oeste

Punta Chame is the best and most beautiful beach in Panama. It has vibrant people and diverse cultures and its cotton-soft sand and stunning mountain backdrops give you an ethereal experience. Punta Chame is the best destination in Panama for kitesurfing. In fact, there are kitesurfing lessons available here too. The shallow waters make it an ideal spot for learning and perfect for any adrenaline junkie or just someone willing to learn.

This little treasure is found an hour and a half away from Panama City. Where you will find vibrant nightlife and stunning resorts to make your stay there even more memorable.

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5. Playa Venao Beach in Pedasi

Finally, Playa Venao is regarded as one of Panama’s best surfing destinations. It’s the perfect place to surf the high and crashing waves. The golden beaches provide the ideal view of surfers catching the waves. Furthermore, this beach has a great variation of wave sizes, making it even better for surfers and learners to test the waters, literally! Soak up the sun and hear the waves crash against the shore. Grab your beach chair and come get your tan on at this sunny paradise.

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Surfers walking towards the water during a sunset

Final Wave

Panama is a beautiful country, with even better beaches. Enjoy the peace and serenity that these pieces of paradise bring while soaking up some vitamin D. So, if ever you’re in Panama, be sure to visit some of their best beaches. If you’re ever elsewhere in South America be sure to check out some of the other stunning beaches there too.

Psychology tip: the salty ocean airlifts your spirits.

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