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Babylonstoren Hotel: South Africa’s Luxury Wine Estate

South Africa’s Luxury Wine Estate’s Babylonstoren Hotel

Welcome to the most luxurious wine estate in South Africa: Babylonstoren. Nestled atop this broad chunk of land sits the Babylonstoren Hotel, a stunning coagulation of hospitality, nature, connectedness, and liberty. Voted by Travel & Leisure among the top 500 Best Hotels in the World 2023.

Babylonstoren has also been voted as the number one resort in Africa by Travel & Leisure USA 2023 World’s Best Awards. This wine estate ranks high among the very best places to indulge yourself over the holidays. Don’t take my word for it; just look at the words stamped on all its accolades. So, let’s take a brief look at this amazing wine estate and the hotel it boasts so effortlessly, the Babylonstoren Hotel!

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Babylonstoren Hotel: South Africa’s Luxury Wine Estate
Franschhoek Wine Valley, 2024

At Babylonstoren Wine Estate, Western Cape, everything has tethered itself to the immaculate gardenscape that acts as the façade of Babylonstoren. Unsurprisingly, the spa has been christened as The Garden Spa. Nestled within a haystack of bamboo and calming greenery, this living spa offers everything for your ultimate rejuvenation.

The spa houses a hammam, a chill room, a hot spa, as well as a gym. If you’re wondering what a Hammam is, it’s essentially an ancient Turkish bathing experience that relieves stress, increases blood circulation, and helps with muscle relaxation. No, nobody is naked during this experience. At The Garden Spa, you can also indulge in hydrating Lilian Terry body wraps, bespoke facials, and a kaleidoscope of beauty treatments.

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About Your Stay

Babylonstoren Hotel: South Africa’s Luxury Wine Estate
Image:, 2024

Breakfast is included in your stay, and let me make this bold statement: it is probably going to be the best breakfast you’ll ever have. Babylonstoren is known for its artisan delicacies like marmalades, cold meats, baked goods, and exquisite liquids like coffee and juices. You are bound to taste some of these delicacies, which gently escort you from out under your morning daze.

From their garden to your plate, the ingredients sway in rhythm to the season, ultimately leaving you with a feeling of true oneness with Mother Nature. Staying at the Babylonstoren Hotel also gives you full access to the garden, guided garden and farm walks, bicycles, guided fishing, rowing on the dam, morning harvests with the gardeners, break baking with the bakers, a cellar tour, and a wine tasting, access to the Garden Spa, Babylonstoren workshops and so much more!

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Wondering What to Do at Babylonstoren Hotel?

Babylonstoren Hotel: South Africa’s Luxury Wine Estate
Image: Journeys by Design, 2024

When staying at Babylonstoren, know that there is a wide scope of enjoyment outside the confines of your hotel room. However, I would understand if you chose not to leave your room because it’s among the best rooms to stay in the whole of Africa! But there are plenty of activities for you to enjoy!

There are various activities for children to partake in, such as helping to feed the donkeys, collecting eggs, harvesting fruit and vegetables, kneading bread with the bakers, and embarking on scavenger hunts! For adults, there are workshops that you can join. These workshops usually start with a walk through the garden. Because it’s a full-day experience, lunch is usually included. There are also guided walking tours, a gym, bicycles for the entire family to explore the farm, olive oil tastings, mountain drives for guests who stay two nights or longer, and fishing and rowing at the dam, to which you can walk or cycle!

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Types of Accommodation Styles

There are many housing styles to choose from when staying at Babylonstoren. The Farmhouse is veiled by a cocoon of trees, boasting a loft that has marketed itself as Africa’s most splendid honeymoon suite. Botany mixes effortlessly with brewed furnishings within the Farmhouse’s interiors. There’s even a Butterfly Room that contains a rare flutter of butterflies inherited by Babylonstoren. There are various Garden Cottages to rent as well.

Across from the 3,5 hectare cultivated fruit and vegetable garden, the cottages await your arrival with their elegant interiors, soon-to-be kindled fireplaces, and romantic scenery surrounding these humble guest abodes. There are also Fynbos Cottages to consider at the Babylonstoren Wine farm, as well as Family Houses rooted at the feet of the Simonsberg and Franschhoek mountains. These Family Houses can host up to 10 family members with five en-suite bathrooms! Nothing says baby-it’s-the-holidays quite like a family breakaway!

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Baby, Let’s Go on Vacation!

Babylonstoren Hotel: South Africa’s Luxury Wine Estate
Image: TravelPlusStyle, 2024

It’s always a great idea to escape now and again, and since the Babylonstoren Hotel prides itself on its continuing guest satisfaction by offering unique experiences such as garden harvesting, breakfast luxuries, and stylish cocoons of the Cape Dutch lifestyle with the Farmhouse and Garden Cottages.

Some guests have even boldly claimed that the Babylonstoren Hotel had changed their lives. Not so bold considering the scenery, the experiences, the family-orientated activities, and the qualities the wine estate uses to tether your lost soul once more to your inner child. It’s a magical escape, and I can almost guarantee that you won’t even want to leave.

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