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Best Beach Resorts to Visit in Brazil

Beach resort in Brazil

Olá Amigos! Welcome to Brazil. This beautiful country is best known for its beaches, rain forests and diverse cities. What’s a holiday without some beach fun? Sounds even better to stay right on the beach.

Today I’ll be giving you a special tour of some of the best beach resorts Brazil has to offer. You’ll soon be clued up on the top places to spend your time while in Brazil. This is a wonderful way to enjoy your holiday. By visiting luxurious resorts that are located on the beachfront. How can you go to Brazil and not embrace their beach culture, right? Here are some of the best beach resorts to visit while in Brazil.

1. Buzios Beach Resort in Rio de Janeiro State

Right on the forefront of Tuscuns Beach, Buzios invites you to embrace wellness in Rio de Janeiro. Moreover, to live amongst the Brazilians in luxury. The resort is surrounded by beautiful blue bodies of water, a serene sight to behold.

Buzios Beach Resort has several amenities and leisure activities that cater to everyone. It offers stunning accommodations, bowling, archery for those looking to up their skills, trapeze nets and mini golf.

With a wide variety of things to do while there, it can be overwhelming to choose. Why not try a beach sport? One of the wildly popular ones is beach tennis which uses most of the conventional tennis rules. It is beneficial as it is a highly aerobic workout and has a low impact on the knees. Since it is played on sand, it results in less injury. What’s better than more fun and less pain? The sport is played on the beach and uses volleyball nets. I get it, sounds confusing, right? However, the aim is to just hit the ball over the net and get your opposition out.

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Ocean in Brazil with beautiful sky views

2. Pratagy Beach Resort in Maceio

Pratagy Beach Resort is a paradise in disguise. It has the river, the sea and the Atlantic forest as its neighbours. This all-inclusive resort has so many fun activities for all members of the family. One of their coolest activities to enjoy is the Pratagy natural pools. Giving you the opportunity to swim with more than 20 species of fish, octopus and starfish. In addition to the immensity of reefs and corals galore. There’s no better way to immerse yourself in the ocean.

Best Beach Resorts to Visit in Brazil

Pratagy Resort also offers fun activities for the kids, such as ecological walks and water games. This provides fulfilling experiences for the entire family. For the more mature crowd, the resort offers luaus, kayaking and water recreational activities. Just to keep the energy flowing.

Beach soccer is another famous fun activity to do on the beach. Brazil is notoriously known for its vibrant soccer culture with greats such as Pelé and Neymar. For this reason, beach soccer is an appropriate ‘must-do’ activity at Pratagy Resort. This beach sport originated in Rio de Janeiro in 1950 to unite communities in tournaments. An activity that still brings people together is now filled with enjoyment. Evidently, it’s no surprise that Pratagy is one of the best beach resorts in Brazil.

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Beach soccer with a a beautiful sunset

3. Samoa Beach Resort in Porto de Galinhas

Samoa Beach is a resort that overlooks paradise. Of course, it is located on the beachfront with the best views of Muro Alto Beach. This resort has been designed to blend in perfectly with nature. In fact, it is the ideal destination for families, couples and groups.

The amenities and activities available at Samoa Beach Resort include nautical sports like stand-up paddling and kayaking. On top of that, a fully equipped gym and spa are also available. Why not indulge in beach volleyball? Another well-loved beach sport in Brazil. You can play beach volleyball on a sand court divided by a net, 2 a side. Certainly, a great way to break a sweat and get some frustration out.

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Beach volleyball on the beautiful beaches of brazil

4. Hot Beach Resort in Olímpia

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Undoubtedly, this is the paradise of warm waters, with temperatures ranging from 28 to 32 degrees. Makes sense why it’s called Hot Beach Resort, it’s not just the people. Hot Beach is home to one of the most visited water parks in Latin America. This resort is also the first Autistic friendly water park in Brazil. For this same reason, it is also the most inclusive water park in the country.

Trust that the heated pools will induce relaxation and tension relief. Offering perfect conditions if you just need a break. Are you up for a beach footvolley face-off? “What is that?!”, you may ask in shock. Well, it is another well-known beach sport to play in Brazil. Yes, I know it sounds strange to me too. Footvolley combines the rules of football and volleyball. It is essentially playing beach volleyball but with a soccer ball. And you are not allowed to use your hands. Since it’s so popular in Brazil, footvolley definitely deserves a try!

Sea You There!

These are some of the most amazing beach resorts in Brazil. You must visit at least one when you’re here. You get to experience the diverse culture that this beautiful country has to offer. And while you’re here make sure to indulge in one of their famous beach sports. Brazil has numerous wellness activities so be sure to prioritise wellness there too!

Adeus Amigos!

Psychology tip: spending time at the beach lessens anxiety and nervous system arousal.

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