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Beautiful Boat Tours in Santorini

Beautiful Boat Tours in Santorini

Santorini is one of the most marvellous and beautiful cities in the entire world. It is best known for its rare and unique landscapes, immaculate views and extraordinary volcanic beaches. It is the ideal holiday destination for any traveller. Santorini overlooks the majestic Aegean Sea, with stunning balcony views from every angle of the island.

This is one of the reasons why you should go on a boat tour in Santorini when you’re in Greece. You get the perfect opportunity on the water to see different angles of this stunning island and learn about its history and culture. Let’s find out more about some of the best boat tours in Santorini that you must try!

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The Volcanic Island Tour is one of the best boat tours in Santorini because you explore active volcanic islands

First up on our list of tours is the Volcanic Islands Cruise. On this boat tour, you get to sightsee and cruise around Santorini’s volcanic islands in the caldera region. This tour is ideal for adventure-seekers and avid explorers and can last anywhere between 3 to 10 hours. So be prepared for anything!

This Volcanic Islands Cruise is full of excitement. You get to swim in volcanic sulphur waters, look into the crater of an active volcano and explore the city of Thirassia on your own. You set sail from Athinios Port to many small islands that house volcanos, hot springs, and traditional villages. Furthermore, you get to enjoy some time on every island and indulge in fantastic view atmospheres typical of the Greek countryside.

Furthermore, you visit charming villages of the islands that educate you about their people, food and culture. There is also an option of extending the tour to Oia to further admire its panoramic views and spectacular sunset. This is why the Volcanic Islands Cruise is one of the best boat tours in Santorini.

2. Luxury Small Group Catamaran

Luxury Small Group Catamaran is one of the best boat tours in Santorini because you get to go snorkelling

Next up on this list of boat tours is the Luxury Small Group Catamaran. This tour further includes a meal and an open bar. On this boat tour, you sail around with a small group, either in the morning or during the sunset. It takes place around the Santorini caldera, aboard a world-class luxury catamaran. This tour usually lasts between 5 to 6 hours long.

You get to experience a stunning Santorini sunset just beneath the village of Oia. Alternatively, you can sail through the fresh morning breeze and see the peace and stillness of Santorini in the early hours of the day. On this tour, you swim in the famous volcanic hot springs, which further prove to be good for your skin.

Not to mention the unlimited drinks, and dining at the open bar that makes this boat tour all the more pleasurable. This is the. best way to try authentic and delicious Greek food and cocktails. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to go snorkelling, sunbathe on the catamaran deck, and even shower on board once you’re done with the salt water. There is no surprise why this is one of the best boat tours in Santorini.

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3. Traditional Wooden Boat Tour

Traditional Wooden Boat Tour is one of the best boat tours in Santorini because you get traditional Greek meals

Last up on our list is the Traditional Wooden Boat Tour. This is one of the most authentic and traditional experiences you can have while in Greece. This Tour lasts up to 5 hours, thus giving you a great look into the Greek culture on the boat. Your live tour guide speaks both English and Greek fluently, maybe they’ll even teach you some well-known Greek phrases.

This is the traditional way of Greek sailing that has been used for hundreds of years. This traditional wooden boat gives you a sneak peek into the lives of traditional Greek sailors. It is an immersive and interactive experience and is one of a kind. You further get to try a range of exhilarating and fun activities. These include snorkelling in the beautiful crystal-clear waters of Black Mount. Alternatively, you can experience the magical geothermal energy swimming in the wonderful volcanic hot springs.

Furthermore, you enjoy a delicious and traditional Greek lunch or supper that features authentic Greek dishes, all paired with local white wine. Upon arrival, you hop aboard the wooden boat and are welcomed with a delicious drink. Then, you sail close to the Red and White Beach before making your first stop by the Black Mountain for a swim. Put your goggles on and experience the crystal-clear water during your swim, and enjoy. This is why the Traditional Wooden Boat Tour is one of the best boat tours in Santorini.

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Let’s Sail Away on a Boat Tour in Santorini

It is safe to say that Santorini is a beautiful place to visit. You will not regret any moment shared on these boats because it provides an entirely different outlook on Santorini. It is one of the most magical experiences and a must-do. And if you’re ready to work up an appetite, try one of the best hiking trails in Greece.

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