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Apple Picking in New Jersey & Other Fall Activities to Try

Apple Picking in New Jersey & Other Fall Activities to Try

You may be wondering why I wrote an entire article dedicated to apple picking in New Jersey and what it has to do with wellness. Since wellness is an umbrella term for all things ‘healthy’, apple picking can be a healthy activity to boost overall wellness. Also, why not? Apple picking is an activity for reconnecting with nature in its most fruitful form.

It’s an activity that can transform any plain old day into a memorable one. Apart from the influx of vitamin D, you get fresh air, meet new people, learn about harvesting and reconnect with the foods you consume daily! It’s also a great way to get your body moving. So, without further ado, let’s look at the best farms for apple picking in New Jersey!

Demarest Farm, Hillsdale

Apple Picking in New Jersey & Other Fall Activities to Try
Image: New Jersey Farm Girl, 2024

Welcome to the jewel of Bergen County! Founded in 1886, the Demarest Farms is an excellent spot for apple picking in New Jersey during the fall season. Apart from apple picking, there is a lot the entire family can enjoy when visiting the Demarest Farms. Firstly, there is a whole petting zoo full of goats, lambs, pigs, alpacas, and many more creatures to marvel at. Secondly, there is an entire playground for the kids to burn calories and a large farm shop for adults to buy fresh produce and goods. They even have outdoor movie nights that originated during the COVID-19 pandemic, and since it was so popular, the farm decided to continue with the tradition of communal escapism.

However, since apple picking is seasonal, the Demarest Farm only opens for this fun activity during the fall and spring months. The same goes for peach picking and pumpkin picking! Note that to partake in these activities, you must purchase a ticket or at least make a reservation on their website. So, when visiting the Demarest Farm, try a warm cider doughnut, a favourite for all who take a bite!

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Terhune Orchards, Princeton

Apple Picking in New Jersey & Other Fall Activities to Try
Image: Kurt Williams, 2024

At Terhune Orchards, you can indulge in an array of activities! This family-owned establishment operates on a 250-acre farm that prides itself on its sustainability. The farm has provided fresh fruits and vegetables to the surrounding public for 45 years by harvesting the farm’s extensive crops. The Terhune Orchards grows more than 35 varieties of apples, 28 varieties of peaches and four varieties of pears. At Terhune Orchards, you can pick apples all year round.

Visit their Farmer’s Market, where you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables and a few other delicacies after picking your apple. 75% of the fruits and veggies that Terhune Orchards grow are certified organic; they also make their apple cider vinegar, baked goods, sauces and more! Just like Demarest Farm, Terhune also sells cider doughnuts, a small reward for all that apple picking!

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Alstede Farm, Chester

Apple Picking in New Jersey & Other Fall Activities to Try
Image: Alstede Farms, 2024

Aiming to become the best farm in the northeast, Alstede Farm is dedicated to supplying high-quality, homegrown fruits, vegetables and flowers. They also aim to bring memorable experiences to those who visit the Alstede Farm. You can pick your own peaches, pumpkins, apples, strawberries, blueberries, flowers, beans, peppers, eggplants, and tomatoes. However, if you’re thinking of baking an apple pie with your very own harvested apples, then late summer and early fall bring an explosion of apple bombs just waiting to explode in your mouth!

Alstede Farm teaches kids about farming with hands-on education, hayrides out to their stunning fields and orchards, greenhouses, outdoor classrooms and petting zoos. You can also assist the farm in picking harvests, planting crops, feeding animals or learning about crops. You also need to take the scenic orchard route after a long day out in the sun and take in the scenery with the hayride. It’s an experience the entire family can enjoy and a great way to meet new people who also love harvesting.

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Find the Apple of Your Eye

Apple Picking in New Jersey & Other Fall Activities to Try
Image: USA Today, 2022

Incorporating wellness into your fall activities isn’t just about physical health; it’s about nurturing your mental and emotional well-being. Take a moment to relish the flavours of seasonal produce, embrace the warmth of a cosy sweater, and bask in the simple pleasures that autumn brings.

Embrace the crisp autumn air and immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of fall foliage. Remember that wellness is not just a destination but a journey. Apple picking in New Jersey and other seasonal activities aren’t merely leisure moments but opportunities to nourish your mind, body, and soul.

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