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Amazing Aerial Yoga Studios in London

Awesome Aerial Yoga Studios in London

Aerial yoga is a unique and exciting way to practice yoga, and it’s becoming more popular in London. The practice combines known yoga poses with aerial acrobatics, typically using hammocks suspended from the ceiling to support and challenge the body. If you’re interested in trying aerial yoga in London, you’re in luck – there are plenty of great spots to choose from. Today, I’ll highlight 3 of the best aerial yoga studios and classes in London, so you can find the perfect spot to take your practice to new heights. Let’s fly right into it.

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Flying Fantastic: Aerial Sports Center in London

Aerial Sports Center in London
Image: Flying Fantastic, 2023

Three locations in London house the aerial fitness school known as Flying Fantastic. They provide instruction in a wide variety of aerial disciplines, including anything from aerial yoga to aerial silks. Their specialised aerial yoga locations in the heart of London are outfitted with great tools, instructors, and facilities.

Flying Fantastic is fully committed to its mission of providing the best aerial classes to its students. As a result, they offer aerial hoops, slings, straps, and corde lisse classes in addition to aerial yoga. Furthermore, Flying Fantastic offers other services and services including aerial yoga teacher training and a youth circus. Certainly, this is the best wellness place to hang out in London.

Surya: a Top-Notch Hot Yoga Studio in London

a Top-Notch Hot Yoga Studio in London
Image: Surya Hot Yoga, 2023

Essentially, Surya Hot Yoga is a haven away from the outside world. Here, you may recentre your body’s natural balance and be in tune with your inner space. Not only does Surya offer aerial yoga classes, but they also provide vinyasa, Bikram, yin, and yogasana. Furthermore, each of these classes has a distinct focus and a special playlist to help you improve your practice. Moreover, you may take as many different yoga sessions as you like with Surya’s beginner offer. Best of all, it costs just £50 for the first 30 days.

However, what makes Surya unique is that they also offer yoga retreats. One of the best is the yoga and meditation retreat. During this retreat, Surya gives you two yoga lessons and a chance to meditate. Also, in the morning, there is often a more active session, and in the late afternoon, a yin-based class. It goes without saying that going on a yoga retreat is a great way to improve your yoga skills. Why not spoil yourself with a retreat after your aerial session?

The Shala Yoga Studio and Centre in London

The Shala Yoga Studio and Centre in London
Image: The Shala Yoga Centre, 2021

The Shala Yoga Centre is a well-known yoga centre in South London and is known for great instruction. It serves as a haven for self-nurture, growth, and healing. The studio’s primary goal has been to use yoga to improve well-being for more than 20 years. With a wide range of techniques, including flow, Ashtanga, and restoring courses, The Shala’s sessions cater to a variety of moods, energies, and levels.

Similar to Surya Yoga Studio, the Shala offers many yoga styles. Besides aerial yoga, there are classes available for Ashtanga, creative flow, Jivamukti, and more. On top of all that, the Shala also has yoga workshops, teacher training and retreats. Consequently, this is London’s yoga gem!

Amazing Aerial Yoga Studios in London

Take Flight in London

Clearly, it’s time to take flight and explore the best aerial yoga studios and classes in London. From Flying Fantastic, to Surya Hot Yog and the Shala Yoga Centre, you are sure to find a perfect aerial yoga studio for you in the royal city. However, if you are not yet ready to take the leap, check out the top 3 yoga studios to visit in London. Have a wonderful time!

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