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6 Delightful Restaurants in Swakopmund, Namibia

7 Delightful Restaurants in Swakopmund, Jetty 1905

Do you find yourself hungry in Namibia? Not too sure what restaurants offer something unique? You’re on vacation after all, and no one needs a boring dining experience whilst on holiday. If pale, run-of-the-mill hotel restaurants are for you then this article exists to drag you from your comfort zone. Delicately, though.

In Namibia, there exists, in my opinion, 6 delightful restaurants in Swakopmund. The beautiful Swakopmund’s cherry on top is its dining experience. So, I hope you’re hungry, ‘cause here we go!

Old Steamer Restaurant

Old Steamer is arguably the most delightful restaurant in Swakopmund.
Image: Old Steamer Restaurant, 2023

This rustic dream of a restaurant is not only an interesting eatery, but it’s also an immersive space for guests. Old Steamer Restaurant looks like something out of a steampunk poster: it’s rustic, warm and metallic. Apart from the quintessentially Namibian ambience, this restaurant forms part of the Alte Brucke Resort. So if you are staying here and you’re in the mood to go out, then Old Steamer is one of the best restaurants in Swakopmund!

This restaurant is a buffet-style restaurant with a menu that changes 3 times a week. On top of that, Old Steamer incorporates seasonal produce. For 14.53 Euros, you are presented with fillet steak, 4 different starters, 3 different protein dishes, 2 starch dishes and at least one vegetable dish. There’s also an array of salad options and a choice between 3 different deserts.

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Ocean Cellar

7 Delightful Restaurants in Swakopmund, Namibia; Ocean Cellar Restaurant

When visiting Namibia, the coastline is one of its many stunning features. Not only is dining near the oncoming tides pretty to behold, but it’s also good for the soul. For this reason, the coastline restaurant Ocean Cellar is every holiday diner’s dream. Equally important, it’s a seafood destination!

They serve fresh, local seafood to entice your taste buds endlessly. From oysters to sushi, Ocean Cellar caters to all palates. Moreover, their menu is unique both in its formation and in the names given to their creations. Try the famous Kalimbo roll or the Crazy Kasakoka for the ultimate Ocean Cellar sushi experience. Step outside the box – no, menu, for a change. Ocean Cellar is one of the top restaurants in Swakopmund to step outside of the usual.

Farmhouse Deli

Farmhouse Deli, 7 Delightful Restaurants in Swakopmund

Italian-style cuisine is Farmhouse Deli’s trademark. It’s a local favourite of all the restaurants in Swakopmund. From Namibia to Timbuktu and beyond, Italian cuisine is welcome anywhere it seeks to take root. Farmhouse Deli forms part of Strand Hotel in Swakopmund, just like Ocean Cellar.

Enjoy the soft morning sunshine twinkling on the seaside tide as you delight in your warm, freshly baked croissant. For lunch, how about something light? The restaurant has freshly baked bread topped with tantalising cheeses and meats. Additionally, there’s an array of dishes to choose from. What’s better, there’s an equal array of coffees to choose from, too!

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Jetty 1905

Jetty 1905, one of the 7 Delightful Restaurants in Swakopmund, Namibia

Strange name, but let me explain. Jetty 1905 sits on the historic Swakopmund Jetty which was built back in 1905. The Lighthouse Group took it upon themselves to renovate this Jetty after being closed for 10 years.

Now, Jetty 1905 is one of Swakopmund’s best restaurants. Their menu features fresh seafood, sushi, steak and vegetarian dishes.  If I’m not mistaken, any dish can be made better on the seashore. With Jetty 1905 being (quite literally) on the ocean, every meal is bound to be mouthwateringly good.

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Tiger Reef Beach Bar & Grill

Tiger Reef Beach Bar & Grill, 7 Delightful Restaurants in Swakopmund

Sitting right on the beach, Tiger Reef Beach Bar & Grill offers more than ocean views. The restaurant features the best views of the ocean, the Swakop River Lagoon and the dunes. Isn’t seeing the dunes the reason for visiting Namibia? Yes, it is! While at Tiger Reef, combine some bird-watching, camel spotting, and ocean gazing with good eating.

For these reasons, Tiger Reef Beach Bar and Grill is one of the best restaurants in Swakopmund. Decadence is easy to experience with their menu. From Kalahari Poppers to the Lighthouse Mussel Pot, every dish is delicately constructed to make your flavour pallet explode.

Altstadt Restaurant

7 Delightful Restaurants in Swakopmund, Altstadt Restaurant

Situated in the heart of Swakopmund, Altstadt Restaurant is a modern German gem. This restaurant combines old with new. From its design to its service, everything is a mix of old-time charm and new-age trends. The menu boasts fresh and local produce intertwined with quality service.

The focus of the menu, furthermore, lies on German cuisine along with a touch of tropical. For instance, they have oysters, but they also have potato fritters served with smoked salmon, horseradish and apple sauce. Yum!

You Chews Where

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Anyone wanting to enjoy themselves in Swakopmund should consider one of these restaurants as the main dinner event. It’s not what you eat, but where you chews to. The connection to nature is heightened in countries like Namibia, and it should be!

From the dune-covered hills to the roaring ocean, you should be able to see why people love Namibia so much. Hopefully, with these 6 delightful restaurants in Swakopmund, you could dine to your heart’s delight!

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