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6 Mind Blowing Beaches in China

I bet when I mention China you probably don’t think of beaches. But prepare to have your mind blown. China’s coastline is huge, it’s about 14,000 kilometres long. For this reason, there are countless beaches to visit. Also, swimming in China is a great idea. There are no real statistics that show danger regarding sharks or unpredictable tides. Therefore, it’s safe to visit and swim at the beach. With that said, allow me to introduce you to the 6 most mind-blowing beaches in China.

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1. Yalong Bay in Sanya (亞龍灣)

Visit Yalong Bay in Sanya China for beautiful beaches and activities.
Image:, 2023

Yalong Bay is known as “The Oriental Hawaii”, which already says a lot! This is a 7.5-kilometre-long beach in Southeast Sanya, Hainan, China. Here you are transported to a paradise-like beach experience. Dip in the crystal blue water or sunbathe on the soft white sand. The water is perfect for swimming because of its temperature and calmness.

Due to the beach being a popular attraction over the years, there are many hotels available to stay at. Along with state-of-the-art hotels, visit the idyllic world-class golf course perched on the coast. Yalong Bay is truly an experience. So, don’t miss out on this underrated beautiful beach location.

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2. Xichong Beach in Shenzhen (西沖海灘)

Visit and swim at Xichong Beach, Shenzhen China
Image: Shenzhen Government Online, 2023

Although Xichong Beach is not as popular as other beaches, it’s a must-visit! The beach is a scenic spot in Longgang District, Shenzhen City facing the South China Sea. Also, it’s located in Dapeng National Park which is one of the ten most beautiful parts of China. First, it’s not as busy as other beaches in China. Second, the water is lovely, warm, and calm for swimming.

Be assured that the beach is clean and well looked after. For this reason, there is an entrance fee to the beach of 30RMB. Beach chairs for hire at 200RMB a day. After a day of relaxing, swimming, or surfing, visit one of the lovely restaurants scattered along the beach.

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3. Dameisha Beach in Shenzhen (大梅沙海灘)

Visit Dameisha Beach in Shenzhen China
Image:, 2023

Remaining in Shenzhen, Dameisha Beach is situated on the northern shore of Mirs Bay. It’s a stunning long sandy beach and one of the longest beaches in Shenzhen, China. At Dameisha Beach, swim, go horse riding, or parasail as well as other fun water activities. Additionally, the beach is surrounded by a mountain range. Walk along the Dameisha Seashore Walkway on both sides of the beach which is equipped with easy hiking trails. Not only is there a nice beach, but also an artificial lake that is next to the beach. The lake is surrounded by hotels, apartments, shops, and restaurants. So, it’s obvious there are many things to explore at Dameisha Beach.

4. Beihai Silver Beach in Guangxi Province (北海銀灘)

Visit Dameisha Beach in Shenzhen China
Image:, 2023

Beihai Silver Beach stretches over 24 kilometres. The beach is called Silver Beach because of the fine quartz sand that shines under the sun. In fact, the flat and soft beach is regarded as “the greatest beach in China”. This is also because of the soft waves and clean shark-free seawater. Of course, swim in the warm ocean and lie on the beach. Feel free to rent a beach umbrella and chairs. But there are even more exciting activities to partake in like parasailing and motorboating. For a fun and active time, Silver Beach is the beach for you! And while you’re in Guangxi, why not visit the fascinating longevity village in Bama Yao?

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5. Gulangyu Island in Xiamen (Gu Lang與island)

Visit Gulangyu Island and beach in China
Image: China Discovery, 2023

Gulangyu is a small island, also known as a garden on the ocean, with a lot of sightseeing attractions, for instance, beaches. The island, sometimes referred to as the music island, is famous for its architecture and traditional Chinese buildings like the music museum. Luckily, all the beaches are perfect for relaxing and swimming. However, the best beach, Gulangyu Beach is on the Western side of the island.

The entire island has changing stalls, showers, water entertainment, and sports facilities rental. Also, there are a lot of shops, restaurants and interesting sights near the beaches. Walkways are designed and built for you to explore the island. So, you have everything you need for a great time!

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6. Tianya Haijiao in Tian Ya Qu (TI按压ha i教)

Visit Tianya Haijiao in China for many activities
Image: YTS, 2015

Find Tianya Haijiao on South China’s Hainan Island. It is one of the most romantic and scenic beaches in China. Additionally, it’s the Southernmost tip of China making it a popular tourist attraction. Furthermore, old Chinese literature says, “I will follow you to Tianya Haijiao”, which means that any new couple visiting Tianya Haijiao will be together forever.

Tianya has developed a world-renowned reputation for its charming tropical seashore landscape. Despite the attraction for swimming, entertainment facilities such as sea-bathing areas, fishing spots and yachts are also available. If you’re looking for the perfect combination of entertainment, relaxation, and history, Tianya Haijiao is the place to go.

Time To Wave Goodbye

If you didn’t understand my joke, it’s a play on words. As in wave goodbye but also the waves of the ocean. Because I was just talking about beaches and the ocean. Anyway, China isn’t always correlated to the idea of great beaches but trust me there are plenty of beaches to visit. Millions of people escape the cities of China every year and visit the picturesque beaches, make sure you’re one of them! 感谢您的光临, thanks for being here!

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