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5 Wellness Retreats in Victoria, Australia

Do you feel rundown, burnt out and stressed? Are you in serious need of a holiday where you can relax completely and focus on yourself? Maybe a wellness retreat is exactly what you need to escape the rush of your everyday life. Wellness retreats allow you to focus on your health goals while indulging in your love for culture and nature. These soulful practices also allow you to escape from your chaotic reality into the realm of bliss.

Wellness retreats in Australia primarily prioritise mindfulness and are popular in the country because of their unwavering focus on mental and physical health. This article explores the 5 best wellness retreats that are worth visiting in Victoria, Australia. If you would like to visit Victoria before committing to the retreats, check out accommodation in Victoria Australia now on

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1. Samadhi Wellness Retreat in Glenlyon

Samadhi Wellness Retreats offer bespoke health experiences in Victoria, Australia
Source: Samadhi Wellness Retreats, 2023

Samadhi Wellness Retreats offer bespoke health experiences in Victoria, Australia. The retreat is a holistically designed health-orientated holiday. Although you get a private custom-made guest experience, you also have the opportunity to share the journey with like-minded people at the retreat. The feeling of community is always encouraged in a healing environment. Samadhi Wellness Retreats combine lovely accommodations, nutritious meals, healing modality programs as well as meditation to give you the perfect wellness blend.

Wellness activities vary from Chi massage treatments and life-shaping counselling to energy-balance healing and re-mineralising facial treatments. Prices at Samadhi differ based on the duration of your stay. You have a choice to spend between 2 to 4 nights at the retreat. The longer the better. Investing in your health is always worth the money and time. You also get to choose the type of retreat you want. Your choices are either an energising, nurturing, wholeness, inner peace, transformational, or illuminating retreat.

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2. Ryokan Japanese Wellness Retreat in  Hepburn Springs

The Shizuka Ryokan Japanese wellness retreats focuses on seasonal retreats and SAORI immersive retreats.
Source: Shizuka Ryokan Japanese Spa & Retreats, 2023

Shizuka Ryokan focuses on seasonal retreats and Saori immersive retreats. The seasonal wellness retreats stretch over three days. Throughout the retreat, you will participate in a variety of six yoga sessions. You are also free to join one massage treatment per day. It can either be a Shiatsu or a relaxation one. On top of that, nutritious traditional Japanese meals are prepared for you every day. Shizuka Ryokan is renowned for its sensational yoga instructors and practices. Here are the six best yoga retreats available around the globe for all yoga lovers.

The second retreat at Shizuka Ryokan, Saori, focuses less on the yogis and more on the creatives.  It’s a type of Japanese weaving that prioritizes and emphasizes freedom of expression. This retreat can comfort you in knowing that you are in good hands. Saori is not only good for a healthy spirit but also for the environment. Prue, your Saori instructor, uses natural dyes and upcycling materials to ensure the process is sustainable. The retreat focuses on Japanese cuisine to nutrify the body and lasts four days. This gives you enough time to master Saori and attain true revitalisation.

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3. Abide Wellness Retreat in Narbethong

Abide Wellness Retreats specialise in retreats designed for health and well-being in Victoria Australia

A retreat for your mind body and soul. Abide Wellness Retreats are designed for health and well-being, detox and stress relief to be more specific. Abide Wellness is surrounded by over 100 acres of eucalypt and fern forests, offering relief programs for adults seeking restoration. Views of small gardens, vast lawns, lofty trees, and mountain streams are visible from your window. Walking trails are also available, allowing you to admire Australia’s indigenous nature.

Abide Wellness uses its pristine gardens to create a soothing, nurturing and inspiring environment. This retreat encourages lifestyle adjustments and natural remedies for alleviating many health conditions. The retreat aims to improve your health and provide you with the tools needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle in your busy everyday life. This intensive 30-day wellness program will fully submerge you into healing.

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4. Hazeldene in Yarra Valley

Hazeldene wellness retreat is located at the upper Yarra Valley in Victoria Australia

Hazeldene Wellness Retreat is located in Australia’s upper Yarra Valley. Its surroundings are predominantly made up of untouched bushland. You can experience tranquil views of their own lake and native bush. When booking your retreat at Hazeldene, the luxurious private resort is exclusively yours during your stay. Private amenities include a floodlit tennis court, a heated outdoor swimming pool as well as a heated spa and sauna.

Hazeldene also provides essential service, food, and peaceful scenery. What you decide to do during the retreat is up to you. The retreat is near Melbourne. The perfect getaway if you are searching for a place to relax, reflect, and revive.

5. Kailash Ashram in Wartook

The Kailash Ashram wellness retreat, nestled in the mountains of Wartook Valley.
Source: Kailash Ashram, 2023

Kailash Ashram is nestled in the mountains of Wartook Valley. They offer retreats in the sublime Grampians National Park. The Kailash Soul Retreat will recharge your batteries and establish a daily meditation practice. Your instructors, David and Rajni Wegman promise to take you from depression, anxiety, and inner turmoil to living your dream life. Through practising daily yoga and meditation, you can find room to breathe.

During your wellness retreat, you will start and end your day with a sunrise or sunset Himalayan meditation. This is done in a group and usually lasts 30 minutes. It is believed that Himalayan meditation promotes a deeper and more meaningful inner connection and a balanced mind. Just about what we all need! The next activity is Hatha yoga, perfect for aligning the body and mind.

You will be taught to remove all obstructions by imposed natural conditioning. Sound meditation is also an activity that will allow you to cultivate a feeling of surrender. Another creative dive into the inner realms can be done via soul art. Also, you can then spend some time outdoors followed by mountain yoga. Yoga combined with natural beauty elements! Can it get better than that?

The Kailash Ashram retreat will end with Yagua, a traditional fire ceremony which invites you to burn objects and leads to a purified consciousness.

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Get Your Wellness Retreat On!

Wellness retreats have become a popular activity for many Australian residents due to their long-term health benefits. These five wellness retreats each offer a different wellness approach. However, the core idea behind them remains the same: creating healthy habits for people attempting to escape the rush of day-to-day life. Lastly, if you are interested in viewing more options, here are the 10 must-visit resorts for wellness retreats. Enjoy!

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