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A Comfortable Stay in the Best Hotels in Lyon

A Comfortable Stay in the Best Hotels in Lyon

France’s third largest city, Lyon, is full of life and has lots of museums and art. It’s a paradise for food lovers, boasting 4,000 restaurants and must-visit food markets. History enthusiasts enjoy exploring the Old Town, Vieux Lyon, and ancient Roman remains. You can also discover hidden pathways called Traboules. Lyon offers a unique choice of options influenced by different time periods. You can stay in a former convent turned into a fancy five-star resort, cosy boutique hotels, or reliable three-star hotels. There are plenty of choices to suit different preferences in Lyon so I’ve compiled a list of some of the best hotels in Lyon to help you make your choice.

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1.  Metropole Hotel

Hotel Lyon Métropole is one the best hotels in Lyon
Image: Booking. com,2024

Hotel Metropole is a well-known hotel located in Lyon. It’s distinguished for features like its Olympic-size outdoor swimming pool and a stunning number of 1054 rooms. This makes it one of the best hotels in Lyon and sets it apart from the rest of the hotels in the city. Moreover, guests at the hotel have a unique opportunity to enjoy the Mediterranean sunshine in a relaxed and comfortable setting.

Visitors can enjoy swimming in the gigantic pool or go and explore the fitness room to improve their physical health. Those who love a peaceful time can head to the steam room for a more relaxing time. Hotel Metropole has a good reputation for providing guests with the best spa treatments at their Spa Lyon Plage facilities.

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2. Boscolo Lyon Hotel & Spa

Boscolo Hotel & Spa is one of the best hotels in Lyon
Image :, 2024


The Boscolo Hotel and Spa is a renowned establishment situated in Lyon. It’s known for offering both luxurious accommodations and quality spa services, providing guests with a high-end experience during their stay with its 133 rooms and suites. The hotel’s combination of elegant rooms and wellness facilities like the fitness centre makes it a wonderful option for those seeking a great place to relax. This is why it is regarded as one of the best hotels in Lyon.

Visitors can indulge in the delicious cuisine that serves Italian dishes, bringing that international mix of ingredients to your satisfaction. The hotel also offers a breakfast buffet that gives you an option to choose from your favourite continental meals.

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3. Hotel Carlton

Hotel Carlton is one of the best hotels in Lyon
Image : Hotel Carlton, 2024

Hotel Carlton is a well-regarded hotel in Lyon. Known for its elegant and comfortable accommodations with its 80 stylish rooms, it provides guests with a pleasant and memorable stay. Those who love art galleries will enjoy their stay in this hotel. In fact, you get an opportunity to stay in a hotel filled with artwork designs and you can also have a tour of the museum.

Furthermore, Hotel Carlton’s unique atmosphere makes it one of the best hotels in Lyon. And that’s not all, there are spa treatments for you to enjoy, making Hotel Carlton a special place to spend your nights in Lyon. You can also enjoy French cuisine at the hotel’s fantastic restaurant which serves delicious meals prepared for your pleasure.

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4. Fourvière Hôtel

Hotel Fourvière Hôtel is one of the best hotels in Lyon
Image : My Boutique Hotel, 2024

If are you looking for a hotel with class and a good reputation, then the Fourvière Hotel is the perfect place for you to enjoy royal treatment. The hotel has about 75 rooms for you to pick from. Moreover, this amazing hotel has some great facilities and activities that will keep you entertained and occupied during your stay. You can enjoy the 25-metre swimming pool or the wellness fitness centre which includes a jacuzzi. And if you would like to experience something different, the steam room is ready to rejuvenate you! The variety of options you get here makes Hotel Fourvière one of the best hotels in Lyon.

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5. Cour des Loges

La Cour des Loges is one of the best hotels in Lyon
Image :, 2024

Cour des Loges is a beautiful hotel located in the heart of Lyon. It is popular for its amazing architecture and luxurious amenities, which play a big role in attracting visitors to this amazing 61-room accommodation.

This hotel has several wellness facilities including a fitness centre, sauna, and spa treatment centre. All these facilities are provided to help you have a more rejuvenating stay at the hotel. Moreover, the hotel’s restaurant is there to satisfy all your cravings with delicious dishes. It’s easy to see why Cour des Loges is one of the best hotels in Lyon.

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6. Maison Nô

Maison Nô is one of the best hotels in Lyon
Image :, 2024

Maison Nô is another one of the most beautiful boutique hotels in Lyon. It’s recognised for its stylish design and unique atmosphere. Best of all, this hotel has an amazing rooftop terrace that gives you a panoramic view of the city. The rooftop has a popular spot for guests to relax and that’s why many consider it one of the best hotels in Lyon.

There is a fitness centre for guests to help themselves stay in shape and a sauna for a calm moment away from the noise. But that’s not all! You can also enjoy French cuisine at the restaurant with a variety of dishes to pick from for your delight.

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7. InterContinental Lyon

Intercontinental Lyon is one of the best hotels in Lyon
image :, 2024

InterContinental Lyon is a heaven-on-earth accommodation that was designed by Jean Phillipe Nuel. This hotel has a total of 144 rooms, enough to host a large number of guests. Besides unlimited internet connection, there are several facilities you can explore during your visit to the hotel such as the fitness centre, spa, and sauna. This makes Intercontinental Lyon one of the best hotels in Lyon.

The hotel has a 5-star restaurant that provides its guests with a 3-course meal. Expect a taste of the most popular dishes amongst the locals prepared by the best chefs at the hotel.

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Rejuvenate in the City of Lyon

Travelling is important. What’s more important is where you will spend the night. This is why in the city of Lyon, you find the best hotel accommodations that will ensure your safety and comfort during your stay in France. Besides keeping you entertained, these hotels offer several facilities that will grab your attention and keep you busy with wellness activities. For more rejuvenating experiences in Europe, consider these top 5 spa hotels in the Netherlands.

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