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About Us

“The Wellness Travel people”, which is our slogan, sets the tone for what you should expect to hear from us.

We are a young tech company under the PureLife.Tech umbrella; dedicated to bringing our public and users all the latest and greatest information about the wellness travel arena.

Yes, we are handpicking the most incredible locations and wellness experiences for you to choose from. Our inhouse team of writers and international guest writers will share with you the best of the best so expect authentic expertise with a touch of uniqueness when reading our articles. There will also be many heartfelt recommendations for you to choose from.

We want to take readers on a journey with us so that they can be fully confident when choosing to visit these locations and ultimately engage in immersive wellness programs and experiences.

We present you with a full range of wellness activities/experiences to pick from at the most interesting locations around the globe so that you can gain the full impact of what it means to truly engage in wellness travel. This means coming out of your holiday mentally, physically, and emotionally replenished; with an expanded consciousness – having a sense of readiness and confidence to get back to your life with not just a holiday break but valuable personal growth and a new mindset.

A word from our Director

Hi, I am Sabrina and I truly believe in the richness of wellness travel. Not only was I born with a nomadic soul but also became a Nomad in practice. To date, I have been in over 40 countries plus hundreds of cities in my travels. However, going on a holiday and coming back home was not enough. I wanted to have the full flowing nomadic experience I had from my 4 years of solo travelling while going in search of the most meaningful wellness activities around the globe as well as becoming a wellness practitioner, yoga and meditation teacher with over 16 years in this filed. From Japan to India, Vietnam to Nepal, South America to Hawaii; I can tell you that I have done a lot of travelling and several years of wellness practices.

With this background, I strive to bring you some of the most fulfilling and life changing experiences you can have on this planet as well as the easy-going ones which you can start with from the comfort of your own home. As long as you are getting the most out of it and gaining an aspect of wellness with it. I fully believe in these practices to attain a better life, better health and better connections or simply becoming more present and able to live fully.

Our Mission and Values

Traveling with a purpose.

We fully acknowledge the benefits that wellness practices have on mental health, emotional state, and physical health. In a world where we are more and more disconnected from each other and from ourselves; it is essential to look for efficient solutions that can bring us in touch with what matters the most in life, our own humanity.

That is a very extensive theme. However, in essence, it can be quite primordial and intrinsically simple. To be present, to have a clear mind, to make real connections to fully appreciate your environment, and to be in touch with your needs and conscious of others around you.

Our mission is to promote these practices within our travel destinations and to bring a full range of experiences that you can choose from and adventure yourself into.

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