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A Wellness Trip to Cape Agulhas

Sit back, relax and join me as I take you on a journey to the most southern point in South Africa: from Cape Agulhas to Struisbaai and eventually Arniston. Cape Agulhas is a South African village surrounded by both the Indian and Atlantic oceans as well as a historical landmark built to honour the separating line between the two oceans. Consider this article as your personal tour guide to navigate your wellness trip to Cape Agulhas – the interesting and intriguing southernmost point in South Africa.

Our Starting Point – Agulhas National Park

Wildflowers in Cape Agulhas
Source: Cape Agulhas National Park, 2023

Cape Agulhas is located 200 kilometres southeast of Cape Town. Reaching the village will be the beginning of your adventure. Along the coastline is Agulhas National Park, covered in wildflowers with no roads. Fortunately, the southernmost point of Africa’s natural beauty will make you celebrate the fact that you had to leave your car behind. The shallow blue water meeting the blue skies immediately evokes a feeling of relaxation. Cape Agulhas is notorious for sunny weather, just make sure to hold onto your sunhats due to the strong winds that can pick up without a warning. Besides the scenery surrounding Agulhas National Park, national landmarks add to the charming character of the village.

Cape Agulhas Lighthouse

Cape Agulhas Lighthouse Western Cape
Source: Cape Agulhas Lighthouse, 2023

A relaxing sightseeing activity to start your day could be a visit to the iconic Cape Agulhas Lighthouse. This historic 170-year-old most southern lighthouse in Africa was built and completed in 1848. The light was originally fuelled by sheep’s tail fat but was later replaced by an oil-burning lantern. After the weathering of the lighthouse’s sandstone walls, the structure was declared a national monument and a Western Cape Provincial heritage site. After visiting this monument, you can stop by the large plaque marking the meeting point of the Atlantic and Indian oceans. If history is not your thing, there are many more activities to take part in such as fishing.

Fishing in Struisbaai

Fishing is one of the wellness activities that you can do in Struisbaai in the most southern point in Africa
Source: Struisbaai Fishing Harbour, 2023

After travelling 5 kilometres from Cape Agulhas, you will find a small town known as Struisbaai. This town is known for its lovely fishing harbour, so much so that the beaches stretching from Cape Agulhas to Struisbaai were classified as perfect fishing waters. Fishing offers you great physical and mental health benefits and improves mental well-being by lowering stress levels. Spending a lot of time outdoors has been proven to reduce anxiety and produce dopamine. Fishing also promotes positive social interactions. Do you want to go where the two oceans meet? Awesome Struisbaai Fishing Charters can get you there! The company operates out of the Struisbaai harbour and can take you out to the area where the Indian and Atlantic oceans meet, creating a unique fishing experience like no other. Friendly on-deck staff is available to optimise your wellness fishing itinerary.

Struisbaai Beach

Struisbaai Beaches Western Cape South Africa
Source: Struisbaai Beaches, 2023

Before you head back to the southernmost point of Africa, you can enjoy an afternoon laying on the beach to unwind while breathing in the fresh and salty air. Struisbaai beach is an idyllic beach with white sand and calm waters safe for swimming. While at the beach, you can go for a dive, kite sailing, body boarding as well as surfing. Your options are virtually endless! All these physical activities can increase your mental and physical well-being, making the beach a must-visit on your wellness trip to Cape Agulhas.

Surfing Lessons in Struisbaai

Surfing in Struisbaai
Source: Robbie’s Surfing Lessons – Struisbaai, 2023

Surfing is quite popular in Struisbaai. So popular that the sheer number of people surfing might entice you to surf even if you don’t know how to. But fear not, Robbie’s Surfing Lessons is available to make you a pro surfer in no time. On top of that, Struisbaai beach has gentle, beginner-friendly waves for visitors of any age to participate in.

Surfing has great physical benefits such as cardiovascular fitness and core strengthening. Not only is it a great activity for physical health but it also stabilises your emotions by soothing the mind. After contributing to your physical and mental health, why not visit a local restaurant to further nourish your body after your tranquil day at Struisbaai Beach?

Our Ending Point – Arniston

After departing Struisbaai and travelling 39 kilometres northeast, you will reach Arniston – our ending point for this wellness trip. Arniston is a peaceful and safe town with many beautiful accommodation options available to keep you in a content state. The town is distinguished by its lime-washed and thatched houses that have also been declared national monuments. Etna’s Southern Tip Holiday Rentals promises to give you clean and beautiful housing located in Arniston where you might be lucky enough to spot a beautiful whale in the ocean. Etna’s Holiday Rentals specialises in self-catering holiday accommodation to ensure you have a true South (most Southern) African wellness journey to Cape Agulhas.

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