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A Day Out Exploring the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco

A Day Out Exploring the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco

Marvel at the beauty of the coral reefs where there is a whole eco-system for you to discover. The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco brings the ocean to you. So explore the underwater world of the ocean without even having to make so much as a hair wet.

Cathedral-high display windows allow you to immerse yourself in the tranquillity of the ocean, gazing over collonade-high rock formations covered in seaweed, coral, or both! You don’t need a diving certificate or heavy oxygen tanks to have a glimpse into the alien world of the ocean, you can simply visit the Musée Océanographique de Monaco!

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About The Oceanographic Museum in Monaco

A Day Out Exploring the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco
Image: Structurae, 2023

The Oceanographic Museum in Monaco not only showcases a moody aquarium with a painting of fish, but you can also stroke a live shark, enter the replica of a bathyscaphe, and see the fantastic Monaco and Monte-Carlo panorama from the roof of the building.

Located on the Monaco Rock just behind Monaco’s Old Town, you couldn’t miss the monumental building that stands as a pillar to travellers seeking adventure. Excitingly, when strolling up towards the museum, you inevitably pass through Monaco’s Old Town. Tickets are reasonably priced, even more so when combining the tour of the aquarium with the tour of the Prince’s Palace of Monaco.

You can easily spend 2 hours or more here, especially considering the towering shark lagoon that holds 450,000 litres of seawater. There is also a dark room on the way out of the museum with a giant bowl with small sharks that you can pet!

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Lunch Spots for the Shark Stroker

A Day Out Exploring the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco

Don’t be fooled, petting sharks will leave you hungry. There are a few restaurants that you can visit for some much-needed sustenance:

1. La Tavernetta

At La Tavernetta, dishes are made with excellent local ingredients. La Tavernetta lies in the shadow of the royal palace in Monaco. It’s a small, attractive bistro that serves both French and Italian dishes. The staff is nice, and the food is even better!

Try their wood-fired pizza’s that guests continually rave about. La Tavernetta is open every day from 10 am to 11 pm. This is a great restaurant with outdoor seating, friendly service and delectable homemade Italian food!

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2. The Pearls of Monte-Carlo

This is a hidden gem in Port of Fontvieille that offers fresh seafood, stunning views, and reasonable prices. High-quality seafood dishes are the staple of The Pearls (Les Perles).

If you went with the family to The Oceanographic Museum in Monaco, you’d be pleased to know that this restaurant offers family seafood platters. If you’re alone or with your partner, The Pearls provides guests with fresh, sweet oysters. Open from 12 pm to 2:30 pm.

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Other Ocean-Related Activities

A Day Out Exploring the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco
Image: Lonely Planet, 2023

The Oceanographic Museum in Monaco will have you fostering a new appreciation for the ocean and all the treasures that hide beneath the surface. Explore without glass clouding your vision into the rainbow world that is known as the ocean floor. Snorkelling in Monaco is a popular activity that helps you immerse further into the gravity-free world.

You can book a snorkelling excursion with some of Monaco’s best snorkelling centres. Yet, you can also opt for diving if you have a license, the fun doesn’t need to end at the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco. Book a diving session with Manawa to continue your epic oceanic exploration.

If you enjoy this article, be sure to read about the multiple Michelin-star restaurants in Monte-Carlo!

Bursting with Em-ocean-s!

A Day Out Exploring the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco
Image: French Riviera Pass, 2023

Did you know that aquariums can have you bursting with good emotions in no time? It’s true when visiting the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco, you will feel the benefits thereof, such as reduced stress, lower blood pressure, better sleep and being more in tune with the natural world. Not only do aquariums make you feel better after visiting, but they also create a lifetime of memories.

Yeah, I guess petting sharks can emboss into your memory easily. So, what are you waiting for? Monaco is only as big as you make it, and it wants to be your oyster! Go out there and see what this enchanting little country has in store for you, and make sure to wonder at all it lays at your feet!

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