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6 Best Healthy Eateries in Orlando

With 93% of Americans wanting to eat healthily, healthy eateries are in great demand around the United States. However, they are difficult to find. Are you tired of searching for local healthy eating hubs that actually serve good food? I’m here to make your search easier. Although Florida is one of the most unhealthy cities, it offers great healthy food options. Stay in your groove and nourish your body at these delicious healthy restaurants in Orlando.

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1. Equilibre Healthy Food

Delicious nutritious food at Equilibre Healthy Food

Starting off with Equilibre, they pride themselves on selling the best organic food in Orlando, Florida. With that said, you won’t be disappointed when ordering takeaways or dining in. Choose between a variety of nutritious smoothies, juices, sandwiches, bowls, entrees, teas, and coffee.

The most famous item is the Salmon Wrap served with a side salad. Of course, wraps and salad are expected from healthy eateries. However, Equilibre sells tasty healthy pizzas. Not only do they have the usual margarita pizza but also a pepperoni option.

For dessert, spoil yourself without any guilt with a slice of cake, brownie, muffin, or cinnamon roll. All made from organic ingredients, of course. Order directly via their website or physically visit the restaurant. Enjoy a healthy and fresh three-course meal from start to finish.

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2. Market On South

Market On South is the current home of Dharma Southern Kitchen and Valhalla Bakery. Both Southern Kitchen and the Bakery offer fully plant-based options. A plant-based diet is nutrient-dense and packed with fibre, healthy fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Therefore, be assured you’ll be satisfied after a healthy meal at Market On South. Even though it’s a vegetarian eatery, enjoy “meat” options such as barbeque ribs. You won’t even taste the difference.

Here you find vegetarian comfort food done right. Both Dharma Southern Kitchen and Valhalla Bakery source fresh organic ingredients from local suppliers. When preparing your food, they use old-fashioned techniques to bring you high-quality dishes. Not only does Market On South offer a café-style lunch, but they also have cakes for any occasion. They’ve got you covered.

3. HAVEN Kitchen

Eat at Haven Kitchen Orlando
Image: HAVEN Lounge, 2023

For a more luxurious yet healthy dining experience, Haven Kitchen is a must-visit. The lush restaurant focuses on the aesthetic of every meal served. So, rest assured every course will be tasty yet visually appealing. Expect Mediterranean cuisine created with non-processed ingredients. Apart from exquisite meals, Haven goes the extra mile with their botanical-inspired organic drinks.

Following your lovely experience at the Haven Kitchen, move on to Haven Pool. Lounge under comfortable colourful cabanas while being served healthy vegetarian snacks. If you are full already, why not order some classy non-alcoholic organic mocktails? Indulge in stunning food, drinks, and scenes at Haven Kitchen and Pool.

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4. The Mexican Camel

Did you just get some bad news or even good news? Perhaps you need an uplifting meal. The Mexican Camel is the perfect spot to go to for some cheering up or even just to stay in a happy mood. With bright uplifting surroundings and refreshing food, you are guaranteed to leave with a smile. They promise to serve you good food that brings joy.

As the name suggests, The Mexican Camel serves Mexican food. However, every meal is made with a fresh base, homemade ingredients from scratch, and fresh-cut produce. Watch as your food is prepared right in front of you so you always know that it’s fresh. Feel like vegan Mexican food? They’ve got that too! There is truly no reason not to visit The Mexican Came.

5. Freshii

Eat healthy at Fresh in Orlando
Image: Visit Orlando, 2023

If you’re wondering what to expect when visiting Freshii, allow me to inform you. Meet health-minded chefs who offer tossed-to-order salads, soups, burritos, and much more. Freshii is an ideal stop if you’re looking for superfoods on the go. Grab a smoothie, freshly squeezed juice of your choice, or a mess-free wrap. On a hot day, indulge in a vegan frozen yoghurt tub.

Besides all the healthy snacks and treats, an entire child-friendly menu is available for the little ones. Additionally, receive rewards every time you eat at Freshii. Whenever you order food at Freshii you receive points that are later reverted to money for your next meal. You basically get a reward for looking after your body. Need I say more?

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6. Create Your Nature

Have a healthy lunch or breakfast at Create your Nature

As the name suggests, at Create Your Nature, you create and assemble the perfect bowl, acai bowl, or smoothie with natural ingredients. For those who don’t know, acai is a sweet grapelike berry harvested from acai palm trees in South America. Also, it’s packed with vitamins, antioxidants, fibre, and heart-healthy fat.

Create Your Nature to see potential in Orlando and provide a healthy option for breakfast or lunch. Of course, there are more options than acai bowls. For example, oatmeal bowls, smoothie bowls, and salad. Lastly, the menu is mostly vegan but entirely plant-based. Once again, easily place your order online if you don’t feel like visiting the store.

Get A Takeaway

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I understand if the food was too good and you didn’t get a chance to get a takeaway. However, I really hope you got to take some inspiration away from this article. (See what I did there?). Nevertheless, a healthy diet is essential for good health. If you want to know more about natural food and its benefits, check out food foraging in Australia. And remember, as Auguste Escoffier said “Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness”. Thank you for being here!

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