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A Spectacular Pet-Friendly Wellness Trip in the Netherlands

A spectacular pet-friendly wellness trip in the Netherlands

If you love pets and are dying to spend some quality time with your furry friend then boy do I have a treat for you! In fact, today I’m going to take you on a pet-friendly wellness trip in the Netherlands. The trip starts in Amsterdam and ends in Rotterdam, where you will be spending the night! So pack your overnight bag, get everything you and your pet need and get ready for the wellness adventure of a lifetime!

Pet-Friendly Wellness Activity #1:

Puppy Yoga in Amsterdam

Puppy yoga in Amsterdam is truly the epitome of pet-friendly wellness in the Netherlands
Image: blogTO, 2023

We’re going to start this pet-friendly wellness trip with one of the hottest wellness trends in the world right now: puppy yoga! Amsterdam is the best place to experience this wellness phenomenon in the Netherlands because there are a few puppy yoga studios in the city to choose from.

A Spectacular Pet-Friendly Wellness Trip in the Netherlands

My top recommendation is Yoga en Dogs. Why? Well, mainly because the studio focuses on the connection between you and your dog. Moreover, their unique yoga classes allow you to relax and exchange energies as you bond with your furry friend. This is truly the epitome of pet-friendly wellness! If I were you, I would book with Yoga en Dogs as early as possible because this is only the start of our trip!

Pet-Friendly Wellness Activity #2:

Brunch at a Pet-Friendly Restaurant in Amsterdam

The second activity on this pet-friendly wellness trip in the Netherlands is bruch at a pet-friendly restaurant in Amsterdam
Image: Lyka Journal, 2023

After your puppy yoga session, chances are you going to be hungry. That’s why brunch is the second activity on this pet-friendly wellness trip in the Netherlands! Fortunately, there are many pet-friendly restaurants in Amsterdam so you won’t have to look far!

May I recommend Drovers Dog? It’s an Australian-style pet-friendly restaurant that opened in Amsterdam in 2013. Not only does Drovers Dog accommodate pets but they also have some of the most healthy and delicious brunch meals! Best of all, the food and drinks are served by high-class staff in a warm and relaxing environment. PS: Don’t eat too much, we still have some activities left!

Pet-Friendly Wellness Activity #3:

Dog Walking in Rotterdam

The third activitiy on this trip entails one of the oldest pet-friendly wellness activities in the book: dog walking in Rotterdam!

After enjoying your meal, it’s time to head off to Rotterdam for the rest of the trip. Since this is indeed a wellness trip, I recommend going to Rotterdam with a train so that you don’t have to stress your mind and body by driving.

When you arrive at Rotterdam, you’re going to do one of the oldest pet-friendly wellness activities in the book: dog walking! If you are new to Rotterdam and don’t know where to walk your dog, then I’ve got you covered! In fact, why not walk at Park Pompenburg? It’s a beautiful and serene place to walk your dog in Rotterdam, plus the Stadhuis train station is just a 5-minute walk away!

Pet-Friendly Wellness Activity #4:

Digital Detox at a Dog-Friendly Cottage in Rotterdam

What better way to end a spectacular pet-friendly wellness trip than a digital detox in a dog-friendly cottage?
Image: Hoeve de Groe Bed and Breakfast, 2020

For the last part of this wellness trip in the Netherlands, you will be doing an overnight digital detox session with your furry friend at a dog-friendly cottage in Rotterdam. This is your chance to take a break from the world and truly bond and connect with your pet!

For the best ultimate experience, I recommend booking B&B Hoeve de Goe. The cottage has beautiful rooms that come with a wide range of amenities. Best of all, you have access to a sauna/jacuzzi and you can get a professional massage from the comfort of your room! What better way to end a spectacular pet-friendly wellness trip?

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Spend Quality Time with Your Pet in the Netherlands

There you have it, the full itinerary for the best pet-friendly wellness trip you will ever have! If you don’t stay in the Netherlands, I urge you to start planning your trip to this beautiful European country. There is so much wellness that awaits you. Hope to see you there!

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