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Al-Ula Hotels in Saudi Arabia That Offer Next-Level Wellness

Al-Ula Hotels in Saudi Arabia That are Next-Level Wellness!

Welcome to Arabia’s Ashar Valley: the land of dry desert sands and hot scorching temperatures that evoke your inner Aladdin. Here you’ll find clusters of ancient and modern ‘cities’ built out of raw materials like metal, canvas, wood and stone.

Vast spaces are dotted here and there with gorgeous hotels that beacon to adventures that scurry out from behind the cathedral-sized tombs. In Saudi Arabia, the desert is the king of all landscapes. This barren landscape invites an array of wellness activities, like hiking, quad biking, meditation, sightseeing, stargazing and more! Let me take you to see some Al-Ula hotels in Saudi Arabia that offer next-level wellness!

Habitas AlUla

Al-Ula Hotels in Saudi Arabia That Offer Next-Level Wellness
Image: Our Habitas, 2024

This is luxury… Arabian luxury for the soul. This sums up the perfection of Habitas AlUla. It is one of the top hotels in Saudi Arabia, and perhaps also one of the most luxurious. You are spoilt for choice when visiting AlUla Habitas as they have an array of villas for you to stay in.

There’s the Celestial Villa, the Canyon Villa and the Alcove Villa. The Celestial Villa has spacious areas for lounging and entertainment. However, the main feature of these rooms is outside among the sandstone cliffs as the sun sets behind them.Nothing could come between you and nature when staying at Habitas AlUla. The Alcove Villas have close-up views of the sandstone canyons. Moreover, it’s never been easier to stargaze from the privacy of your very own veranda.

Finally, the Canyon Villas are almost enveloped by cliffs and stones, making you feel like you’re in a real Aladin time capsule! Just pick a room already so I can tell you what they offer! Kidding, please take your time when choosing a villa. However, they are all equal in beauty!Habitas AlUla offers world-renowned wellness, too! It’s called Thuraya Wellness and offers a peaceful lounge space with an alchemy bar, spa treatment rooms, a fitness centre, an outdoor wellness agora, and a yoga studio. Here wellness greets you as you face the smile of the immaculate Al Ula.

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Habitas Caravan

Al-Ula Hotels in Saudi Arabia That are Next-Level Wellness!

This is an immersive glamping experience off the beaten path. For those seeking adventure, peace, and nature, Habitas Caravan is for you! You may be thinking that a caravan can’t possibly be synonymous with luxury Arabian travel, however, I am here to shift your perspective.This unique glamping style accommodation features two options for you to choose from. The first is the Oasis Caravan, where you have the opportunity to overlook the Date Palm grove below. This caravan also has a private outdoor deck overlooking the gorgeous slopes of Al Ula.

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The second is the Valley Caravan, equal in beauty and outdoor privacy with its very own private deck. These caravans are equipped with air conditioning, twin- or queen beds, en-suite bathrooms, private outdoor decks and surround sound systems.Then there’s the mind-blowing dining! They have three vibrant food trucks that encourage human connection with their laid-back dining area. This dining area is designed with a combination of family-style communal tables and cushioned seating.

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Banyan Tree AlUla

This place is unlike any other. It effortlessly blends into the landscape and the canyons above. It reflects the starry night above with its star-shaped tenting that stretches over each villa. At Banyan Tree AlUla, you could embark on a multi-sensory experience. Multi-sensory environments improve thought, intelligence and social skills.

However, in the Ashar Valley, the stillness is deafening. Moreover, the scale of the canyons is overpowering and the vastness of the landscape vibrates underfoot. Here, stimulation doesn’t necessarily mean noise and people, but rather the inversion thereof. It invites the senses that our ancestors used to navigate this tough terrain hundreds of years ago to awaken within ourselves.

Speaking of awakening, Banyan Tree AlUla also has a spa! While there, you mentally recharge and renew your spirit. Banyan Tree AlUla blends Asian spa rituals with Arabian traditions. The best part is that they only make use of natural and native ingredients in every treatment.

They also have an amazing rock pool that’s nestled in between two sandstone mountains. It’s a naturally treated pool and sits in a secluded spot. The fun doesn’t end here, though. Banya Tree offers guests access to their stunning health centre: a naturally lit gym that has holistic ritual sessions, mindfulness classes, beauty workshops and more for you to set your inner Jasmine free.

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Discover a New Spectrum of Wellness

Al-Ula Hotels in Saudi Arabia That are Next-Level Wellness!

The desert opens a whole new spectrum of wellness. In fact, the amount of vitamin D that penetrates the skin is super beneficial to bone formation and tooth health. Moreover, Vitamin D, something that the body produces naturally in conjunction with sunlight, aids the body’s immune system, improves mood and helps to fight depression.

The clean desert air helps with your breathing, too.  Furthermore, with the Ashar Valley being known as one of the world’s largest living museums, wellness activities transform into something more enduring and entertaining. So why not head down to these Al-Ula hotels in Saudi Arabia for next-level wellness on your next getaway? Go on, just do it!

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